Brother Lin Ping, some people don’t believe their ears. They looked at each other. Did the master burn today? Haven’t you seen him so generous on weekdays?
Lin Ping touched Yan Shifan heel Yan Shifan discontentedly stared Lin Ping one eye to gather together again "teacher, your family said is true? That’s great. When did the master go to see Senior Li? Brother and others are not impatient, but worried about losing the master during the tournament. Your old man’s house will make you laugh. "
Zhao Yang solution knot mood comfortable a lot of smiling at this a few proud brother "you are all the master’s right-hand man teacher not biased towards you and who? On the 15th, it will take five or six days to review the papers after the text test. So calculate to wait until the time when you play to the 20th, when it’s fully biased towards your elder brother a few teachers to break your word this time "
"by the way, master"
Lin Ping remembered one thing: "Will things in ZhongZhen, a public trial, affect the selection of the top ten?"? What if Zuo Lengchan comes to make trouble and we can’t spare the manpower? "
Ha ha’ Zhao Yang laughed’ Rest assured that the master has considered that if Zuo Lengchan comes to make trouble before the 15th, the exam will be postponed until the Hengshan crisis is lifted; If it is after the 15th, that is, after the text test, Zuo Lengchan will make trouble, then the military test will be postponed, and the public trial in Zhongzhen will be arranged after the text test. In this period, we have enough manpower and occupy the right place and a small Songshan Sect can’t afford to lift the big waves! "
Li Tianfeng was very busy because Zhao Yang gave him a heavy load, and all kinds of specific instruments had to be handled one by one. Fortunately, Zhao Yang recruited many craftsmen with good skills to give him thugs, otherwise he was really busy. Now, according to Zhao Yang’s idea, Li Tianfeng divided the instruments into impassable steps, and let these craftsmen be responsible for one of the flows, which greatly accelerated the degree.
"Brother Zhao, what are you going to arrange for the old man? Is it because you see that I have lived in old bones for too long?"
Looking at all smiles, Zhao Yang Li Tianfeng’s nest is full of fire. Since this Zhao Yang came, he has lost his comfortable life. Every day, he has to find a way to squeeze out even his breath!
"Master has a lot of research on Dan medicine. Can you help me refine some Dan medicine?" Seeing the mountain in Zhaoyangmen is "just like the second master giving Huier an alchemy medicine."
"No," Li Tianfeng shook his head like a rattle. "I don’t have any goods in my hand. If I want to refine that Dan medicine, I need some auxiliary herbs, but I have run out of them now."
"Not much," Zhao Yang explained. "Huier’s constitution is weak, and it’s troublesome to disperse the medicine. It’s not difficult to refine it for me this time, is it?"
Li Tianfeng calculated a list of a large number of medicinal materials. "I can refine the medicine after I am ready, but you are really willing to give up this is the last one." You won’t give it to me the next time I ask you. Will you give it to your brother this time? "
Zhao Yang smiled gently "don’t give them to who? Sir, you’re just curious. Even if I give it to you, you don’t care. Is that necessary? Don’t worry, I will leave it to you when I encounter similar things again. "
"Brother Zhao, do you think this Hengshan school crisis can be passed through safely?" Li Tianfeng grabbed to go to Zhao Yang. "Now Hengshan is a little mixed up with dragons and snakes, and there will be troubles. Although you have made a lot of preparations, I have no psychological bottom. Brother Zhao wants to know that this time I have contributed to supporting you. Once I lose everything, who will I rely on for half a generation?"
"It’s okay. I promise this time the plan will be lost."
