"There, there, a few cups of bad tea are not a tribute. If you like it, you can send some tea to your predecessors later." Xi Fangping has been a senior in destroying the magic star for 300 years, which means something. He learned it long ago.
Wan Xiu was overjoyed. "Well, thank you very much, boss Xi. I came to your store this time to send Taiyin Stone. Ten days have passed since the fair, and today is the delivery day, if you don’t come again. It is estimated that the boss will blame us for breaking the appointment. "
Xi Fangping ha ha a smile: "There are just two elixirs. What’s the big deal?"
Wan Xiu looked at a Yuan infant monk next to him. The Yuan infant monk took off a storage bag from his waist and threw it to Xi Fangping. XiFangPing took the storage bag, looked at it and nodded with satisfaction. 40,000 Jin of lunar stone. A catty is not much, a catty is not little. This Wanbaotang is quite sincere. Do business with such a store, don’t worry. It occurred to him that if there were not too many puzzles in Xi Fangping’s body, it is estimated that Wan Xiu would not bring the lunar stone, but dozens of Yuan infant monks and thousands of troops.
It was not until Xi Fangping finished the inspection that Wan Xiu asked softly, "Boss Xi, I wonder if the quantity is right?"
"Right, 40,000 Jin is right" Xi Fangping nodded with satisfaction: "Ten thousand seniors are so sincere. If you still need a panacea, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I can give you a discount.
When Wan Xiu heard this, he repeatedly said, "That’s great. We still need a panacea like the last fair. I wonder if you can show it to us?"
XiFangPing nodded his head. Conveniently took out a 7,000-year-old yam and a 7,000-year-old tea from the storage bag and put them on the table. Wan Xiu’s face changed, and he couldn’t help crying, "Last time, didn’t you take out two 7,000-towering Polygonatum?" ,

Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Xuanyu
As soon as the words were spoken, Wan Xiu knew he had made a slip of the tongue. On Xi Fangping’s face, there was a strange smile, and he laughed: "It turned out that it was you who peeped beside you that day."
Wan Xiu regretted it. He always thought that Xi Fangping would take out the two Polygonatum used to cheat the bald monk ten days ago. Unexpectedly, Xi Fangping deliberately took out the other two trees just to see his reaction. Suddenly, two elixirs of 7,000 years appeared again. Even though an old scoundrel is slippery and has seen numerous grand scenes of Wan Xiu, I can’t help shouting out loud. I was directly caught by Xi Fangping.
Wan Xiuwei said shyly, "Boss Xi is really calculating, but, boss Xi, you will probably understand me. It’s a big thing that there is a 7,000-year-old Lingcao suddenly in Feixian City. Therefore, it’s quite normal for me to follow behind and want to know about your background."
XiFangPing nodded, positive color way: "I can understand that, just, ten thousand predecessors. You should have seen the scene of the last battle. The younger generation only hopes that Wan Qian will keep the secret for the younger generation. If some sects know about it, it will not be a good thing for the younger generation, but it will definitely not be a blessing for Feixianmen. "
Wan Xiu heard a hint of threat from Xi Yiping’s words. He knew very well that the threat was not the little monk in front of him, but the terrible existence behind him. Wan Xiu couldn’t help but have a cold war when he thought of that incredible sect. Nodding repeatedly, he said, "Please rest assured, boss Xi. I don’t want to cause trouble to Feixianmen. I’m just a businessman. I’m here to talk to boss Xi about business. Boss Xi still has at least four 7,000-year-old elixirs in his hand. I wonder if he can sell them to our Wanbaotang? "
Xi Fangping nodded: "Of course, I am a businessman, and whoever buys my things will do. Just, do you have so many lingshi? That’s a whole 80 million pieces of lingshi. Even if I give a discount to Wanqian, it will cost at least 70 million pieces of lingshi. As far as I know, my concubine’s annual income is about one billion pieces of lingshi, but the expenditure is only a pitiful 100 million pieces of lingshi, and another 100 million pieces of lingshi are accepted as tributes.
