"What are you talking about?"
Red bead mercilessly stared her one eye, grabbed a younger brother collar drink a way "say! Tell me where Chen Han is and I’ll give you a Chinese fairy! "
The younger brother was scared to death and shook his head again and again. He quickly said, "No … I don’t know if Zhang Jiao said not to tell you not to look for me …"
As he spoke, he was also worried that Zhang Jiao was found and quietly took a glance at the sundry room, hiding in it, and Chen Han almost cursed Niang.
Whose child is this too honest?
Your eyes are not equal, so you tell Chizhu that you are hiding in the sundry room?
Is very generous to put a handle xianjian into the younger brother’s hand red beads cold hum always walked slowly to the sundry room "Chen cold I red beads for you? Over the years, I have been eager to give my life to you. If you are interested in me, you will not meet me? "
Ice pupil took a deep breath and sighed, "it’s cold. I know it’s hard for you, but you should always give an answer to this matter, so that it’s the end." I don’t think you need to have scruples. Bing Tong is not an unreasonable person. The oath of the past is not that you can break it now, but I want to know what your attitude towards the Red Pearl is. The result is much better than hanging like this. "
For more than a month, Chen Han has been avoiding them all day, and there are still many secrets, including his wife’s affairs, which even Bing Tong doesn’t know until now.
How can he say these things?
When he heard this from Bing Pupil, he was filled with guilt for both of them. But how can he face this complicated feeling if he faces it?
Just as he hesitated, the order fluctuated, so he quickly took it out and immediately came to Puyang to call.
"Eldest brother eleven forces coalition is coming!"
Chen Han was not surprised but rejoiced. The whole body directly crashed into the sundry room and rushed out and shouted, "Eleven forces are looking for trouble. Brothers are ready to start work!"
Responsible for patrolling the southeast and guarding Puyang to send back messages, which means that the enemy has arrived in Yili and will soon arrive at the Jingyunhui station.
Enemy attack!
This is suspected to be the best excuse to temporarily put aside emotional problems. He pretended not to see the red beads and the ice pupil while flying outside and shouted, "Jingyun Club belongs to the knot! Prepare to meet the enemy! All the brothers who have reached the Mahayana period are tied outside the mountain gate! "
Red Pearl and Ice Pupil were so angry that they almost swore, but at this critical moment, they wouldn’t really ignore the overall situation and take out their respective orders to sign the United factions.
The army of Jing Yun Hui is moving at an alarming speed, and the three parties, namely, Jietian Demon Hall, Shenjiange and Taiyi Xianmen, are also moving. Several masters are driving the sword light to the sky, and tens of millions of three disciples are sent to the gate of Jing Yun Hui by strategic delivery.
The war is on the verge!
Chapter 451 unstoppable 1
The top ten Xuan doors are still the top ten Xuan doors. At the end of the ranking, Kunlun Daomeng merged into Jingyunhui, a newly rising sect, and became the largest force in the whole fix-true world.
In addition to the six sects of ghost cultivation, the ten Xuanmen and the Great Demon Sect were involved in this huge war except for three of them.
The total number of eleven allied forces exceeds 50 million. In addition to six million disciples directly under the major sects, there are also different sects of various sects to raise private soldiers. The remaining 10 million is a temporary sign of a large number of resources. Although the number of these troops is large, they are relatively insufficient in terms of talent increase, mind tactics and magic weapons of Dan medicine.
At the beginning of its establishment, the Surprise Cloud Club was also more so than the entire Surprise Cloud Club. Ninety-five percent of the younger brothers were a group of mixed fish and dragons. However, through the efforts of the faction, the Surprise Cloud Club is different today.
Although there is a big gap compared with the super power in comprehensive talent qualification, it is impossible for the worst people like the super power to have more than one talent increase, but they have made great progress in other aspects.
The art of mind and fighting skill are not inferior to the super power, and the high-level combat power has also been compared with the super power in magic weapons and pills.
Fifty million troops marched from the southwest at a high speed, approaching the headquarters of the Jingyun Club.
There are four million people in they nest, including Shenjiange, Tianyaodian and Taiyi Xianmen, although there are no temporary signs.
What really surprises people is that the average combat power of the Jingyun Club is indeed much worse than that of the super power because of the talent and qualification gap. However, this time, there is no Du Jie master, and the weakest has reached the initial stage of Mahayana. Even so, the total number is tens of millions.
It’s true that there are many outside brothers of super power, even though the number of Mahayana periods in the outside brothers accounts for half, and the lowest talent increase is one order, even if Jing Yun will send the lowest master, the average combat power in the initial stage of Mahayana is still different
However, the real elite of the 11 major forces Coalition forces is only about 17 million, and those temporary signs will be even worse than Jingyun.
The gap between the younger generation and the younger generation is mainly due to the talent, but these wild exercises are insufficient in mind tactics, talent increase and magic weapon of Dan medicine.
The base of Jingyun Brothers is there, and there are also many talents.
Bang …