The tenth volume Thunder Robbery The second chapter is entrusted (below)
The tenth volume Thunder Robbery The second chapter is entrusted (below)
Seeing that Xin Tong didn’t respond for a long time, Chitian Yaojun thought that the other party didn’t believe his words. Little did he expect this guy to fall into fantasy, and asked, "Little friend doesn’t believe what the old man said?"
"ah!" Someone woke up like a big dream. "It’s not that I don’t believe … this … um … Yaojun … how did Yaojun know that Benzong still had an eye on his forehead?" After Xin Dabai recovered, he cleared up his thoughts for a moment. "Also, as a demon king trapped by a seal, how do you know that this clan has two ancient sorcerer’s personal instruments? How do you know that there is a super being living in this clan? "
"The old man is really still trapped in the seal." The tone of the demon king on the blazing day is very calm, and there is no sense of shame because of being trapped. "Hammer and misty rain are the best in the world, and the seal set by the two people together is powerful! But it is precisely because of the joint efforts of the two people that there will inevitably be a gap. This for hundreds of years, worthless old man first restore avatar, and then began to look for the silk gap, finally in two months ago, make my mind through the seal … "
"So, the monsters who attacked Wankeng Valley were really called by you?" When Xin Tong heard this, he suddenly remembered Wei Er, who was almost exhausted by this, and the old thief, Yun Kong and others who were seriously injured. He couldn’t help but get angry and said, "Demon king, do you know how much evil you have caused by bringing a group of demons here?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
With a long sigh, the demon king Chitian said, "This is the way things are in this world. If you gain something, you will lose something. The old man wants to get out of trouble and go out to do his part for the benefactor, which kills evil. Only by living … "
"Well said!" Xin Tong was even more angry. "Since you can put the seal on your mind, why don’t you have a talk with Master Hammer and ask him to unlock the seal? Isn’t there any other way to go besides making this crime? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"beg hammer?" Blazing day demon king snorted, "regardless of your disdain for him, it is worthless old man. Can that pedantic guy promise? Not to mention this, Xiaoyou, can any relatives and friends be killed in this battle? "
"That’s not. But … "
"It’s good to have no, it’s good to have no," said the old man. The demon king seems to grow a sigh of relief, and immediately changed the subject. "When Xiaoyou melted and burned the sea stove that day, he used the temmoku for nearly a thousand times, and the old man was impressed. Therefore, I know that Xiaoyou still has an eye on his forehead … At the beginning of Xiaoyou’s melting and burning, there was a great power that made the old man tremble, and from the deep heart, he gave birth to the meaning of fear … The old man guessed that there must be a super existence with great power living in Xiaoyou’s body … Just what kind of existence this great power exists is, it is not what the old man can know.
Xin Tong Oh, I know that the super-existence mentioned by Chitian Yaojun refers to the three-legged sun, but I didn’t expect this sun bird to make Chitian Yaojun, one of the three great lich kings in the world, also give birth to fear from the deep heart. I was very happy for a while.
I remembered that I did have a feeling of being spied on that day, but I didn’t pay much attention to it because it was a critical moment. I thought it was my own illusion, but I didn’t expect it to be a demon king. "So that’s it … can this destroy Tianmu really fight or even destroy the five elements of thunder robbery?"
"Of course it can be destroyed!" Chitian Yaojun smiled. "If not, why should the old man spend so much money?"
Xin Tong frowned and pondered for a long time, saying, "I believe what the demon king said for the time being, when this third eye can really destroy the five elements of thunder robbery … I promised the demon king to help the benefactor of the demon king to rob him … Tell him, I will brand those guys with the Yuan God."
Weighing the pros and cons, Xin Tong thinks it’s cost-effective to promise the blazing demon king. Regardless of whether the blazing demon king really knows the location of the magic temple, just accepting those monsters has earned enough-if the extinction of Tianmu can really destroy the five elements of thunder, then naturally help the benefactor of the blazing demon king to survive the apocalypse; If not, I have completely melted the artifact to burn the sky and boil the sea. It won’t work then. Just hide inside!
"Yes!" The blazing demon king agreed without hesitation, and after a while, he heard the spirit again. "worthless old man has been made clear, little friends can go to receive. But one thing … "The tone of Chitian Yaojun suddenly became extremely serious." Little friends must promise to be old and be kind to them from now on! "
"Of course!" Xintong also agreed without hesitation, but left some room for manoeuvre. "As long as they treat me sincerely, I will naturally not treat them badly!"
The expressions of the six big monsters and the small monsters, such as the black bear, the white tiger and the green cow, look very calm, but Xin Tong still sees a trace of sadness in their eyes.
