Bird, who is in the box at the moment, is even more satisfied with Li Cheng’s performance. First of all, Li Cheng is one of his own players. His talent and diligence have made Mr. Bird extremely satisfied. In addition, what he has done on the Sung Jae Lee court has made Mr. Bird even more satisfied. He doesn’t like that kind of gentleman on the court. What he appreciates is those guys who make his opponents hate or even hate their guts.
The big bird who threw a ball in front of Sung Jae Lee Lor-Deng commented on this, "This is my style! I like this kid! "
Chapter DiYiSanSan Roaring shells
"I’ll pass you more balls in the second half." Granger patted Li Cheng on the shoulder and said.
Li cheng nodded and said nothing.
Tinsley also said on the side: "Come on in the second half and get another 60 points."
Li Cheng rolled his eyes and said, "You don’t know what level of defense that 60 points were last time. Who can’t brush it?"
"Don’t tell me, if you brush 60 points on Michael’s site once, the effect will be sensational."
"I don’t have this idea, I just want to blow them up." Li Cheng clenched his fist.
"Psycho, you really want to cut another 60 points!" Granger rolled his eyes.
"I won’t pass the ball to you in the future." Li Cheng found it really cool to be qualified to say this.
"Then you can look for your underwear in the freezer." Granger showed no weakness.
"grass! ! !” Li cheng scolded.
Li Cheng and Granger bickered in the dressing room, but everyone laughed. What little tension remained during the game disappeared.
The second half of the game soon began, and the battle between the Pacers and the Bulls continued.
Boylan once again emphasized the defense of Li Cheng in the dressing room, and he also made some adjustments. He asked Hinrich to harass Li Cheng’s possession outside the three-point line, and at the same time asked Lor Deng and Gordon to double-team Li Cheng at any time, and asked Noah to be the last interception before the reasonable collision zone.
Sung Jae Lee’s words to the fans at the end of the match have already reached their ears, and the anger index of the Bulls players has soared a lot compared with that at the beginning. Their best result now is to win the game, and if they can’t win the game, they will make Li Cheng very uncomfortable and can’t let that boy be so arrogant again.
However, Lor-Deng’s mind was full of scenes of Sung Jae Lee shooting in front of him, and the ball really left an indelible impression in his heart.
After the start of the third quarter, the Pacers played their smoothest attack this season. Li Cheng can control the ball by himself, run without the ball and shoot, and the Pacers’ tactical changes are more abundant.
Four minutes later, Li Cheng made 2 of 3 shots and scored 4 points. The Pacers’ performance was even better. Noah had to be distracted to take care of Li Cheng’s side, and Foster’s threat in the basket increased. He hit the board easily twice.
Foreman, the general manager of Bull, was sitting next to Bird. He said sourly, "You picked up that China man for nothing."
Bird smiled and said, "Another great No.23 will be born."
"Then you are joking." Foreman road. He is proud of the Bull Dynasty led by Wang Joe.
Bird shook his head and said to himself, "If Chicago can’t let go of its past glory, they will never get back to the top."
"Keep watching the game!" Bird said.
Foreman looked at the No.23 jersey at the top of an eye stadium, and then turned his eyes back to the game.
On the court, Li Cheng found that the bulls were very strict with his ball control defense. He ran to Tinsley and said in his ear, "You control the ball, just like before."
"No problem." Tinsley said.
And Li Cheng started his running, just like before.
Running in the shadows, Li Cheng became a complete pitcher at this time.
If Lor-Deng is the only one watching the defense, he can’t keep up with Li Cheng’s footsteps at all. He could barely keep up with Li Cheng’s first few steps, but Li Cheng turned backward twice in a row and threw Lor-Deng away.
Li Cheng stepped out, stood with his left foot, and turned to face the box. Tinsley’s pass was like a sharp sword, which cut the bull’s defense. Li Cheng hit the jumper directly after receiving the ball.
Bowilan painfully closed his eyes on the sidelines. "This China is more difficult than Miller! It’s great when there is no ball, and it’s great when there is a ball. "
If Hamilton and Miller are more threatening without the ball than with it, then Sung Jae Lee is a threat at any time.
Unconsciously, Li Cheng has become a threat to all opponents, as long as he stands on the court. This is only his first season, and what kind of performance he will have in the future is really exciting.
Li Cheng’s shot, like a roaring shell, hit the scarred bull.
The booing of the fans at the scene couldn’t stop him at all.
Boylan had no choice but to call a timeout, and he changed the defensive arrangement of the team again. But his change can only make the team more and more chaotic, and Lor Deng is more and more unconfident.
As time went on, the bulls’ players found that they could not stop Li Cheng’s attack.
Bulls fans also found that their players couldn’t stop the China man. Just like before, no one in the whole league could organize their number 23. When Li Cheng took the ball, the boos of the fans at the scene gradually weakened.
In the ninth minute of the third quarter, Li Cheng hit a jumper again, refreshing his score to 36 tonight. He opened his hands and looked around.
"How can we have this idea? Brothers! Hush him, don’t listen! " Someone shouted loudly after seeing the celebration of Li Cheng’s goal.
Suddenly, more violent boos came from all directions than before. And Li Chengze in this deafening boos, firmly with his own pace. And he never relented. At the end of the third quarter, his hand, like a trebuchet, shot a shell steadily again.
88 to 71, the Pacers’ lead has reached 17 points after three quarters.
This game was not broadcast by China Radio 5, but the attention of domestic fans to Li Cheng has gradually recovered. Li Cheng and Yi Jianlian are the only people in China who appear in the nba now. Yi Jianlian’s performance of opening high and walking low is far less popular than Li Chenglai’s, not to mention Li Cheng is a defender, and he is more popular with the public.
Many fans found the live broadcast of the game on the Internet, while others followed the game through live text broadcast.
When Li Cheng’s performance was sent back to China on the other side of the ocean, some people thought that Li Cheng was too arrogant, which violated China people’s consistent modesty. However, some people think that Li Cheng’s performance is very awesome, and there is also an unruly guy in China who can educate those foreign devils in the nba.
It is also wonderful that the two views collide on the Internet.
However, these two groups of people did not quarrel, and everyone was still relatively harmonious. After all, they were attracted by Li Cheng to watch the game, and they all loved Li Cheng’s beautiful football style. As for Sung Jae Lee’s performance on the field, some people don’t care very much. Even those who care very much can’t find any fault in the face of Li Cheng’s continuous hot performance.
Chapter DiYiSanSi Reproduce Miller Classic
After the last game, the fans at the scene still wanted to influence Li Cheng and the Pacers with their boos.
People always say that Dallas people make the most noise, but tonight’s United Center Arena is very noisy. The fans’ cursing and booing of Li Cheng shocked people’s ears.