"Why not. Since that guy dares to do it, he has to dare to do it. If the criminal law is like this, he has to pay. " Deep sichuan serious tunnel, "so you can avoid the heckling of meng door. I think what your brother should pay attention to is actually two opinions when this guy left, which is the most headache. "
"Yes, I’ve never seen such a bold guy, and I’ve talked loudly about changing the ancestral system." Deep benevolence emperor, laughter is not hard to hear hidden aggregates of thunder anger, "this system is set by the founding emperor, don’t say I don’t have the ability to change. Even if you move your mind, other emperors and elders will give up with me. Brother Huang, when he talks nonsense … "
"Brother, this matter cannot be treated lightly. That guy is crazy again, but he is not crazy enough to confront your brother and his ministers as soon as he comes to the imperial city. Think about it, Xu Zi was killed because Xu Zi offended him, but then he was opposed to something. The last two suggestions, according to historical documents. The second generation of emperor ancestors once had similar ideas, but the opposition of the ministers would make the country unstable and let it go. It should be reasonable to bring up the idea of the second generation of emperors’ ancestors now. Brother, if you think …, you might as well submit the video of the Emperor’s Hall to the Presbyterian Church for the decision of the Presbyterian Church and the emperors. "
"It has been sent." Deep renhuang deadpan tunnel, squinting deep in a Guanghua circulation, "such a big thing. I can’t ask Zongmen. "
"That’s good." Prince Yuanchuan raised his glass. "Brother, don’t talk about him. Drink."
Drinking, this is both a gentleman and a brother, and the two began to touch the cup. In the crisp voice, their worries spread.
Yuan Renhuang is really bitter, and Tianxin completely overthrew his majesty today. Perhaps from the perspective of heavenly heart, Xu Zi, his beloved minister, really broke the thunderbolt. But from the emperor’s point of view, the moment Xu Zi was executed gave him a feeling of being pulled off the horse. But he can’t do anything, above the temple. No one can stop the blow of the 180-level immortal, and Xu Zi, the 130-level immortal, is proof. What is even more embarrassing to him is that Tianxin snatched the jade Jue, accepted the unannounced gift, and then smashed it, making the reward of the Red Gorge River system a child’s play and a secret agreement that can be abandoned at any time. After that, two opinions were expressed, which clearly accused Fengyun of having a problem with the royal family’s qualification and not being able to cope with the future crisis.
"If we get along well, we will get together, but if we don’t, we will disperse." The words "The drinks in Yuan Renhuang’s mouth quiver" made the prosperous royal family feel that its subjects were pitching in a daze, and one day it was abandoned. There is a strong enemy of Wu Zun outside, and now there is a strong disharmony inside, which makes him a little breathless. Now the problem is not whether to put on the imperial power, but whether the royal throne is unstable.
Where did Yuan Chuan think that Yuan Renhuang had so many thoughts in his heart for a moment? He didn’t have so many thoughts. The immortal who has been moving in the front line always looks at problems in a militarized way. The reason why he speaks for the thunderbolt Sect against his usual cautious psychology of not involving in politics is that intuition can’t anger the thunderbolt Sect in any case, which is acceptable for the empire, but it can’t make it an enemy of the empire. It is definitely a disaster. Leading and witnessing the Battle of Daxinggou with his own eyes, he deeply knows the horror of the 180-level immortal. For such a force, even if it is the empire’s knees, it should be properly. The most important point is that the thunderbolt Sect has no evil intention to Fengyun Sect so far, otherwise, Tianxin will not point directly at the accumulated disadvantages of the empire and make Fengyun royal family unhappy.
"How can the empire not hold on to such a bitter medicine, and how can I not do my best?"
Gossip is less, and the remaining branches are not obvious. Three days later, the hurricane suddenly broke out.
Due to the lack of instructions from the elders’ group in the tight-armed galaxy’s paradise, Emperor Yuan Renhuang was forced by his ministers to announce the arrest of all the people in Thunderbolt Gate as suggested by Yuan Chuan. Meng Men, who had been prepared, severely condemned the thunderbolt in his own newspaper Li Bao after the emperor ordered him to kill the minister and escape.
As soon as this report came out, plus the imperial order, the people were startled and at a loss. No, it hasn’t recovered from the victory celebration of the twentieth war, and it hasn’t been matched with the fighting hero in the heart, and the latter has become a criminal.
"God, is this a dream!"
"Li Bao" rival "People’s Daily" listed headlines and made
Like a sigh. However, due to the imperial will, the People’s Daily has a lot of questions about the crime of Thunderbolt Gate, and it can only be that the editors are moldy in their hearts and dare not plead for Thunderbolt Gate. When the truth is investigated, they can only file it, and then look at the wind direction to correct the name of Thunderbolt Gate and attack their opponents.
Although Emperor Yuan Renhuang is not good at disturbing people, his ministers are all experts in this field. Everyone is evasive, and there are countless disciples of Mengmen, and the princes are spared from death. The Zongmen where they belong have also put on shows in succession. The image of Xu Zi, the minister of rites, is extremely tall overnight, but the thunderbolt gate has become a murderous demon as pointed out by thousands of people. Imperial capital, the crowd is angry. The passionate crusade voice of the imperial scholars in the Kewu era filled every corner of the imperial online media for several days, and the heroic deeds of Thunderbolt could no longer be found.
