"The nomads?" Baiye has never heard of this family.
"The wandering immortals used to be the largest clan in the celestial world, but they declined thousands of years ago, leaving a small number of people who are ruthless and lurking in the celestial world to prepare for the recovery!"
"The first family of celestial beings? Fierce? Guangfu? " Baiye read a lot in the celestial world, but she didn’t touch this information at all.
"When the master was imprisoned, there was their shadow! Damn it, they must have taken this eagle carcass to sacrifice evil bodies. An evil body with heavenly heart has immortal strength even if it has just taken shape! "
Hearing this, Baiye’s heart trembled and his strength grew. Generally, immortals need to practice for thousands of years, but they can’t guarantee such strength. What evil body can have just formed? !
"Baiye, you’d better not stop to find other materials immediately after you get something. To save you, the White House must forge a star order!"
Kirin’s fluctuating breath is stable, and jade ruyi has also restored calm.
Baiye nodded, although he knew a little about things, not only could he feel that things were serious.
Crystal Cliff Fairy gradually recovered her expression and said, "You wait here for me to go in and get what you want!"
Then she walked into a cabin in front of her. Baiye said, "Isn’t it crazy for her to go in like this and now her husband is no longer there?"
"There won’t be a fake trick in it, so this girl can’t see it!"
After a while, Crystal Cliff Fairy came out with a bag and a shiny stone in her hand.
"This bag is what you want. This stone is for Xiaoqing. It’s predestined relationship between us. This is the lingshi of my husband’s training institute. It has a good effect on you aliens!" Crystal Cliff Fairy gives things to Baiye and Xiaoqing.
Xiaoqing excitedly took it with both hands holding the piece of LingShi heart way "help the science of uniting the heavenly heart LingShi? With it, I may also be able to cultivate heavenly heart … "
Xiaoqing heart excited at the same time also constantly intoxicated with his original decision to follow Baiye proved to be a wise choice. If you practice on your own, God knows when you can get ahead!
Baiye put things away in the Jade Ruyi Middle Road. "We don’t leave the two demon kings and spirits outside. Those hunters are left behind in the tomb. I think it’s better to let them continue to live here. Besides guarding the tomb, it’s also a cover."
Crystal Cliff Fairy nodded and said, "You are very strong and I have nothing to say. I won’t leave here until I fly!"
"Good bye!" Baiye bowed to her arch and looked at Xiaoqing Xiaoqing to understand the transformation of her body into an adult green snake.
White leaves jumped directly to Xiaoqing’s back, and then they jumped up to the sky.
Section 12 Flying in the sky with envy
"Where are we going?"
"Fly west to a mountain four thousand miles away!"
Baiye looked at the west and looked back at the East, mumbling, "It’s farther away from the East …"
"This distance is far? After going there, I will go to West Wan Li again! "
Baiye smiled and said, "Bring everything here and there in one breath!"
Xiaoqing suddenly adds clouds in front, like waves, and they go straight to the west like sharp arrows.
After half a day, they stopped at a high mountain. Xiaoqing’s huge head twisted with dark red eyes and looked at Fang Dao. "Is this the master?"
Baiye looked at Fang, who was high from the ground and had a strong airflow. He didn’t feel very good, but in his mind, Kirin said, "It’s near here. It’s a heavenly egg. I was buried in a mountain that year."
"When did it happen?"
"About twenty thousand years ago!"
Heavenly egg is a crystal formed by the aura of heaven and earth after a long period of time due to various reasons. Although it is not difficult to form heavenly egg, it is rare because one in Wan Li, Fiona Fang will be swallowed up by that one even if there are conditions for formation.
The three of them patrolled the forest for a while and Bai Ye asked, "You didn’t go to the demon tomb of Brother Kirin, but you knew there was a problem. Why are you looking for this?"
"I’m also wondering that I was a flake of myself at the beginning. I can feel it when I’m far away, but now I’m near, but I don’t feel it at all!"
"If you can’t find it, is it a waste of time?"
Kirin didn’t, but released several filar silk black lines all over the world instantly.
After a while, Kirin suddenly debuted "a hundred miles north!"
Xiaoqing also heard the sound, and then turned toward the north.
After a while, Baiye saw a strange sight from a distance, and saw a towering mountain in the north, from which half and a half were missing, or the whole face was still intact, leaving only half of the cone section as smooth as a mirror.
A name suddenly appeared in Baiye’s mind, "Tiandu Mountain!"
Suddenly, a black light from Jade Ruyi wrapped Xiaoqing and instantly they moved to half the top of the mountain.
Xiaoqing one leng and then feel the green light flashing in front of her eyes, she actually hit a protective shield.
"De-shaping!" Baiyedao
Xiaoqing body turned a black light in front led her easily into the shield and landed on the surface. Half of the mountain platform was missing, and the light flashed into a person and white leaves stood side by side.
In front of them stood four people, three of whom were dressed the same from head to toe, except that their heads and skin were bright red, their heads were bright red, their crowns were red, their scarlet swords were red, and even their eyes were shot with red awns several feet long.
The three men stood in a triangle surrounded by them, a half-naked man. The man’s clothes were all animal skins, carrying bows and arrows, and there were three black arrows beside him. He was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, and a thin glow floated overhead.
"Is it the hunter?" Baiye murmured
"Hunting? What hunting? " Kirin asked.
Baiye told the story she had heard from Li Muren and turned her head to look at the looming image of the smooth cliff.
"Wen zu? Scorpio? " Kirin was silent for a while, saying, "Wen clan should have sensed that the celestial egg’s spirituality makes their people full of spirituality. Look at this headhunter’s top glow. That’s my scales relying on their spirituality. Not only has the celestial egg lifted the ban, but even my scales have recognized the Lord. If I don’t forcibly take back this scale, it will completely belong to their clan!"
Baiye was surprised to hear Kirin speak. The scales were orthodox auspicious scales when Kirin was not possessed. An ordinary mortal race can not only break the ban of Kirin, but also collect the scales of Kirin. Isn’t that a bit of a fantasy?
"It is better to say that they cracked the ban than that the ban admitted that they can do these things!" Kirin explained
Baiye can admire this literary family in his heart, but now he is very surprised at what is going on in front of him. What are those three people doing?
"Want to know what they are doing?" Kirin asked.
White leaves close their eyes, the sports lottery ball spins rapidly, and the consciousness instantly expands, and everything around them is reflected in their hearts.
After a cup of tea, Baiye opened her eyes and said to Xiaoqing next to her, "Your sword is going to besiege the three of them according to the hexagrams. You don’t want to control the enemy, just dance once!"
"It’s the master!"
Xiaoqing’s sword flashed out and attacked according to Baiye’s command.
"You know?" Kirin asked.
"I don’t know what they are doing, but it’s definitely not a good thing. I’ll ask them in detail after I break their array!"