Zhan Ji rolled up a black shadow and tore the virtual face to the roaring arrows. At this moment, the fifth figure, Chen Han, came behind him.
A mouthful of Yuan’s painstaking efforts spurted out in the extreme fairy sword, and he drank one or three styles in unison. After Yuan’s painstaking efforts, the fairy sword burst into dazzling light.
Lingyun sword style-broken shadow!
After Yuan’s painstaking efforts, the power of the flying sword suddenly increased by one point, which was no less than the strongest attack after the opponent lost the witchcraft assistance.
It happened that Zhan Ji, the strongest opponent, attacked two arrows with two legs left to block the blow. The other three types of volley were like resistance?
The noise shocked the fields, and the whole world seemed to be shaking, and Chen Han snorted and flew back.
On the other hand, the opponent flew backwards like a broken kite, showing a deep bone scar, and at the same time, the waist eye was kicked hard, and the skin burst and blood splashed.
Here’s your chance!
Chen Han’s right hand quickly waved a wisp of immortal power to wrap up the spattered blood, and the dark osteotome gave off a strange smell, and the sharp and harsh witch spell stirred the sky.
I haven’t come to stabilize my body yet. The male skin is purple and black, showing the signs of virulence in my birth, accompanied by three cracks from the outside and being torn by my own witchcraft. I can almost see that it has also become purple and black, and it is really trembling and crawling.
The boundary gap between the two sides is two levels. The sorcerer’s power is naturally higher than that of Chen Han’s sorcery spell. He screams, and the sorcerer’s power is output crazily to drive away the body and repair the poison.
This kind of injury is not fatal to him. The key is in a battle. Once the witchcraft is used to force the poison to heal, it is impossible to have more strength to deal with Chen Han. The witchcraft can’t fight, and his attack power has dropped by a step, which is almost no pressure for Chen Han.
It’s easy to fight, and it’s very clear that if you want to kill each other, the roots can’t be higher than yourself. The body of the two witches is too strong
But not to be killed, the other party must force poison to heal the wounds. The physical strength alone is higher than the fighting capacity of Chen Han. In the two-way superposition of Xuan Yin and Xian Li, the two sides are finally pulled to the same level, and Chen Han is just delaying.
Little by little, when the other side recovered from the injury, half an hour later, the limit came to an end.
The man is still a little pale, holding Zhan Ji’s hand toward Chen Han’s arch, and his body gradually becomes hazy and disappears after a while.
"Grandma is scared to death …"
Half an hour of high-intensity close combat leads to intense physical exertion, cold and some breathing, sitting on the ground and meditating and pranayama.
He knows very well that the battle is not over, and it is only necessary to stay in a good state before he can break through one card after another.
After nearly two hours, he didn’t get up until his energy recovered.
At this point, he has already turned his back on Gu Chenyan, who has his own soul. The jade Jane is not broken, so the little one should not break in.
Chen Yan’ an has no problem, and he has no scruples, but he doesn’t stride carefully to the palace group on the other side of the tinker as before.
The tinker with a length of thousands of miles didn’t encounter any obstacles until it stepped out of the scope of the tinker.
The tall and magnificent palace is gone, and the tinker and lava sea are gone behind it, so I am in a huge palace
The palace was dark and gloomy, and there was nothing but ten huge columns, as if it had been looted by the allied forces.
Just when Chen Han looked around carefully, a ripple appeared several meters away, as if there was all the glow spewing out of the invisible singularity. These lights not only made the dark hall shine, but also quickly condensed and eventually turned into a burly man.
"Being here means that you are a descendant of your family. You can leave alive if you win or lose."
These words made Chen Han stunned and then excited. Even if he didn’t get the witch treasure, he wouldn’t die. What better news could there be?
"Excuse me, who is the elder?" Chen cold is still respectful hand asked
He is also testing each other to confirm whether this man is a real person or whether he is a strong and distracted person.
It’s a pity that the other party didn’t answer his words, and now it’s almost certain that none of these people are real. What they want to say and do has been set many years ago, and looking back is really in line with the truth.
Except for the closed town, the 12-clan Yu-mai Wu clan has long since died. How can there be any other descendants left?
He couldn’t be happy when he took it. The burly man grimaced, "If the law passes the test, it means that you are not qualified to inherit the mantle of the family. You won’t die, but you will be abolished and turned into a mortal and thrown out!"
Anyway, the other party is not a real person or a busy person. It is more terrible for practitioners to waste all repairs than to die. It is really worse than death!
In fact, we can’t blame the witch family for being too sentimental. The collapse of that year was not only a disaster for the witch family, but also a great lesson. If we want the witch family to rise again, not everyone can do it. Only the elite have a chance.
The witches have this treasure in their hands. If they can’t rise this time, I’m afraid all hope will be completely dashed.
The rise!
They would rather wait another hundred million years than pin their last hope on a loser who can’t achieve all this.
"If you retreat now, all repairs will be abolished!"
The male words made Chen Han have no retreat. His body collapsed and turned into light again. The sound echoed in the hall. "You have a month to talk about whether you lost in the game or exceeded the prescribed time limit. The result is the same!"
The light from the disintegration of his body condensed into a brilliant glow, and the appearance was the same brilliance.
I’m afraid that few people in the celestial world know impressively that it is the writing of the Wu nationality-wine!
Knowing that there is no retreat to escape, you must not hesitate for a moment to walk into the light to form a small door …