Are you kidding? No one here dares to be his father. That’s not going to the underworld by himself!
Ma Sheng, even a disciple of the Emei Shushan Sect, couldn’t help swallowing the seven magic weapons that came out at once, but nothing was worse than Gankun’s Yin and Yang fan!
Bai Meng coldly scanned a circle and saw that no one was going to make a fuss again before he snorted and put his seven treasures of the town store one by one. He turned slightly and Ma Sheng smiled and said, "We are a small commodity city, and we can’t compete with the once-a-decade treasure-hunting conference in Taishan. That’s where real people go. Everything that they fiddle with casually is fairy wares, which is a higher level than the third-class goods of heaven, earth and people here. I’ve been doing business here for ten years, and you’re welcome to say that my seven magic weapons are already the top goods that Sanlitun can take out. Ma Zhenren sees what he likes, even though he doesn’t want to sell it! "
Ma Sheng nodded. Although he is a disciple of the giants, there is a lot of money, but this magic weapon is whether his family or himself, but it’s really the same. Even his master Li Yunlei’s flying sword is not necessarily much better than several swords here!
"Well, I’m not quite sure where these magic weapons come from. After all, shallow knowledge is not white … I’d better ask Shajun to introduce me with such profound experience and knowledge … Qian Qian is definitely not a problem. There is no problem without a 10% discount at the original price as long as Shajun is willing to sell!"
"Well, as long as you are willing to buy Lao Zi, I will introduce you and let you see the origin of my little evil spirit!" Bai Meng made up his mind that he couldn’t help rubbing his hands and rolling up his sleeves, but he didn’t care about this Italian Dignacy suit, which was only over 10 thousand. When the deal is done, he can buy thousands of his mother’s pieces.
Putting the purple-gold mixed-yuan dry Kun bag in his hand, he cleared his throat and said, "It is not clear who made this dry Kun bag. I have researched it many times, but it is absolutely first-class. There are 3,600 purple-gold wires inlaid outside. As you know, 100 kilograms of gold can be refined into four or five kilograms of red gold, and 1,000 kilograms of gold can be refined into one kilogram of purple-gold, while one or two A goods of purple-gold sand will cost at least 5 million. Only C goods of purple-gold sand can sell 612 thousand. It’s strange that the mustard seed sumeru array is engraved on the front, but it’s not the ordinary light spirit symbol record, but the light spirit symbol record of heaven and earth mixed elements. You just put hundreds of thousands of tons of things in it, and it’s still only two or two, and the mixed elements array is invulnerable to fire and water. I’ve been here for ten years, and I’ve got two. I have one on myself and here’s one at a price of 12 million. No counter offer, at most 10% discount! "
Ma Sheng took this purple-gold mixed-yuan dry-Kun bag and carefully appreciated it. The nearest Wang Pangzi who forgot to speak for a moment immediately shouted: "Boss Ma … real people can’t miss it when they pass by, that is, you are lucky that this thing is very easy to use. It’s not like selling it!"
This man has a loud voice, and everyone knows who it is with his eyes closed, but this Wang Pangzi is a rare half of his friends. How dare ordinary people call each other brothers with Bai Meng, that is, Wang Pangzi, who is born with great fortune, great wealth, long life and a good name named Wang Mingding.
The king’s tripod is also the double tripod supreme and the Sanfu Changtai is the rare supreme life of Five Blessingg. He dares to be half a friend with Bai Meng because of his outrageous life. Otherwise, it will be bad luck for three months with the word "Ye".
His friend is really rare. This Wang Ding has always been honest and honest, which is not as good as other people’s ghosts. Bai Meng is also very clear. Wang Ding came here because he was too honest, and he was often deceived. However, he found face twice for this person, which is a friendship.
Wang Ding really knows Bai Meng’s life is malicious and still uses "Ye" as your respectful name. He always does whatever Bai Meng says at ordinary times.
Bai Meng also knows that the Guanzhong man who doesn’t speak with a fake tunnel wouldn’t take it to heart. If someone else were bothersome here, he would have shouted out a "pro-dad" and kept the man in custody for a while and then went home to arrange things.