Zhao Yang clap breast to Li Tianfeng "Sir, don’t forget that Hengshan Sect is not in any mountain guy. Once there is trouble, it will affect the stability of Hengshan City first. Who dares to cause trouble in such a sensitive area? Give him Zuo Lengchan a hundred guts and he will have to pick up his tail and be a man! "
Li Tianfeng suddenly realized, "You don’t want the officers and men of the Royal Guards and the Guards to be responsible for Hengshan ‘an, do you? Can they do it? Can the Royal Guards scare the people, but the soldiers of the Royal Guards farm their fields so carelessly? "
Zhao Yang smiled Li Tianfeng’s words were exaggerated, but the fighting capacity of the soldiers in Hengshan City Guards was really chilling, and it was estimated that they could be planted everywhere. However, Zhao Yangyuan did not expect these soldiers to wield any fighting capacity and it was enough for them to line up in Hengshan.
Attacking big soldiers?
Hey hey, even if he gave Zuo Lengchan a thousand lives, he wouldn’t dare to take the risk of property destruction!
"Sir, their purpose is to intimidate Zuo Lengchan." Zhao Yang patted Li Tianfeng on the shoulder. "Who asked him to be a famous school in Songshan School? Who let him Zuo Lengchan is not a gangster? Since he wants to be in the sunshine, he must abide by certain articles of association. There are not many soldiers at the foot of Hengshan Mountain. He Zuo Lengchan dare not go straight and sneak up from the back hill to make a sneak attack. "
"River’s lake battle you introduced the imperial government" Li Tianfeng shook his head. "Even if you can resolve this crisis, what about that time? On the theory that the reputation of Hengshan Sect is ruined in your little hands! "
"Don’t break, don’t stand, and then stand." Zhao Yang didn’t care. "Master, the rivers and lakes are not rivers and lakes decades ago!"
Chapter 43 【 eve of combat 】
The lake is no longer Qianjiang Lake!
Zuo Lengchan looked at the information in his hand and was deeply moved. Zhao Yang was very generous. He seemed to be a child playing house compared to what he had.
2,500 officers and men surrounded Hengshan Mountain, and it is estimated that flies can fly in. However, Zhao Yang seems to have considered this situation. There are still 1,600 Royal Guards patrolling around in the officers and men’s defense circle, and flies can fly in. It is estimated that they can’t escape the Royal Guards!
"Where did Zhao Yang mobilize so many officers and soldiers and a security guard?" Zuo Lengchan can’t believe it. "He’s not expensive in Zhao Yang. How can he have such great ability? Are there so many Royal Guards in Hengshan City? "
Teng respectfully replied, "Master, this information was collected by Ding Shi’s uncle and brother, and the number of officers and men guarding Hengshan Mountain was observed near Hengshan Mountain. The number of officers and men should be around 2,000. According to Yi ‘an, these security guards were mostly transferred from other places, which is not limited to Hengshan City. Among them, Jiangxi Ruizhou Royal Guards Department dispatched Zhao Yang industries all over Hunan and Jiangxi. Everywhere he went, he gave his industry to the local security guards and the government. It was not surprising that they were very close to Zhao Yang."
"Can Zhao Yang’s next move be found out?" Zuo Lengchan’s eyelids jumped wildly, which made it difficult for him to jump together and let him judge the murder.
Teng took out a sketched map from the bosom and spread it on the tea table in front of Zuo Lengchan. "Master, because the Hengshan Sect is heavily guarded and detailed, it is easy for them to judge. However, according to these days, the craftsmen from all walks of life in Hengshan City have dispatched them to Zhao Yang to build a large-scale project in a place called Qingxiu Valley after Zigaifeng to see where they intend to humiliate me."
Zuo Lengchan drew a distance from Hengshan station to Zigaifeng. Now the two seem quite far. "Is there a shortcut from Hengshan station to Zigaifeng? Yi’ an, is their information true? "
"Brother has also been there to check." Teng Nai shook his head. "Zigaifeng has been guarded by Hengshan Brother, who is very strict, so he can’t get past it. But now there are many craftsmen going in and out there, and it seems that something is really being built inside."
"Zhao Yang doing now? It seems that it is time to calculate the top ten selection of Hengshan? " Zuo Lengchan pondered for a moment to change the subject.
