Wu Xiaojian laughed confidently and said, "I didn’t say that they needed their flying ability."
Mu Jiao Jiao understood and was confused. It was a hunch that Wu Xiaojian was going to do a great thing.
After a quiet night, I woke up the next day and found that the biggest thing was that the BOSS in the restaurant kitchen on the first floor was gone. After careful inspection, it was confirmed that it was not on the high floor, which made them wonder whether it was because it felt that all kinds of offensive plants outside were terrible and voluntarily withdrew from this place, which made them feel a little relieved.
Wu Xiaojian woke up and there was no building to take Li Qianru and them to the roof.
Mu Jiao Jiao guessed what he might do, but he still couldn’t fully understand what he was going to do. After seeing Wu Xiaojian on the roof, he began to make the carrion in the kitchen attract the bats. He ignored the explanation. "You’re not going to take their flying ability out, are you?"
When I think of it, Wu Xiaojian feels that the most likely way to make them fly is to catch the bat monster, extract their flying ability and transfer it to them so that they can fly by themselves. But there seems to be something wrong with that. They don’t have bats, and their wings grow like their wings … It’s disgusting to think about it.
"No" Wu Xiaojian denied her idea and told her that "it’s not smoking, it’s training"
"practice?" Mu Jiao Jiao hasn’t turned the corner yet.
"What are you going to do is Spirit fusion advanced flying monster? Build your own mount? " Li Qianru already knows Wu Xiaojian’s bold ideas, and she dares to think of anything, but she also feels that this is a good idea.
Wu Xiaojian gave her a thumbs-up and admitted that she didn’t think wrong, but she knew that the difficulty now was to fight for luck, and she couldn’t be completely sure that after the fusion of two bat monsters, Spirit could refine advanced flying monsters to serve as mounts for them.
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Chapter 156 Extreme Rhythm (4th watch) [Chapter Words 74 Last updated 1317 18:11:55]
Dazzle over the past three days
In three days, all the players in this city knew that they were facing a terrible disaster.
From the past, players killed monsters to the present, and the players will really die after learning that they are dead here. After that, the panic quickly spread in everyone’s heart.
There are also some people who realize that this place has become a legal day, and things have begun to be separated by their own strength to satisfy their greed, yin desire and various desires. In addition to humiliation, the weak will have to fend for themselves.
What’s more, they began to seize other people, women, stars and gods, and killed each other by various despicable means, which made this city a real hell and gradually formed a new society similar to the primitive strong and respected.
However, during these three days, Wu Xiaojian and others stayed in Shangri-La Hotel and didn’t go out, which made it a similar paradise. Because of the virgin forest on the first floor to the fifth floor and all kinds of attacking plants hidden in it, some players also wanted to come and see this five-star hotel. After all, they were blocked by terrible plants and could find another place. Some monsters were also bitten by these attacking plants and became Wu Xiaojian. Their experience is also star power.
"the third"
Wu Xiaojian wiped the staff.
For three days, however, they didn’t live an idle life.
Because the effect of the virgin forest greatly exceeds their expectation, they can be upgraded even when they sleep. If you deliberately put some [bait flowers] in the virgin forest, you can continuously attract some monsters into this trap and be killed.
He has reached level 31, Li Qianru, 7 Mu, Jiao Jiao and Chen Ying are both 9 Kyle, breaking through level 3.
Compared with the low success rate of frank demon refining here, they are very unhappy.
It took three days to get two mounts, and Spirit was released by him to eat. The experience successfully rose to level 1, which is still a long way from level 3.
"It’s not enough to go to Bat Monster like this."
Mu Jiao Jiao’s palm stood in front of his eyebrows and saw it was dark. When he saw it, it was covered with bats. Now there are only two or three stars left. According to this momentum, they want to continue to practice flying. The baby has been tempted to leave Shangri-La Hotel and go further.
"This is not a big problem."
Wu Xiaojian still admits that this situation is quite disappointing.
On the first day, they have refined a biped flying lizard, which is very primitive and similar to the primitive dragon’s membrane wing. From the introduction, this biped flying lizard really reaches the point where people can ride and lift the four of them without any problem.
However, the problem is that there are monsters in the flight area of Central Africa, which is more serious. It is very likely that some flying monsters are hiding in various buildings, but they have not come out. When the biped flying dragon with a wingspan of 6 meters appears in the sky, it is likely to attract them all. A flying platform can have no attack ability. If you want to fly to somewhere safely, you need something to escort you.
Of course, the best situation is that one person and one flying mount can fight in the middle of the war by themselves.
"But it’s not bad that this winged snake can bear the weight of one person," said Chen Ying regretfully.
The winged snake was refined on the third day, that is, last night. It is a three-star monster. It looks a bit like a China flying dragon, but it has feathered wings. It is a giant snake with wings. Compared with a bipedal flying snake, it may be able to spray poison remotely and escort a flying monster. It should also be possible to build a person, but it is best not to let people ride on it because it is slippery and has no shelter.
"No remote, no flying baby, we are miserable now."
Wu Xiaojian feels that the worst thing among them is that they don’t have a remote career.
Although he can use lisieux’s feather ability, ignoring lisieux’s feather ability is likely to lead to the violent situation of evil spirits’ pills. The snow feather ability is at best a short-range attack. Whether it is a igloo, an ice burial or an ice frost, it is necessary to attach objects, but it is not too far to release the distance. The defense skill ability can be attacked from a distance, which is too short of distance and accuracy.
If considering her changeable ability, it makes sense for ice and snow to condense a pair of bows and arrows for long-range archery. It’s because he used to be good at being an assassin rather than an archer … or not.
"It would be nice if I could have another one for Qianru as a mount."
Wu Xiaojian feels that he can’t drag on here.
In three days, the burning pain of the evil spirit pill became more and more serious, and they almost found it several times.
Moreover, the left arm seems to be more and more uncontrollable, and it will become a ghost hand at any time. Even if the face does not change, the arm variation is scary enough. They must leave here as soon as possible and leave for the assistant to beat the purple clothes bracelet to limit this force to continue to develop, otherwise he will really consider letting Li Qianru and them forget all this and leave this world and leave him here alone.
"There are five more"
Mu Jiao Jiao has been around all the time. After she woke up, she killed the cat flexibly. When she saw a fallen bat monster who wanted to eat carrion, she came out from her hiding place and kicked it to the side of the shining golden beast. She was ridiculed by the shining golden beast group and captured it by Wu Xiaojian. After three days of cooperation with her, the rhythm has been controlled perfectly, and the lack of flowing water has become an assembly line.
"There are still four chances."
Spirit fusion is two in one, and every two synthesize a new demon at random, which may be waste or extreme variation.
Strange to say, Li Fangqiang didn’t come to see them for three days, and they couldn’t contact him. I couldn’t help but worry about whether something happened to him. Li Qianru was a little depressed after learning the news these two days, and even began to laugh and disappeared, worrying about her brother.
But all this can only be considered after they can safely leave here.
Finally, the two Bat Monster Spirit cards were fused with Spirit, and they were fused together to make the two cards in the colorful light overlap into one.
But this time, the two Spirit cards have never had a golden light before they broke out, which is a bit similar to the situation of the shining golden beast at that time, which made them immediately excited. I feel that this is a prelude to a very evil!
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