But … You still find that this incident, as the imperial state religion and the first door of Tiannv Sect, completely avoided it and went from top to bottom. No one made any comments on this incident.
"The devil? Maybe. "
The goddess lives in the suzerain’s house, and the beautiful suzerain’s eyes are shining with a pondering smile.
"Still no news?"
The ninety-nine elders of the Presbyterian Regiment inquired about each other at the stronghold of Fengyun Sect of the Tight-armed Galaxy. It was strange that the Sect of Thunderbolt seemed to be hidden. Fengyun Zongzhu and five standing elders looked at each other. This situation is really weird now. At the beginning, I received the video of Tianxin’s execution and secondment of Xu Zi in the Emperor’s Hall. The feeling of the six emperors and the ninety-nine elders was that the thunderbolt Sect was too presumptuous. They think that even the immortals with the rank of 180 should not ignore the etiquette of the empire, which is the rule and cannot be violated. So the Presbyterian Church agreed that the thunderbolt Sect should be condemned. The Sixth Emperor’s ancestors were more cautious, knowing that once the secondment of the Presbyterian Group was approved, it would directly push the thunderbolt Sect to the opposite side, so they rejected the secondment of the Presbyterian Group on the grounds that the Presbyterian Group had only one opinion. The thunderbolt incident. Silence for a while to see it.
"Now, how can I see you turn over?"
Zuo Xiangfu, Zuo Xiangfu and a group of people raised their glasses to celebrate. Mencius sang that tight encirclement had been forged and soon shoveled the pest song.
"Things are subtle, I don’t believe that the thunderbolt door is silent! This storm can be expected to be unprecedented! "
The right phase mansion, the right phase Ming Jing Feng and his staff members are faintly uneasy. This is a camp in a dilemma. It wants to exclude the thunderbolt Sect, but it is also afraid of its hegemony. Ming Jingfeng is very clear about the root cause of Xu Zi’s dismissal, so the words of the right-wing camp and the language of the media are relatively neutral, and there are no murderous words.
The imperial palace. Everything remains the same, go to court, go to court, play the book, and gather together. However, in the last ten days, Yuan Renhuang’s heart sank day by day. Ten days. Almost all the clans made a big attack on Perak Sect, only the state religion, and the Goddess Sect, which has numerous senior immortals and powerful forces all over the empire, did not add a comment on the case of Perak Sect’s killing of children, as if it didn’t know anything about it at all, and only devoted itself to teaching them and doing their business. It’s not. There are two types of heavy weapons from the research and shipbuilding center of the Imperial City. One is the space type II fortress with a diameter of 200 kilometers, and the other is the lightning warship. Its performance data are far more than the most powerful active warship giant thunder battleship in the empire.
"Don’t really let the following guys continue?"
Yuan Renhuang’s eyes swept the courtiers of His Royal Highness standing in two rows, and suddenly he felt that this ceremony on the ground made by does was ridiculous. Now the imperial Kewu technology is so developed, and all kinds of communication networks are all over the world, so you can complete all kinds of government affairs without seeing these rubbing faces. It is also easy to deal with things that are too important and the plans for the future. Just hold a heated debate meeting like the Presbyterian Group. It’s not like now …
"Is this enjoyment or suffering? Does it have a strange aesthetic interest!"
Yuan Renhuang laughed in his heart, thinking that if these two rows of men were all replaced by young girls, maybe there would be no need to worship, and his heart would be happy.
Random thoughts stopped, and Yuan Renhuang’s mind returned to the words in the Emperor’s Hall that day. Those words, even now, can still make his brain flush with blood. Fortunately, after ten days of transition, he felt less harsh than when he first heard them. At the same time, he also felt that there was something wrong with the department of rites. Ten days ago, if the patriarch of the thunderbolt Sect was not strong or eloquent, it would be the thunderbolt Sect who fell. In other words, this etiquette only needs one piece, or someone will fall down on the left or right. Think about it, it’s just the court. If it is pushed to the patriarchal clan and pushed to the people, Emperor Yuan Renhuang suddenly feels creepy. Under the gun of courtesy, those who follow will live and those who don’t follow will die. How much will the empire produce in one day, one month and one year? If not, how can we maintain the majesty of imperial power and build an orderly world?
Deep benevolence emperor suddenly confused.
He is confused, and the heavenly heart erupts. For more than ten days, the eleven sons of the sky’s heart rate thundered and disappeared around the stars, and their hearts became heavier and heavier. Nowadays, Fengyunxing, whether it is a clan or a folk family, all shows the traces above the imperial court. The data collected by Eleven from Thunderbolt show that Fengyunxing’s innovation has been declining year by year for hundreds of years. In the last decade or so, not to mention the humanities field, even the Kewu field, which is the easiest to innovate, has not seen a decent achievement.
"People’s hearts grow old in no demand, and they become thieves and street rats. Good, good, good! "