I also know what to do in front of her is the best way to attack her defense.
Isn’t that silly little girl always doing that to her?
Blood-red eyes were covered with a thin layer of fog, and long eyelashes trembled a few times.
Jade teeth bite lips eyes wronged koo and injured, looking at him sobbing sound way "you said you would always be with me …"
"Snowbud, don’t you want me now? I am your voice … "
Tears … turned in my eyes but never flowed out.
He just stared at her and suddenly felt that there was a force rushing straight at him.
Oh, shit …
His face changed and he wanted to press the stirring force, but he couldn’t come.
See his face a white eyebrows a tight suddenly called a caress Jiang Xue bud face hand slipped.
It’s like something is going to break away from him.
He was struggling with pain on his face.
"What’s the matter with you?"
"Snowbud …"
When he looked up at her breathlessly, Jiang Xue’s bud gave a sharp quiver.
This look … turns out to be …
She stared at him with a puzzled and surprised face.
"Snowbud …"
He called her panting. Before Jiang Xue Bud could speak, he got up and pulled her into his arms [
He was trembling slightly.
Emotion seems to be very excited, but it is gentle to hold her-
I will send a new article next month. When exactly should it be June 1636: Are you back?
He was trembling slightly.
Emotion seems to be very excited, but it is gentle to hold her.
The big hand touched her lips over and over again and whispered her name in her ear.
"Snowbud … Snowbud … Snowbud …"
Jiang Xue Bud slowly raised his head with wide eyes and looked into those deep red eyes [
Gentle and watery eyes with deep nostalgia …
She opened her lips slightly and touched his cheek slowly with trembling hands. She said uncertainly, "Stream … Stream?"
He nodded hard, grabbed her hand, put it on his lips, kissed her cold lips over and over again, and kissed her hot palm with trembling.
Moonlight that pale almost through the face a little closer to her in her consternation and surprise eyes gently kissed her lips.
Gentle caress, full of thoughts and salty tears falling to her lips.
"Snowbud … Snowbud …"
His voice was hoarse and tortured by thoughts, and it struck her chest over and over again.
Jiang Xue Bud is also in tears. I can’t believe watching him from his eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth … all the time.
Did she come back with a voice?
She can feel the sound of the silent moon now, and she loves that sound.
Only he … would call her name with such tenderness and affection.
She couldn’t help but stand on tiptoe and gently lick the tears from the corner of his eyes, sobbing, "Streaming sound … is that you?" Are you my voice? "
Silent on the flow of sound will face on her cheek gently dawdle with a SOB in the soft voice "Snowbud sorry … sorry …"
I’m sorry … He made her sad.
I’m sorry … at this time … he can’t take good care of her.
I’m sorry … They may never return to the past.
His face was covered with painful expressions, and his blood-red eyes were misty with water.
Long, white fingers slid a little on her face.