Wei Zhi seems to be so busy that he forgot to give him a call.
After drinking and taking a shower, Xiaoqi fell asleep quickly. In his dream, he went back to the time when he sold his body …
At that time, Xiaoqi’s body had grown, and long-term exercise made his body reach its peak, and his flexibility was amazing. His body lines were smooth, though not strong, but his figure was just right. Even wearing simple casual clothes, people could see the sexy taste from people’s casual movements.
When I was around Lanchen before, Xiaoqi disliked her height. Eating less and drinking less malnutrition can restrain her from growing taller, but this thing can’t be controlled by her mind.
In the past life, the club owner really disliked Xiaoqi’s height. Xiaoqi had long been around Lanchen and had the consciousness of being a horn.
The club owner, the man who hates iron and doesn’t produce steel, who wants to hug a handsome man whose height is equal to or higher than his own? The club owner wants to break Xiaoqi into number one.
According to his words, a dollar coin has a 1 in front and chrysanthemums behind it, but it’s just a change. A dollar coin or a dollar coin?
Xiaoqi doesn’t have a problem with the boss. He can do whatever he likes. If he sells money, it’s almost the same as selling it behind.
In the club, big burly men also have special hobbies, and many Xiaoqi need a lot of money, so he also cooperates with the club owner to destroy whether to practice alcohol or exercise or go to the Academy of Fine Arts to maintain their skin like women.
Xiaoqi doesn’t pick guests. He always picks up the position when someone calls the roll, or when he says he occasionally encounters special hobbies. The next day, he will definitely not have a good piece of meat, but the relative price is also rich. He wants Xiaoqi to obey, and those rich bosses don’t mind paying more money. Besides, Xiaoqi can master some business secrets and let the guests pay more in disguise.
For a long time, men and women in the club gave Xiaoqi a nickname, Seven Sisters.
Even if it’s honorific, it’s also ironic. Xiaoqi just smiled an anodyne title, which is nothing compared with having no money to treat Brother Xiaowu and getting some money by selling blood.
Although the club owner wants to cultivate Xiaoqi into a decent person, Xiaoqi chooses himself, but he doesn’t say anything about it. After learning about Xiaoqi’s past, he has a deep blood relationship with Xiaoqi. Even the club owner has to admire Xiaoqi’s will.
It’s not uncommon for people who are interested in love to sell their bodies and souls in a place like a club. What else can they not sell Xiaoqi? This friendship is even more valuable in the eyes of club owners. By making coffee with Xiaoqi, Xiaoqi is cultivated into the top class of the group of teenagers in the club.
That’s all he can do to help Xiaoqi.
I haven’t dreamt about life events for a long time. Xiaoqi feels that these things have been far away from him for a long time, but I can recall that these disgraceful things did happen, even in life.
Rubbed his eyes, Xiaoqi glanced at his mobile phone, and it was already half past ten. The sunshine outside the window was dazzling, and he could still feel the hot summer when he entered the room through the curtains. Xiaoqi got up, opened the window, breathed and washed, and took something from the refrigerator at will, which was considered as a breakfast.
Xiaoqi was about to go out when she received a message from Song Ning.
"Xiao qi, what’s the matter with you? I’ve been looking for you for days, but you haven’t answered. Why? I am famous for playing big cards, even I don’t care? " Song Ning can’t hide his anger at the other end of the conversation.
If Song would rather talk through it, you can see Xiao Qiyi’s cold and disdainful face. "Song Ge should not be so angry in the early morning."
Song Ning added fuel to the fire when he heard it. "It’s still early? Morning, your mother. Morning, Ye Xiaoqi. Give me a word. When are you going to rest? "
Xiaoqi took out his ears and said, "Song Ge, I said that if you want a horse to run, you have to worry about it."
Song Ning was stunned. "Xiaoqi, what do you mean?"
Xiaoqi said, "Song Ge is really older than me at your age. I called you Song Ge for so many years, and I’m not that good at fooling me. What do you mean, aren’t you white?" to be continued
Chapter one hundred and twenty Lan Chen is ill!
Song Ning a listen to is flustered "small you got? Where I do things in Song Ning, I’m sorry for your place, and what benefits are there? I’m scrambling to give you a hug. I don’t want to spend a few days grinding my head. I’m being dumped. I have to endure that I’m busy, have no credit and have hard work. Ye Xiaoqi, over the years, you’d better tell me what I’m sorry for you in Song Ning? "
Compared with Song Ning’s ceiling, Xiaoqi seemed indifferent after listening to it. He didn’t even breathe. When Song Ning shouted and scolded enough, Xiaoqi came lightly and said, "Why do you cheat in my contract?"
Suddenly Song Ning didn’t say anything.
The silence on both sides makes the flow of words seem harsh
Born again, Xiaoqi, a little thing, has nothing to put aside. It’s a bit of money. It’s an escape to bury one’s head in writing before, and it’s also a way to look directly at the submission of Lan Chen’s abnormal love. Shortly after that, Song Ning editor found the door. At that time, he signed the contract without looking closely. First, he didn’t care about the money he wrote. Second, it’s also my hobby, and Song Ning is really quite good, and Xiaoqi has never paid attention to the contract.
Rebirth, not to mention psychological age experience, is that the mind is also more than before, and it is easy to find out the contract loopholes. Xiaoqi is a little dumbfounded at the thought of this.
