Gu Jingke didn’t expect that she would ignore herself so much. Indeed, Muming has a great charm, and fans will gather around this one.
He stretched out his hand and drank coffee, and his mouth bent into a smile.
And Mu Ming couldn’t greet Ling Ye warmly and asked several profound questions, and Ling Ye also answered, "Idol, but I don’t know all these things, but I still don’t understand some things."
"If you don’t understand, you should ask. You should study hard. Yu Han is a professor in your school. You can’t ask her. She can’t ask me. Do you understand?" Muming finished drinking the coffee cup without missing a word.
Ling Ye stared at the stars and immediately said, "I won’t be polite if my idol is white. I won’t tell Sister Yu Han to ask her to ask you. Thank you for your advice!"
After that, she took out a pen and paper from her bag and put it on Mu Ming’s desktop. "I’ve been looking forward to signing my idol’s name for a long time. It’s a coincidence that I met you this time. It’s fate. You can’t leave this fate!"
Muming pursed her lips slightly and reached out to study hard in writing four words.
She’s not a star. There’s no need to sign her name. When she finally signed it, she thought about it and wrote a Mu prefix. When she returned the pen and paper, she said, "I’m not a star. It doesn’t make sense to sign it, but these four words should be taken as my encouragement."
Ling Ye had long been happy that he couldn’t find the east, west, north and south, and immediately jumped up and said, "Well, I understand that my idol likes you so much!"
The girl who came with Ling Ye couldn’t watch it anymore. She came over and grabbed her wrist and apologized. "I’m sorry, Yelin likes you so much. As soon as I see you, we won’t bother you. You take your time to date."
The word "dating" quickly spread to Mu Ming’s ear. After her eyes narrowed quickly, she said, "Gu Jingke, is this a date?"
"If it’s your call, it’s your call." Gu Jingke replied that he threw the question back to Muming’s mouth, and the fox generally reminded him that "the rain will not stop."
Mu Ming looks up at the sky outside the window. It seems that the rain is getting bigger.
And Ling Ye was dragged away by his classmates over there, reluctant to say, "Why are you dragging me? My idol is there, and I want to stay with her for one more time!"
The girl held out her hand and pointed to Ling Ye’s forehead. "It’s really stupid to say that you are stupid. You didn’t see that your predecessors were dating your boyfriend. Do you want to bother people like this and ask for an autograph? Is it not enough for you to be a light bulb?"
Ling Ye’s forehead quickly emerged with a big black line, but it disappeared in a flash. He smiled brightly. "Thank you for pulling me back, or my image will be shattered at the idol."
The classmate gave her a look as if to say when have you ever had an image?
Ling Ye’s mouth slightly turned white, and the meaning of that look immediately reached out and touched the classmate’s face and said with a smile, "Okay, okay, isn’t this a witty remedy? Thank you very much!"
Nai …
Gu Jingke felt that a lot of attention fell on him and Muming, perhaps because they were too attractive. He frowned and called for the bill, then he pulled Muming’s finger up and walked to the door.
Ling Ye was anxious as soon as he saw it. Where should he take his idol? You know it’s still raining outside!
Gu Jingke went outside and Mu Ming had no objection. He followed him until a corner. Gu Jingke took off his coat and put it on Mu Ming. He turned around and said, "I’ll carry you."
He bent down to meditate, or slowly climbed to the corner of his mouth and took a sip. "Are you going to take me as an umbrella to shelter you from the rain?"
Gu Jingke raised his eyes after living, saying, "You may recognize it this way, but I will never admit it."
Mu Ming chuckled and held out his hand to hook Gu Jingke’s neck and corners of his mouth. "Did I get fat and heavy?"
She is eating normally now. If there is no change, it is not normal enough … Gu Jingke is a good cook. If she is not fat, I am really sorry for his cooking.
"I can’t see that you care about your weight," Gu Jingke chuckled at the corner of his mouth. "Don’t worry, even if you are fat, I won’t dislike you. What’s more, are you not fat at all?"
Muming put his lips to his earlobe and bit Gu Jingke gently. "Muming, stop that now."
She really didn’t regard him as a man?
Even if he is sitting still, Liu Hui needs a degree. After all, he is a normal man and can’t help liking women.
Mu Ming gently bit his mouth at his earlobe and then said, "How does this feel?"
"Very bad!" After spitting out a few words, Gu Jingke took a deep breath and said, "Even if it’s raining now, I can’t put out your fire if it’s too big."
This made Mu Ming laugh and squint at Gu Jingke. "Can you see the road clearly because of the heavy rain?"
Gu Jingke shook his head slightly and pursed his lips. "I can’t see clearly. Will you show me the way?"
How can you not see the road clearly? Gu Jingke picked "Don’t touch me …"
Mu Ming suddenly leaned down and kissed Gu Jingke’s lips. Gu Jingke was slightly stunned when he was ready to kiss back. Mu Ming quickly retreated on his back and gently said, "Jingke, let’s go home."
Gu Jingke walked quickly home with Muming on his back, and the heavy rain blurred his vision, but it was not difficult to see that the road was dark, but with two hearts together, he could see everything clearly.
When they got home, their clothes were soaked. Mu Ming took a sip of his mouth slightly and turned his head and asked, "Why don’t you take a shower and change clothes and want to catch a cold?"
"You go too."
After looking at each other, the two men hurried to take a dress into the bathroom, but Gu Jingke was slow to drink. He knew that the water could hold a person in this weather, so if he washed them halfway, it would be cold water.
After half an hour, he slowly undressed on the head of the shower, but he was half washed … The water was cold!
Mu Ming was also shocked to feel the temperature of the water, and the corners of his mouth shook violently. Didn’t they make the same decision and now they are all taking a shower?
Gu Jingke also quickly thought of this and confirmed this fact. He rushed into Muming’s room with cold water at the fastest speed, put on a bathrobe and swept his eyes. He found Muming was still in the bathroom.
He wrung his brow, sat on the bed and wiped his hair with a towel. Now he can serve as a heater.
When Mu Ming came out of the bathroom, he saw Gu Jingke sitting on the bed and wiping her hair and asked, "Did you take a cold shower?"
"What’s wrong with no hot water?" Gu Jingke tilted his head and asked, "Is the water heater broken?"