Xin Tong knows where their sorrow comes from.
It really makes people unwilling to think about it-Wan Li traveled all the way to Dai Yue to come to the savior, during which he went through all kinds of pains, but in the end he was sold by his own master!
In this case, if you were someone, you must swear and turn around and walk! At present, these monsters just show a lot of sadness in their eyes. None of them swear, and none of them turn away … This word "loyalty" is really interpreted incisively and vividly by all these monsters!
At this moment, Xin moved with one heart.
Moved by the loyalty of these monsters.
"But move to move, the engraved brand or engraved brand! God knows if these guys will vent their grievances about being sold to Laozi. " With this in mind, Xin said solemnly to all the monsters: "I think the demon king has told you, and this Sect has promised you that it will never treat you badly … of course, only if you treat this Sect like a demon king!"
The six monsters in the demon and all the little monsters were silent, just looking at Xin Tong with a blank look.
Xin Tong knew that they were in a bad mood, and he didn’t mind. Anyway, he wanted to carve a brand on their Yuan God, and he was not afraid that they would do something against him in the future. As for whether we can get their loyalty, there will be a long time to come. Just take your time.
"The reason why Benzong agreed to accept you is because of your loyalty!" Xin Tong looked solemn and admired. "In this life, I respect and admire people who are loyal and righteous, so I decided …"
Six monsters in the demon shine at the same time. The leopard demon asked eagerly, "But won’t you brand the Yuan God?"
"Be calm and listen to Ben Zong." Xin Tong’s expression became more and more solemn. "This case decided that fifty years later, it is up to you to decide whether you still have the brand of Yuan God!"
The six monsters in the demon made a little eye contact, and the black bear demon asked with his fist, "Are you serious?"
"Don’t believe this parcel character? Benzong always keeps his word! " Xin Dabai snorted some crossly. Immediately sink a track: "Do you know? Words like a promise, recalling a horse, spitting and smashing a hole, etc., are used to describe this parcel! I swear by heaven here that if you don’t want to stay in 50 years, I will immediately take back the brand of Yuan Shen, and there will be no words. If you break your word, the world will hate it! "
"Thank you, son!" When the black bear demon heard this, he bowed down and gave a deep ceremony. I got up and said, "The so-called return the favor, on behalf of my six brothers and sisters and a group of friends, I hereby swear that in the next 50 years, we will serve our son sincerely and be loyal to him! If you violate this oath, heaven and earth will hate it! Fifty years later. It depends on how the son is. "
"So good!" Xin tong laughed, "so good! Don’t worry, fifty years later, if you want, this Sect will definitely return your freedom … So, let’s start now. "
"Wait a minute!" Before the black bear demon could reply, a clear and pleasant voice suddenly sounded, "Xin Heizi, do you really want to accept these monsters?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
When Xin Tong heard the news, his face filled with hatred and anger came into his eyes.
"Hey. Why do you look like this? " Xin Tong paused. I immediately understood why the clouds are so empty. More than a month ago, a group of demons attacked the valley, and the children of Wankeng Valley suffered heavy casualties. Yunkong himself was seriously injured and almost died. At this time, seeing that Xin Tong wanted to accept the black bear and other demons, how could he not hate or be angry?
See the sky two stars eyes straight to spit out the fire, a Zhang Baiyu face is getting darker and darker, symplectic with embarrassment, suddenly don’t know what to say.
"say it!" "Do you really want to accept these monsters?" said Yunkong angrily.
"That’s right." Xin Tongxin read the telegram and made a decision in an instant. Without hesitation, he said, "I really want to accept them."
Xin Tong’s answer was so simple that he was surprised, and then he was furious. A trembling finger almost pointed at Xin Tong’s nose. "You … you … you didn’t know that they killed almost all the people in the whole valley?"
Xin Tong shook his head and whispered, "Are you mistaken? Error-free novel network a lot of words at that time, they were just outside the mask, and didn’t kill a person in the valley … "
"You … you … you still speak for them!" Clouds became more and more angry and took three deep breaths in succession before they calmed down. "They were outside the dharma mask at that time, and they really didn’t kill anyone, but without them, Ms. Wei could defend against the enemy with us in Neigu! How can the children of Bengu suffer heavy casualties when there are high-powered Weier girls like Daoxing? Speaking of Miss Wei ‘er, don’t you forget that Miss Wei was almost killed by them? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
With a wry smile, "of course not forget …"
"I’m glad you didn’t forget!" Before Xin Tong’s words were finished, Yunkong took over. "So, do you still want to accept them now?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.