The speed, JiFan saw all amazed.
If I didn’t know what it was, I would have thought that these four men were first-class military commanders, flying "hairy" legs.
Outside the bedroom, a group of foot soldiers looked at each other and wondered what it was.
Ji Fan stood outside the door, checked his dress and said, "As far as I know. . . Life is worse than death. There should be no such effect. This effect. . . It’s too. . . Too. . 。”
Ma Chang grabbed Ji Fan awkwardly and stopped him from going on. He exhaled again and said, "Mr. Medicine, I don’t know. . . I wonder what happened to my master. "
Ji Fan stroked his beard and said, "Remove this. . . This question. The rest of the poisoning is not deep, and it is still limited to the throat. It is still somewhat certain to be cured. "
Ma Chang quickly asked, "What medicine do you need? I can send someone down to find it. "
Ji Fan pretended to caress his beard and shook his head and said, "If you want to cure the poisoned state, you must fight poison with poison, so the two amounts must be equal."
Ma Chang was nervous and asked, "Please tell me the truth."
"I have channels for the source of" medicine ",but. . 。” JiFan so embarrassed said.
Ma Chang immediately understood JiFan’s meaning. He was not afraid of the other party and turned and ran away. This is Yanzhou, their territory. It would be nice to send more people to watch him then.
Just take care of the disease and deal with him then.
Ma Chang quickly said, "Yes, sir, money is not a problem. Please come with me to Chen Liu’s vault."
JiFan nodded.
Two people all the way to the left rear of the palace, there is only one building, there is a lonely warehouse.
Thousands of foot soldiers kept patrolling around the warehouse.
Ma Chang took JiFan into the warehouse, all the way in, and came to a red "color" door.
There are also thousands of foot soldiers in front of the door.
A tunnel "exposed" through the vermilion gate, and Ma Chang held a candle and took Ji Fan all the way in.
JiFan heart excited mood more and more wins.
How many will there be?
So secretive. . .
Ji Fanhuai followed Ma Chang all the way in with excitement.
Finally, Ma Chang pointed to a locked stone door and said, "When I open the lock, Mr. Ma can enter by himself and take whatever he needs."
Although Ma often said that it was light, he asked Ji Fan to take it himself, and he still took as much as he could.
But JiFan took off his clothes alone, and he could get a maximum of five hundred gold, the most.
JiFan smile and went in.
In that case, I’m welcome. . .
Chapter 16. Ma Changling is in chaos
Ps: the second watch of the third watch. . And Puyang! Gaga. Seek collection.
JiFan looked at glittering, yards of neat gold nuggets, trembling! ! !
It’s more than trembling!
It’s a high tide without a war! ! ! !
Gold. . . Gold. . .
JiFan trembling hands take out the white jade key that has been hanging around her neck.
Ji Fan muttered, "This is enough for me to summon three times. By the way, it’s not good. This time it seems to be the fifth time, 640,000.
Damn it, wouldn’t doubling it cost 1.28 million?
It’s a lie.
JiFan, who was just in the high tide, went down again.
If that’s the case, wouldn’t it only be called twice?
Ji Fan groaned and said, "What a defeat! Defeat the country! It’s so humiliating. Defeat the mainland! ! !”
Ji Fan suddenly froze and muttered, "Yes, isn’t there Puyang?" There is Liu Chang’s lair, and the money should be no less than here. "
Ji Fan pressed the key with expectation.
Next moment. . .
"Whether to sacrifice 640,000 (six hundred and forty thousand) money for immediate summoning!"
"Random sampling. . . Randomly drawn. . 。”
"Extraction succeeded."
"Goal: Yi Ji: dominance: 29, force: 24, intelligence: 80, politics: 86."
"Start calling. . . It is expected to be 30 minutes. "
"Trial task six: capturing the city. Every time ideal city is captured, it will gain a little authority, and every captured state will gain a little authority. Current permissions: 19.0. "
"Trial task seven: unify the whole country, with one hundred conditions and authority. Reward: realize a wish. "
Yi Ji, a native of Shanyang, Yanzhou, was an official of Shu and Han in the Three Kingdoms period. When I was young, I was attached to my fellow countryman Liu Biao. When Liu Bei was in trouble in Jingzhou, Yi Ji often visited and asked Liu Bei to take care of him. In August 2008, when Liu Biao died of illness, Yi Ji turned to Liu Bei and crossed the river south together. In 211, Liu Bei went to Shu to help Liu Zhang, and Yi Ji followed. Subsequently, Liu Bei and Liu Zhang broke up. After the Yizhou was pacified in 214, Yi Ji was appointed as Zuo’s general to engage in Zhonglang, and his treatment was second only to Jian Yong and Sun Gan. Later, he was promoted to General Zhaowen, and worked with Zhuge Liang, Fazheng, Liu Ba and Li Yan to compile Shu Ke, and the system of Shu Ke was decided by five people. In addition, Yi Ji is good at debating and has an urgent talent.
Ji Fan has a little impression of this Yi Ji, whose righteousness is firm, his loyalty is firm, and he will not easily betray his Lord.
And politically, it’s good.
JiFan looked at about half of the money left and wondered if it was enough.
Press it again
"Whether to sacrifice 1,000,000 yuan (one million is 10,000 gold) for immediate summoning!"