In fact, the name of Bai Meng is good, and the name of Bai Meng is also good. It also means that at the moment before sunrise, thousands of golden lights will penetrate the scenery of layers of fog.
This name has given others that bad thing, but Bai Meng’s life is cruel, and he is the only one who is prosperous. "Yin and Yang make love to each other, and jinxia is full of everything."
Ma Sheng got Wang Ding’s reminder and immediately smiled: "Naturally, I have to buy a demon king and introduce me to the second one!"
Bai Meng was overjoyed to see that he wanted it at a price. These two Zijin mixed-yuan dry-Kun bags were actually received by two million people. Later, I learned that they were priceless and put them around for two years. I finally found a big buyer and made eleven million when I changed hands. How unhappy is it that this one around me has also appreciated?
Word immediately took the "colorful crape myrtle needle" and said, "This thing has just been revealed as a magic weapon of He Xiangu’s early refining, but it is also the best of the inferior celestial wares. It can be as short as eight or eight hundred and sixty-four feet, so it is so big that you can go through the mountains and stab the sea, and you can do everything with seven colors of rainbow. Ma Zhenren, we should also pay attention to kindness when doing business. This magic weapon works better for women because it is pure in nature. If you really like it, take it for the whole price of 20 million! "
He added, "This baby is a standard celestial product. In the final analysis, the inferior celestial product here is a limit, and it is even more impossible to reach the top level of celestial products. The power of inferior celestial products is more than ten times that of the top level of celestial products, and there is naturally a big gap in price. Even if it is worse, it will take at least 10 million to start."
Ma Sheng hesitated for a moment and suddenly laughed: "This thing is a magic weapon to protect the evil spirit, otherwise there are so many different treasures on the evil spirit that I don’t know how many people will pay your attention. If you use it, even if you don’t have a great repair method, the power of your own nine yin to evil spirit is extremely strong, I still won’t take away the favor of others!"
Bai Meng, a businessman, saw at a glance that Ma Sheng was a good baby. He stared at this "colorful crape myrtle needle" without blinking an eye. Maybe there were other beautiful women to send. He just smiled and said, "Well, real people can rest assured that I am a magic weapon for protection. Many people here have seen and even seen something so fierce that ordinary people simply dare not approach it, that is, I can use it!"
Ma Sheng hurriedly took this "colorful crape myrtle needle" from Bai Meng with a smile: "I’m a noble and long-lived man who has no luck in cultivating immortality, so I want to buy more magic weapons for my brothers and sisters so that they can help me in the future. Since the evil spirit has another treasure to protect me, I’ll buy this needle for 20 million yuan. Never lie!"
"Thirty million won!"
Bai Meng hey hey smiled and put the four flying swords in the case. Three of them are similar in shape, and they are surprisingly handsome in green, red and purple. The body of the sword is narrow, slender and light, but the sharp sword is exposed. In addition, there is a green and glittering jade sword.
Pointing to the three swords of green, red and purple, Bai Meng smiled with great pride: "These three pieces are also a set of over the rainbow Sanjun, which was left by the real person of Qinggang in Shushan in those days. It is said that the swordsmanship practiced by the Sword Fairy is the same as that of the real person Ma. The name of the young man is cast by Taiyi cold refined iron under the Qinghong Arctic Mountain for ten thousand years; The red one is called Yan Hong. In the 30,000-year-old volcano in the East China Sea, there is a mysterious flying iron that has been burned for nine years with three flavors, which is one of the three swords. The purple one is named Zihong, which gathers 36 days of thunder with Yin and Yang bottles to get the essence of Yang thunder and melt the essence of Zijin. Three swords flying alone have their own beauty, and when three swords are combined, there are thousands of rainbows, which is extremely powerful. This sword has been scattered in the central plains for more than 600 years, and it took me four years to receive it one by one! "
Bai Meng stopped here. Ma Sheng didn’t care how much it cost. At the sight of these three swords, he felt as if he had lost his soul. He didn’t know how much he liked it. He didn’t ask the people next to him. Immediately, someone dared to ask Bai Meng: "Isn’t such a good thing as Xiao Shajun worth hundreds of millions?"