"Yes, master," Teng leaned over and replied, "According to the procedure, a martial arts test should be conducted first. However, Zhao Yang temporarily adjusted the order of advanced writing test. According to his brother’s speculation, Zhao Yang should do this to win more places for his brother."
"Huh?" Zuo Lengchan raised his eyebrows.
"Well, the master’s essay test paper was run by Zhao Yang, so Hengshan sent his younger brother to believe that Zhao Yang’s selection of the top ten would be selfish and appease public grievances. Zhao Yang had to hold an examination training class, and Zhao Yang’s temporary adjustment of the order could disrupt other younger brothers’ conditions and create conditions for his disciples."
Teng smiled gently. "One of Zhao Yangyou’s nine eldest brothers died, and three others went to the capital. Now there are five people around, public and private. There must be his Zhao Yang apprentice in the Top Ten Hengshan Mountain. Otherwise, wouldn’t it make people laugh off their fangs and affect his reputation in Zhao Yang? However, Zhao Yang’s little calculation can’t hide from many people. Although he is quite popular in Hengshan now, I’d like to see how his undeserving brothers can give him a long face once he gets to the tournament ring in front of so many audiences! "
Teng despised Zhao Yang’s apprentices because it was too short for them to join his master’s school. Lin Ping has been practicing martial arts since childhood, and his hand may be solid, but what else? Yan Shifan joined Zhaoyangmen less than a year ago. This small challenge is asking for a beating!
Zuo Lengchan shook his head slightly, and there was some disappointment in his eyes. "Teng Er, don’t underestimate people. Zhao Yangdi may not be as long as you when he was practicing martial arts, but their skills should not be weak. Let’s take that male brother Yan Shifan as an example. Isn’t it enough for you to be wary of growing from a weak dude to a powerful martial arts rookie in just a few months?"
"Master, you are too high to lift them, aren’t you?" Tengwai
Zuo Lengchan’s hum a "unbridled! Yan Shifan was able to escape your three uncles and lead them to kill me, and he was able to blade more than 50 of my Songshan brothers. Isn’t that a problem? Are all your Songshan brothers beaten to death by Zhao Yang and made him famous in Yan Shifan? "
Master Teng was furious and didn’t dare to refute, but he was in the belly. That’s what Yan Shifan must have done. He picked up other people’s leaks in the battle, otherwise he would have been killed! Didn’t that fool Zhang Fangze die just to protect Yan Shifan? It seems that Yan Shifan is a waste.
See teng is still a pair of mouth don’t look like Zuo Lengchan disappointed what their door can’t find out a few can support girder? Although Zhao Yang is not so good, Zhao’s brothers all look talented. Let’s not talk about Lin Ping, who makes people jealous of Zhao Yang’s dumb luck, but other brothers also look picky.
Several ministers in the DPRK who supported Songshan Sect complained to Zuo Lengchan many times that Songshan Sect was so far away from Hengshan Sect. It seems that the attitude and personal ability are not at the same level. These ministers and cabinet elders protested to Zuo Lengchan many times that he sent some garbage brothers to their nursing home.
"Master, should we act?" Teng cautiously suggested that "the Songshan Sect is busy with the essay test now, and it is estimated that it will be over now. After the essay test, it will be a martial arts test. When Zhao Yang humiliated my Songshan Sect, it was undecided, but if we arrived earlier in these days, we could be familiar with the Hengshan terrain and prevent unexpected events."
Zuo Lengchan cold hum a "other two brothers have dispersed to Hengshan sent us to stay here is just paralysis of Zhao Yang green bamboo valley hum I let him become a valley of weeds! Immediately inform you that several martial uncles let them rush to Qingzhu Valley. After three days, we will destroy Qingzhu Valley and demonstrate to Zhao Yang. If he dare not fight us, we will send experts to pick off several Hengshan schools and let him lose face. "