"Don’t you know that this is the president’s exclusive ladder? Do you want to quit?" An angry reprimand rang in Xia Yu’s ear.
"Don’t take shortcuts if you and the president are a little bit." Yuan Hong’s words in his arms are getting more and more harsh.
Xia Yu raised his head to meet that arrogant face and a pungent perfume. Xia Yu vomited beside the ladder garbage can in disgust.
Colleagues who have been watching the scene of bustle by the ladder can’t help but burst into laughter. This newcomer is particularly bold and dares to openly challenge Yuan Hong. Many people don’t like Yuan Hong, who is waiting to see the drama.
"You all don’t want to do it? There are still 3s who want to be deducted from their wages, even though they depend on it." Yuan Hong’s face would be angry and scattered around the ladder.
Xia Yu, who was too lazy to talk to Yuan Hong, also poured into the ladder with the class army, but arrived at the third floor two minutes late.
It’s really hard to go out. Xia Yu’s mouth is depressed and he’s sitting in a position. Damn it, Ji Yu hasn’t come yet. This is the advantage of being a boss, but it’s not restricted by the system. Xia Yu secretly lamented in his heart.
Linda was busy outside the door, and the foreman never lifted it, but she still did everything and continued to look at her news.
Since I was pregnant, Xia Yu felt that she was very diligent in running the toilet, and Xia Yu was reluctant to take her ass off the chair and walk to the toilet.
"Do you know what the new Liu Xia language is?" Employee A asked everyone with a puzzled face.
Employee b "I don’t know. I heard that the president came in directly through the back door when applying."
: "You didn’t see that the president walked out of the company with her shoulders yesterday. Maybe she is one of the mistresses."
Then I heard a burst of laughter from several divinatory symbols, and then there was no sound. Xia Yu all left. Alas, even the toilet was like an enemy. Ji Yu’s wife was really tough.
Xia Yu went out without looking up. "Hey, isn’t this the new employee?" Several female employees who were still making up their makeup at the sink didn’t go. A good female employee stopped Xia Yu’s way.
"yeah, yeah, yeah, it doesn’t look so good. o ha ha is another shrill laugh.
"Have you seen enough? It seems that the efficiency of the international class in Domain City is too low when you spend so much time painting makeup in the toilet during class." Xia Yu was not frightened by their laughter, and her words were lightly ridiculed.
Angry from embarrassment, A pointed to Xia Yu and wanted to curse "You are still the president’s wife". Behind her, B pulled A’s skirt "Forget it, don’t make trouble"
"Hum" A uttered the word from his nostrils and hurried out of the toilet. After her, B also hurried behind and disappeared into the toilet.
Sighed Xia Yu also stepped out of the toilet and returned to his office. Ji Yu was already inside the desk and somehow there was a lot of pregnant women’s food.
"Fell into the toilet" JiYu gave her a white dissatisfied way.
You just fell into the toilet. It’s like a dog’s mouth can’t spit it out. He pointed to something on the table and said, "What are these things?"
"Give you" Ji Yu has no good spirit.
"I don’t need to take it away." Xia Yu sat in his seat with some sulks on his face.
"You can throw it wherever you like." Ji Yu is angry for no reason, and Xia Yu’s face is not very good. Pregnant women are not generally hot and lazy. Xia Yu doesn’t care about Ji Yu’s words and goes straight to work.
"Hey, Ji Yu, I don’t want to be a decoration. You’d better assign me some work."
It’s really wonderful to listen to what my little wife said. I wonder what this woman has in her head, or is it a good Chinese graduate? Isn’t that an inappropriate word?
Ji Yu pressed the line directly, knocked politely, and Linda came in with elegant steps.
"Linda, you give Xia Yu some work points, and you try your best to guide her until she can work independently." Ji Yu’s cold words are dignified:
Chapter 3 canteen commotion
Linda said "Yes, President" in a formulaic tone.
The so-called part of the work is not too annoying, but it is not very difficult to sort out some meeting minutes, classify documents and arrange trips, but it is also quite complicated
"Linda, you are amazing. All the workers are handled in an orderly way." Xia Yu cast an admiring eye on Linda, and her eyes were full of worship.
"I’m flattered by the president’s wife, and your learning ability is not bad." Linda’s face always looks intellectual and elegant with a faint smile.
Xia Yu showed a surprised expression as if something that was not a person had been exposed.
"Linda, how do you know?" Few people in the company know that her identity has been suddenly discovered, so it is difficult to be frightened.
"Don’t be so nervous," Linda said lightly. She put away her files and turned to face Xia Yu.
Xia Yu learned from a conversation with Linda that Linda was a schoolmate in the same school in the United States, and her family was poor. It was very difficult for Linda to study in a foreign country, and she couldn’t finish her work every day. She was almost dropped out of school because she couldn’t hand in her school.
"It’s the president who helped me successfully complete my studies and gave me a stable job after returning home. It can be said that the president is my benefactor." Linda put away her smile and looked a little awed, with a touch of admiration in her eyes.
I can’t believe I know anything about Ji Yu after the age of 17, but I know that he has resorted to all means to kill his brother and his father.
Looking at Linda’s awe-inspiring expression, Xia Yu’s tone is a little sour. "Do you like the season?" Her face is a little bitter.
Poof bursts have always been indifferent, and Linda couldn’t help laughing. "I have a passion for the president. I think you are jealous."
"No, I’m not." Xia Yu hastily cleaned his face and unconsciously added a touch of purples
"Why don’t you blush when you speak clearly?" Linda couldn’t help but quip when she looked at Xia Yu revealing her little daughter’s feelings.
Looking at Linda with a calm face, Xia Yu was inexplicably relaxed. Because she had something to do, she passed quickly, and soon it was time for lunch.
I am very satisfied with my own work in Xia Yu this morning. It’s natural for me to have it. Xia Yu secretly gave himself a compliment and habitually looked at Ji Yu’s desk. No one knew where he had gone. Xia Yu was a little lost and walked to the company cafeteria.
Domain City International Welfare is not so exquisitely decorated, even the dining hall has been decorated, but it is not more elegant than the hotel dining room. The combination of wooden beige square wooden table and ceiling round lamp drop really brings out the best in each other, which makes the whole dining hall style to a higher level.
At noon, people who eat in the dining hall are still lined up in an orderly way. After Xia Yu took the food, he found a remote place and sat down and ate it with relish. Although he had found the corner, he still felt that the employees cast strange eyes. Forget it, he didn’t eat. The biggest Xia Yu didn’t care about these strange eyes
Just in the middle of eating, I suddenly saw a man sitting opposite. I looked up and glanced at Ji Yu. This guy was uninvited. The arrival of Ji Yu caused a stir in the canteen. You know, this is the first time Ji Yu has come to the company canteen to eat.
The company’s anthomaniac female employees have long been rushing here according to their unbearable excitement.
"You see, you see, our president is so handsome and loving that he came to the cafeteria to eat."