"Thank you for raising the price. Hey hey, I won’t care about you for your sake!" Bai Meng’s heart, hey, hey, a joy, but he deliberately kept quiet and joked. These three swords are really the treasures of his town shop, among which the blue rainbow was accidentally obtained by him. As for the red rainbow and the purple rainbow, it was extorted from others, although it didn’t cost much. After all, those people didn’t dare to make money from him. Just to be honest, he really spent a lot of time on it for almost a whole year in order to collect this set of over the rainbow three juns.
So it’s normal for him to sell for hundreds of millions of yuan. What’s called "made of Taiyi cold refined iron under the Arctic Mountain for ten thousand years" is an exaggeration. In fact, it’s just enough to find some iron blocks from under the Arctic iceberg and burn them with a mysterious naive fire. But it’s the same meaning, but it’s not as scary as "Taiyi cold refined iron under the Arctic Mountain for ten thousand years".
To say that the quality of these three swords is really the top grade of earthware, but the shape is really beautiful and the materials can also be used. In a word, it is far less than the emerald sword next to it. If the three swords are combined, the darling is almost equivalent to the top grade of earthware.
Ma Sheng didn’t even think about it: "Since this is the case, please ask Shajun to make a price!"
"More than 100 million and 80 million are not too powerful for the combination of three swords. It can be compared with the top grade of heavenly wares. Even a thousand-year-old school like Shushan may not have many!"
See Ma Sheng nodded his head and immediately made a merry with three swords in Bai Meng’s heart. Qinghong accidentally exchanged a piece of garbage for the other two handles, that is, it took more than four million to change hands together and it was eighty million. Happy!
"The check limit I brought today is only 200 million. I think everything else here is good. I want it all. Please open it at once, Shajun. If I have enough money, I will buy it directly!"
That’s what you said.
When Bai Meng’s opponent sleeps on these goods, he knows how much it costs to get rid of them. He immediately ordered: "Zijin Mixed Yuan Gankun Bag, Colorful Ziwei Needle, over the rainbow Sanjun, Tongling Jasper Sword, There are seven kinds of psychic jasper swords in Sanqing Ruyi Suo, totaling 140 million, which I wanted to tell you carefully. This sword is not only a celestial device, but also a big fairy. It has been refined by Jade Fairy, one of the seven disciples of Qing Wei Sect. It has a history of more than a thousand years today, so the price is also very high. I received 15 million, plus the name and ferocity of my little villain. Otherwise, I can’t sell it for 20 million. Otherwise, I really lost money. These things are not what you want to receive. My little villain has been here for more than ten years,
Ma Sheng also took out the cheque book directly without frowning, and I don’t know how many zeros were written. I tore them off and handed them to Bai Meng: "Well, thank you for your help. Here is a 140 million HSBC cheque. You can have a look!"
This business is too big to be verified on the spot, just because of what face is not good, I called Wang Ding on the spot and gave him a wink. Wang Ding also worked honestly for several years to fix the truth. In that year, he also suffered from the loss of fake checks and secretly looked at the bills and went out.
It was ten minutes before Wang Ding got into the crowd again and laughed: "Ma Zhenren is really a big family. It’s quite a cow in the real estate industry in Beijing. Buying land is billions of unexpected things, and buying magic weapons is so powerful that 140 million people don’t frown!"
As soon as Wang Ding’s words came out, Bai Meng knew that the bank had proved Ma Sheng’s credibility and financial ability, and immediately received the check and handed everything to Ma Sheng. He smiled and said, "Ma Zhenren can call me directly if he needs anything in the future. I’m always at your service!"
Ma Sheng smiled and put several magic weapons in Zijin Gankun bag. He said with a smile, "The magic weapon in Shajun’s hand is really good now. Even my master may not be more powerful than my magic weapon. Thank you, Shajun. Call me if there is anything suitable for me in the future. Shajun also knows that I don’t have the money to pay the bill!"
What he said is naturally that he has a lot of disasters to cultivate immortality and needs help from others, so he should spare no money to win people’s hearts. Bai Meng knows in his heart that this kind of rich people are always willing to pay for the cultivation of truth, and the money earned by this kind of cultivation businessman is just the money of these people. He nodded and smiled silently: "Then I know very well, so don’t worry. With my little evil spirit here, you will definitely have more face!"