"Wait!" Kunlun slave said, "I’m afraid it’s impossible to find the original road if I move out like this, so I have to move us together."
Luojinshe immediately agreed that this place is strangely tight, surrounded by a gray one, like dusk arrival, not darkness, but it is definitely not light.
Kunlun slaves made a small move, and the three of them moved out together. Before long, a muddy river appeared in front of them.
ChuYan perched on the muddy river that day, thinking, maybe this is the grave? However, shouldn’t the grave be a mountain spring? This is obviously a river, and it is quite a big river. At least they stand here and can’t see the other side.
"Master, there is no boat to share with this river, and there is no bridge … It seems that we can only fly across it." Luojinshe said.
"You try, can you fly?" Chu Yanqi said.
Kunlun slave looked cautious and frowned. "This place seems to restrict the use of psychic powers, so it’s not easy to fly …"
"I think so." Chu Yanqi said, "I feel uncomfortable all over when I am in this place."
"I can’t fly, how can I get there?" As he spoke, the golden snake looked around. Suddenly, he shouted, "Look, there is a stone tablet over there."
"Go, go and have a look!" ChuYanQi said, saying, and he has strided toward the stone edge.
The stone tablet is very big, but compared with the stone gate that entered here, it seems too small to mention. The shape of the stone tablet is somewhat similar to that of the Yongzhen stone tablet outside, but it is not exactly the same. On the stone tablet, three types are written-Yellow Cross.
"It’s really a yellow river crossing here." Chu Yan lives in the heart of the secret passage, but since there is a yellow river crossing, there should be a boat to pass through, but this place is surrounded by vast water mist, where is the boat?
As he thought about it, he couldn’t help turning around and walked over to the other side of the stone tablet. Sure enough, behind the stone tablet, there is still handwriting, and it is still a Chinese bird seal.
ChuYan habitat line by line to see the past, after reading, not only frown.
"Master, does this stone tablet say?" Kunlun slave curious asked.
"This place is called Huangquandu, which is a ferry." Chu Yanqi explained.
"Since it is a ferry, there should be a boat to go through?" Asked the golden snake.
ChuYanQi saw his one eye, didn’t speak, just standing at the ferry in a daze, ages, this just sighed: "you back off, I’ll try …"
"Master, this is not good, you say, let’s do it." Kunlun slave said, in fact, there is a word he didn’t say, the master spirit orifices closed, there is no aura, can do? Something is not as good as his own, a success, if let ChuYan habitat messy, toss out a thing, how to do?
"Are you coming?" Chu Yanqi laughed, "OK, here, this is for you!" While he was speaking, he had pulled out a small gong from the blue tree and handed it to Kunlun slave. "Just ring it."
"Just ring?" Wait for a while, a Kunlun slave, took the gong, which was made of ordinary brass. It was hollowed out on all sides, carved with many patterns. He just looked at it and felt dizzy.

Chapter two hundred and twenty-five The ferryman
Chu Yanqi nodded and smiled: "Just ring!"
Kunlun slave looked at him, and always felt that something was wrong, but he still put his hand on the gong and tapped it. He thought that since it was made of copper, a tap of his finger naturally made a sound.
However, he never thought that when his fingers struck on the gong, all the sounds were swallowed up at once. This feeling was unspeakable.
Kunlun slaves believe in spirit, and immediately stretched out his hand and buckled it up again. This time, he used a little spiritual power briefly.
Only the result is the same as just now, and the fingers are knocked on the gong, which is like being dumb, and there is no sound at all.
"Kunlun, what’s the matter?" The golden snake looks strange. Kunlun slaves can’t even knock a gong, can they? There are many words in the error-free novel network
"This gong is very strange." As he spoke, the Kunlun slave handed the ordinary gong to the snake.
"How weird?" The golden snake looked up, just to see ChuYan habitat very strange smile on his face.
"He just wants to see our jokes …" Rocksnake thought.
"I’ll try!" Luo Yulou said.
Of course, he also didn’t ring the gong that looked ordinary and didn’t have a little bit of spiritual force fluctuation. Chuyan lived stiffly and didn’t laugh. However, he has a very strange idea in his heart. Maybe this gate of hell was set by people in his world? Otherwise, how can you think of a way to recruit a ferry with a yin gong?