In other words, even if you don’t eat or drink or buy anything, you can only sell five or six trees. I know that your family attaches great importance to these seven thousand-year-old elixirs. Once you buy it, as long as you need it You can have one or two apotheosis monks in a few years, just. You have to do what you can. "
Wan Xiu nodded: "Boss Xi is well informed, isn’t it? Yes, our lingshi is not enough, but we can exchange it with Taiyin stone."
Xi Fangping shook his head: "The output of Taiyin stone in your door is about several hundred thousand Jin a year. Even if you change it all, you won’t be able to change many elixirs, not to mention. Your door still has the task of turning over the lunar stone. Well, to be honest, sometimes, I feel wronged for your door, and I finally got something. However, you can only pay tribute. If the lower house of whatever faction knows that your door has a panacea of 7,000 years, it is estimated that your door will have to take it out and hand it in. "
Xi Fangping’s words have a strong smell of sowing discord, which makes Wan Xiu more sure that Xi Fangping is an envoy sent by that sect and shouldering special tasks. Otherwise, ordinary businessmen, who will take care of these things? In Wan Xiu’s mind. I have regarded Xi Fangping as the same existence as myself, too. Even if he is just a monk in the Dan period, the sect behind him alone can walk sideways on the Pleiades. That sect usually seldom interferes with other sects, but that sect is quite defensive, and its disciples have suffered losses outside, and they will get justice even if they are desperate. In the fix true world, as long as you are qualified to know the name of that sect. Don’t want to provoke the disciples of that sect, for fear that his cultivation is pitiful, which is why.
, million
Wan Xiu had a bitter face and thought for a long time. Then he said softly, "Mr. Xi Daoyou, but we really need these seven thousand-year-old Lingcao in Feixianmen. I wonder if Mr. Xi Daoyou can give us the elixir for a few years, and then pay after we have collected all the materials." Unconsciously. Wan Xiu has called Xi Fangping a Taoist friend. Xi Fangping recognized the change in Wan Xiu’s tone, smiled slightly, and did not refute. On the magic star, those monks who were in infancy respectfully called him a Taoist friend, and Xi Fangping had long been used to it.
Xi Fangping shook his head: "This can’t be done. A few days doesn’t matter, a few years, that won’t do. God knows how many years the younger generation will stay on the Pleiades. Tell you what, you don’t have enough lingshi and Taiyin stone, but you can also exchange it with Xuanyu. Ten catties of Xuanyu for a lingcao is a big discount for your family. "
Wan Xiu’s face suddenly changed: "Xi Daoyou. Xuanyu is a material forbidden by the Heavenly Spirit Sect to subordinate sects. Once we dig Xuanyu, we will hand it in as soon as possible. How can we have Xuanyu? "
Xi Fangping sneered: "Ten thousand seniors. I don’t want to talk in secret before the Ming people. Your door has been mining Taiyin stone mine for tens of thousands of years, just in case. Your door will definitely leave a certain amount of Xuanyu, and it is absolutely impossible to hand it in as soon as you dig Xuanyu. Moreover, before the Heavenly Spirit Sect took control here, the owner of your door didn’t extort money like this. After tens of thousands of years of accumulation, there must be a considerable amount of Xuanyu in your door, which is a piece of cake for your door. Of course, I know the core of your door, which is used to come in handy at critical times. Just, is it important for Xuanyu or Lingcao? Please ask the elder to go back and report, and then give a message to the younger generation. Of course, if you can come up with other materials to exchange, I am also willing. I am just a businessman. What can be exchanged for big money. I’ll exchange something with your door, anyway, as long as I don’t suffer. "
Wan Xiu took a deep look at Xi Fangping, nodded and said, "OK, I’ll go back and report. It seems that Xi Daoyou still knows our Feixianmen quite well. There are some confidential things that Xi Daoyou knows. "
XiFangPing secretly sneer, bullshit secrets. Anyone can do something like this on the Destroyer. You can guess everything. It is estimated that this kind of thing should be regarded as an open secret on the Pleiades, not only in Feixianmen, but also in its subordinate sects, and everyone has to keep a hand. Is it? Of course, the Heavenly Spirit School also knows this kind of thing. Just turn a blind eye. The string can’t be stretched too tightly, it’s really going to break. It’s not good for anyone.
