Lu Xun got down on one knee with fists in his hands: "I’ve seen your master!"
"Don’t bother!"
Lu Xun looked at the list with wise eyes, smiled faintly and said, "Master, what is your ambition?"
Ji Fan was stunned and said, "Revenge and protection. . . Hegemony! "
Tracing the cause smiled and said, "At present, there is not much grain in the village, so in my humble opinion, we should build two farms, one for iron ore and the other for logging. And a blacksmith’s shop will be established. In addition, refugees will be recruited to form an army. "
Ji Fan nodded and said, "If I can’t achieve martial arts, I’ll leave it to you. As for me, exercise my martial arts!"
Lu Xun frowned and said, "Master, at present, the manpower is not enough, so please ask your master to train foot soldiers."
JiFan gawk at Lu Xun, suddenly smiled and said, "I’m not Sun Quan. Leave the relieving to you! "
Lu Xun immediately got down on one knee with his fist: "Son, don’t you dare to fail!"
Ji Fan threw down the pike and said to Lu Xun, "Let’s go. We can’t build without people. It seems that there are some prisoners."
Wang Qiang urged four mountain thieves to clean up the cottage. When he saw Ji Fan, he shouted, "Brother Yao, there is a barracks. I trained them. Much stronger. Brother, where are you going? Do you want to call a mountain thief? Know the way! "
JiFan nodded.
After coming to the prison, looking at some ragged and unkempt refugees, Ji Fan asked, "The mountain thieves here have been wiped out by us. If you join my Yanhuang village, you can have food, housing, farming, skills and money."
Then Ji Fan divided some food in the warehouse, and those with families went down the mountain. There are 8 women and 12 young and strong women left.
12 young and strong!
Not enough!
Lu Xun said aside, "Master, fighting is the way to support the war. Jizhou was originally a place where mountain thieves ran rampant! We might as well capture other villages. "
Ji Fandang will send all 12 young men to training, forming 12 spearmen, as well as the original four mountain thieves.
On the second day, Lu Xun went out with troops, and in the afternoon of the second day, he returned a mile-long material refugee.
The whole Yanhuang village came to life.
Build blacksmiths and thatched cottages; Two farmland, iron ore field and logging field were established one by one.
With a population of 78, it competed for money: 6750, and finally formed an army of 50 people.
Lu Xun to find up again. He said, "master, the quality of the army is too low. I will train the army from tomorrow." In addition, I hope that the master and Wang Qiang will participate in the training together. "
The next day, at three o’clock in the morning, JiFan was respectfully invited by Lu Xun.
Standing on the mountain, along with fifty foot soldiers, shivering in the cold wind.
Lu Xun is emerged out of the unusual momentum.
Lu Xun’s face was serious and his eyes were cold. He looked at the past and said, "I am very dissatisfied with your fighting capacity! Starting from today, I will train for six hours every day from three to six in the morning and from six to nine in the evening! Your training in the first ten days was very simple! Rush to the top of the mountain and run to the foot of the mountain. Don’t stop running for an hour! Then the moving stones were lowered and lifted for an hour. Run back and forth for another hour in the last hour. "
JiFan pulled pull mouth didn’t make any noise, Wang Qiang around is muttered: "elder brother, this Lu Xun won’t want to usurp the throne! Murder! My 100 Jin of fat is going to be handed over here today! Oh, my God! "
Lu Xun suddenly looked at Wang Qiang, stretched out his hand and pulled out his knife and pointed to Wang Qiang: "You are carrying 10 pounds up and down the mountain today."
Wang Qiang stayed.
Chapter IV. Resisting the Enemy
Ji Fan suddenly said, "I’ll help him carry the load!"
Lu Xun also pointed to JiFan mercilessly: "Very well, you have a load of 20, and he has a load of 10 Jin. ,”
Wang Qiang was speechless and completely stunned.
JiFan deadpan put on one side of TieKai forged yesterday.
Hush, hush, hush!
JiFan pale running, TieKai like a mountain holding him up, as if there is a volcano in the body to send this heat, several times just want to take a hard breath and come down.
A whip waved up and hit him hard. Lu Xun kept wandering around and saw whoever stopped and waved his 2-meter whip down.
JiFan want to cry, this is not looking for abuse?