Is Song Ning optimistic about his writing prospects so early? Why bother to tamper with the contract? Is it anxious that he suddenly disappeared in that generation? After all, there is a huge cash cow missing.
Xiaoqi doesn’t care about his life. After all, he lives in the moment, but it doesn’t mean that he can be easily deceived by others.
Xiaoqi finally broke the calm and said slowly, "Song Ge, I have somehow known each other for four years. At the beginning, I was too young to understand and no one helped me with the contract. That’s what you said. How can I believe that I pressed my handprint? I still think you are my own brother."
Song Ning took a silent breath at the other end of the sentence, and it was true that the contract was not so fair. At that time, Xiaoqi was still a child, and he did not do it so gloriously.
Xiaoqi continued, "The four-year contract has also expired. Song Ge, you touch your conscience to speak. These four come to see me. Xiaoqi is worthy of you, right? Not to mention that your head is full of money, your account is several times more than mine, right? Forget it. Why do you pull these things? I have to appreciate Song Ge’s hard work over the past four years. I still hope that Song Ge’s adult will not care about a lot, but the director will forgive me. "Even if he comes in person, he will quit."
Song Ning talked for a long time but still couldn’t open his mouth. Although Xiaoqi’s words were beautiful, he could still hear that he was not so aboveboard in his previous work. Now Xiaoqi’s contract expires and Xiaoqi has been obedient for four years. He also bought a house and opened a driver’s money with such a person as Xiaoqi, but he would have forgotten that guilt if it weren’t for Xiaoqi.
But Xiaoqi’s words are obviously to break free from his wings. Song Ning is uneasy. "Ye Xiaoqi, are you going to … kick down the ladder?"
Xiaoqi sneered at "Song Ge, you can understand it like this."
"You and I here regardless of the director there won’t just forget his temper you know" Song Ning hate her teeth.
Xiao qi ha ha a smile "director? Ha, I forgot the director’s last name if you didn’t tell me. Why? Xu Zhouguan lights up and forbid people to light up? I don’t care if you order the overlord contract, but now the contract expires and you won’t let people leave? Director Wang is your boss but not me. Ye Xiaoqi understand? "
Since Song Ning doesn’t mind the war, Xiaoqi has scruples.
Song Ning was talking for a long time again. He really didn’t understand how this Ye Xiaoqi was different from the former one. He didn’t even dare to lift his head. He pinched the circle and flattened it. Now how … how so edgy?
Song Ning hum "you also don’t forget how we spent our time holding you in recent years. If you didn’t have us, you would have a boat today? So I’ll give you another week to consider whether to renew it or not. It’s up to you. "
After a pause, Song Ning’s tone eased slightly. "Brother Xiaoqi advises you not to be too impulsive in everything. After this village, there will be no reason for this store. I believe you don’t need a brother’s point. You know that the director still values you and wants you to nod your head. Everything is easy to discuss. You know that the competition is fierce now, and I now have several gold collectors in my head."
When it comes to the end, Song Ning, with a little arrogance, doesn’t believe that a small person can scamper about where to go. In the final analysis, he has to change the contract back and divide the normal remuneration, otherwise he will pay him ten thousand pieces at a time, and he won’t believe that Ye Xiaoqi won’t come back.
I was thinking about slapping a sweet jujube and comforting it. I didn’t want Xiaoqi to faint from the words.
"Song Ge, thank you for your good pleasure. It’s still early today and you’re not going to pinch." Say Xiaoqi hangs up rudely, which is exactly what Song Ning said. After this village, there is no store.
Well, that depends on whether I want to stay or not.
I don’t want Xiaoqi’s front foot to hang up and then Song Ning’s words came back.
Just press the answer key to Song Ning flustered sound "Ye Xiaoqi don’t regret it then even if you beg me …"
Lovers are lovers. Xiao Qi doesn’t even bother to listen to it. He just pinched it.
Unexpectedly, I just hung up and rang again.
Xiaoqi is so bored that he just knows that he really doesn’t want to listen to his nonsense. Xiaoqi directly poses as a killer. "The contract is in duplicate, one in your place and one in my hand. If you want to bother me again, I don’t mind making the contract public, and I don’t mind holding a press conference. I believe that Yip Gu Zhou has an influence. Aren’t you dissatisfied with the previous sales conferences and I didn’t publicly sign them? How about this time? "
This Song Ning really panicked and didn’t dare to force people to be nasty again. Now Ye Xiaoqi can’t fool him as well as before. If he really forced the contract to be nasty, the consequences would be unimaginable.
Thinking of this, Song Ning softened his tone and said that he hoped he would think it over-he was still willing to continue to go there with development … He would not mistreat him if he went to talk about it.
Xiaoqi snuffed the thread again rudely. He is not in the mood to write again now. Maybe he will write a few more when he is in a good mood, but now he has more important things to do.
Fortunately, now that the contract expires, he is a free agent and actively holding it in his hands. Moreover, Xiaoqi is not what it used to be, and it is not a loss that the director was willing to throw money at him and praise him. It is not a loss that he receives profits.
The original Song Ning thinks of him wholeheartedly, but it is difficult to think of people’s hearts.
When the phone rang again, Xiao Qi’s face flashed a little cold.