Holding a hundred years of lyrics and pretending to be pure and pure.
It’s that the more she dresses up, the more she makes Gao Lang feel that her stomach is turning.
A scholar can’t tell when he meets a soldier.
Bite one’s teeth
Gao Lang hates his brain damage.
Is a serious brain damage.
I cann’t believe I want to talk to her
What makes her quiet? It doesn’t hurt to be away from what.
Floating clouds, floating clouds.
That kind of root is to expect the 151st section. He is brain-dead once.
Suddenly Gao Lang got up and said that there was nothing to say. I said I wanted you to leave my house. We are still friends and never go out with friends. He added in his heart that it is better to take a step back on the surface and be polite.
Yang Lan is still in consternation.
He invited himself to say these words.
No matter how hard she can’t understand people, she is also a little white.
But she thinks he must be fascinated by Mu Xin. After a while, he will come to his senses. After so many years in the crowd, it is hard to meet a man who is more handsome and suitable for being a husband.
Alang suddenly cried out in a voice that should not be present.
It was Wang Qian.
Gao Lang looked back at the regret in his heart.
It’s a fucking small world, because the lights in the coffee shop are not bright and things are separated. When he came in, he didn’t notice that two familiar people would be there next door. Did they hear what they just said?
At this time, his eyes were dim, and he saw Shen Suer pull his head and lower his head to suck a drink. The clear eyes were hidden, and he was afraid, but it was not her root. It was not the woman who would be indifferent and despise her eyes. Mu Xin thought of this and her heart was stuffy again.
A burst of filar silk in pulling.
Without saying hello, he walked to the door of the store.
I have a complicated mood to face her.
A familiar but strange person.
Ah, a little exclamation is very familiar
Bitch, you’re the one who took my brother Lang, Yang Lan, and screamed hysterically.
Go to Wang Qian and stop Miss Yang. What are you doing?
It only happened for a few seconds.
When Gao Lang turned back in shock, he saw chaos.
Shen Suer sat in a chair in a mess.
My hair is wet and dripping with water.
Obviously, I poured a drink on Yang Lanchong, but here Yang Lanchong tried to hit someone, but he stopped Wang Qian abruptly in the 15th section. He was brain-dead once.
Gao Lang’s eyes flashed with a woman who had never been angry and clenched her fist. He didn’t want to fight, which would lose his gentlemanly style. He took Shen Suer’s wrist firmly and went out to be modest. The woman was given to you.
He didn’t walk a few steps, but his eyes seemed angry and suddenly stopped. He picked up the coffee that had just passed by and asked the lady politely for coffee money. Remember to ask the lady for it.
Gao Lang took the coffee and went back. He coldly denounced Yang Lan for having a cup of coffee if he had not had enough trouble.
Spit one. He’s not polite.
Spilled a cup of cold coffee on Yang Lan’s head.
The static breathing is almost audible.
It’s ridiculous for such a handsome man to play with it.
It’s just a cup of coffee, and you’re welcome. When the bill comes to your head, you can take Shen Suer with a cold hum and never look back.
Two people figure gorgeous by the attention.
Gao Lang promptly put her in a traffic jam, then put on a handsome face and helped her wipe her face with a pack of paper towels. One piece of paper towel was wet and another piece of paper towel was changed. Zhang Yiyi wiped it and was rude, but it happened that it was not gentle.