After serving Heidi, Ye Tianhai covered her with bedding and told her to have a good rest, and then left the villa and rushed to the training hall.
Time flies. When Ye Tian came back to the villa after training, all the girls arrived and Heidi was already out of bed. At this moment, more than a dozen girls around Heidi kept teasing her. Heidi was ashamed and anxious, but she retorted.
Seeing Ye Tian back, the girl let Heidi go. She turned around and looked at Ye Tian. Seeing this, Ye Tian waved her hand and motioned for everyone to go back to dinner.
Senior chef’s cooking is 10,000 times better than the food in the restaurant, and the materials are also the best dishes and the most upscale. Girls all know that this is imperial enjoyment. Looking at the girls’ satisfaction, Ye Tian can’t help sighing. In fact, most people in this world are full of food and clothing, and ordinary people can’t even see a table like this.
Lunch soon ended, and the tableware was picked up in succession. At that time, the girls were curious to look at Ye Tian and guessed that Ye Tian had made them fake eyes.
When people look at Ye Tian, they smile and say, this is the case. I saw your clothes were really worn out yesterday. I will take you to buy clothes this afternoon.
When I heard Ye Tian’s words, the girl jumped up with a shout at first. The girl probably went shopping to buy clothes and danced. That was the pursuit and thought.
They have been living in poverty for a long time, and money is never long enough to buy a suit, and they have to choose those goods on sale, but even so, every time they go to buy clothes, everyone is still excited and can’t sleep.
Ye Tian couldn’t help smiling when she watched the girls jump for joy. It seems that both girls on earth and girls in this world are particularly good at shopping.
It’s been a month and a half since I entered this hospital, and 18 Chanel clothing stores are located in 18 cities, which are suitable for these girls to choose from.
Dancing and singing, we don’t need any practical function, we should look good, we should be beautiful and decent, and whether it is dancing or singing is actually not a combat profession.
Thinking that Ye Tian led a dozen girls out of the hospital, the Chanel branch in downtown Bias drove past, and the clothes there would definitely make them ecstatic.
All the girls are excited to talk, even walking is jumping, and their hearts are almost over, and even if they are slow, people can feel their joy.
All the way forward, a group of people finally arrived at the front of Chanel branch. Looking around, the luxury shops were spacious and bright. Although the models were wearing various noble ornaments, they didn’t know the price yet, but just looking at them, they knew that the price of these clothes could not be lower. The oncoming wealth and elegance were definitely not available for small money.
Standing at the door through the crystal window, the girl gawked at the models in the store, one by one, gorgeous or rich or noble or elegant, and her eyes shone brightly.
Looking at the girls’ eyes shining, Ye Tian had no heart. No wonder many people link girls together. Now their eyes are probably the eyes of the dragon when it finds the gem.
Ye Tian carefully observed the facade decoration of a shop. Well, he was very satisfied. He was even more satisfied with the situation than Ye Tian thought. It remains to be seen.
With the passage of time, everyone finally put their hands and feet on the smooth ground and danced. After Lenny’s four days, they got together on the stage and discussed for a while. After listening to the heavenly song, Ye Tian had to admire that their songs were really beautiful after five days, but the singing tunes were really not so good. They were all performing by virtue of their beautiful voice lines, which was very strange in terms of their singing body.
The other six dances in Heidi also have the same problem. Although their body movements are very gentle, they dance without roots, and most of them are improvisational. It is really a bit bad to choreograph and shape.
For Ye Tian, a 149-year-old earth person, this kind of singing and dancing is the basic method to enjoy, and Ye Tiangen can’t look at it unless it is a good word about their physical talent.
Sitting in the chair, Ye Tian thinks carefully with her hands holding the bar. I can’t say that they can’t dance well and sing beautifully, but that’s because they are dancing with their figure and singing with their heavenly sound. This is too thin.
He shook his head, Ye Tian got up and everyone else had trained him. Of course, he couldn’t be lazy. He turned away from the third floor, Ye Tian came to the courtyard, took off his clothes and jumped into the huge swimming pool in front of the building.
The reason why I like this villa is that there is a huge swimming pool. The swimming pool is a fountain where water is constantly sprayed to keep the water in the swimming pool clean.
The depth of the swimming pool is not the same. The place near the villa is shallow to the waist of Ye Tiandi. Children can play there, but the deeper the water goes, the deepest reaches about ten meters.
All the way forward, Ye Tian finally reached the depths of the water. After taking a deep breath, Ye Tianqian went into the deep water area to practice.
The advantage of water training is that many people who often train in water have full chest muscles, wide shoulders, wide shoulders and narrow hips, and elastic muscles give people strong, symmetrical and beautiful.
Moreover, training in water can reduce the pressure on the joint, enhance the muscles, and train in water to make the muscles smooth and elastic, which kind of rock muscles are different on land.
Ye Tianke doesn’t want to be a big man like King Kong. It’s not a matter of beauty. Once you really practice like that, you will be clumsy and inflexible. This drawback is too great, especially for Ye Tian’s face-to-face martial arts. Imagine that Lu Bu Zhao Yun will be a muscular man like an orangutan.
Coordination, flexibility, agility and quickness are the common characteristics of masters. Although she is a warrior, Ye Tiansi’s attack power will be weak without denying herself.
Of course, if it’s simply more destructive, it’s the complete method. The fire warrior is more destructive than the violent one, which is far from being comparable to the earth warrior.
However, the total earth warrior attack may be comparable to that of the fire warrior, but the destructive power per unit area is a matter of skill.
The fire warrior’s attack is really violent, which is the characteristic of fire, but although it is the biggest advantage, it is also the biggest disadvantage. The more violent the energy, the more difficult it is to control, and the energy level is the easiest to control.
It is very difficult to move in the water, and the resistance is great. Every move has to be blocked by water. If you train in the water for a long time, once you are in actual combat, you can be harassed by quarrelling, and its benefits can’t be said.
Standing in the deep water area, Ye Tian struggled to wave his hands with his feet on the ground of the pool. The Zhan Ji overlord halberd method was put to use one after another for a while, and Ye Tian was already covered in sweat, but as soon as the sweat was washed away by the water, he would not feel sticky but he was very tired.
Time passed slowly, and finally a group of girls stopped practicing and came from the entrance with towels to train for so long. Everyone has been sweating so much. Of course, such a big swimming pool needs a good wash.
At the moment, Ye Tian is holding her breath in the water, so the girls didn’t see Ye Tian and didn’t find the girls coming.
In the crash, the girls took off their clothes and didn’t even leave their underwear. After all, clothes are easily damaged once they are wet.
The water in the pool is very cool, and soaking in the water makes people want to moan, especially after training. It’s wonderful to soak in it.
In recent days, the girl has a very happy future and hopes to live. Everyone is very happy and has fun in the pool.
Hoo-hoo. After the girl was playing with Ye Tianyi, she finally got hold of her head and shouted. She jumped out of the water and breathed freely.