Xi Fangping stood up, took out ten catties of silver tips from the storage bag, conveniently put them into Wan Xiu’s hand, and loudly said, "Wan Qian Gu, this is a little something, please accept it from Wan Qian, and share it with the three of you. There is nothing good in the hands. This little tea is the filial piety of the younger generation to the three predecessors. "
Wan Xiu shouldered her eyes and accepted the tea. He just tasted it. This silver tip is many times better than the silver tip of a catty of 200 pieces of lingshi on the market. I really want to sell it. Thousands of lingshi are wanted. Look at Xi Fangping. Not the kui is a big boss, is generous. It’s a gift of 10 thousand lingshi at once
After seeing Wan Xiu off, Xi Fangping was happy with the storage bag. Forty thousand Jin of lunar stone is enough to refine ten thousand pieces of high-quality ice magic weapon, provided that there are enough ice toad bones. Although the ice toad is a fierce monster, it is not difficult to kill it. Xi Yiping can be sure that as long as the forty thousand Jin lunar stone is taken back to destroy the magic star, it will be enough to cause a sensation. Maybe those ice toads will be killed by monks in a few years.
After thinking about it, Xi Fangping decided not to destroy the comet for the time being. When we find the axe. When Master is rescued, he can use the teleportation array to communicate between the Destroyer Star and these fix-true realms. Sell Hunyuanzong’s special products and become the biggest businessman in the field of repairing truth. Or, a little happier than that. Of course, it would be more perfect if Hui Qing was with me.
A few days later, Wan Xiu came to the shop and agreed to Xi Fangping’s request to exchange Xuanyu for Lingcao. At the same time, he put forward a condition that Xi Fangping should provide them with a large number of elixirs at a low price of 30%. Especially Jin Jingdan. Wan Xiu is very refined, and the experiment was carried out with the Jin Jingdan obtained from Xi Fangping. Now the Jin Jingdan of Xi Fangping has a frightening effect, which is not only beneficial for monks to break through the bottleneck in the Dan-knot period and advance to the Yuan infant period, but also. It also has a considerable effect on improving the cultivation of monks in Yuan infant period. Therefore, with the consent of the five elders, they decided to buy in large quantities from Xi Fangping. Xi Fangping agreed to the condition of ten thousand repairs. After all, people buy in bulk. It’s dozens or hundreds at once, which is quite good compared with Zhang Gensheng, where it takes several months to sell one.
After getting 40 Jin of Xuanyu, Xi Fangping, a beggar, temporarily closed the shop, flew out of the city, found a relatively quiet cave and began to deal with Xuanyu. With his cultivation, it will take at least two or three years to integrate 20 Jin of Xuanyu into the thunder stick. However, Xi Fangping doesn’t care much about this. He has plenty of free labor. He called out five red-faced snow strokes from his belt, including one with twelve orders and four with eleven orders. Melt the jade for him. The capability of red-faced snow brocade is not the highest, but the spiritual wisdom is the highest, and they can fully understand the meaning of Xi Fangping. And act according to Xi Fangping’s requirements.
Under Xi Fangping’s organization, five red-faced snow buddhas crossed their legs in a circle, and five powerful aura emerged from their fingers, shooting at the 20 Jin Xuanyu in the center. After two days of gradual shrinkage, Xuanyu was compressed into a fist-sized droplet. Then, gradually integrated into the thunder stick. Five days later, Xuanyu was completely integrated into the thunder stick. At this time, the thunder stick, although seemingly unchanged, only faded a little. But … There is a terrible chill in it, which makes the thunder stick extremely cold.
Xi Fangping waved a thunder stick and tried a few hands. I am quite satisfied with its power. The thunder stick mixed with Geng Jing and Xuan Yu not only keeps the characteristics of instantaneous explosion, but also can attack the enemy’s body with a little bit of cold, which will inevitably cause fatal damage to the enemy.
On the morning of the sixth day, when Xi Fangping returned to the store, he was now surrounded by many people outside the store. Also, I haven’t seen anyone for five days in a row. It’s strange that many monks are not in a hurry because they have cut off their supplies. Among the people who came, there was also a monk who followed Wan Xiu to Yuan Ying at the early stage. As a senior, he actually stood outside the shop and waited like other monks in the Dan period. Therefore, the flying fairies attached great importance to the cooperation with Xi Fangping.