It is rare for the ministers in the discussion hall to face foreign powerful enemies in the United front, and there is no personal feud and no factional strife.
Each of these old guys at the peak of the magic feather Teng Dragon Force has amazing murderous look and fighting spirit condensed into a scarlet blood fog.
"Make the Yugoslav capital army stay behind the magic feather star!"
A circle bigger than a slap in the face, the purple-black order was held high by Hughes, who looked dignified and knelt down on one knee. Hughes continued to drink coldly, "The four royal armies of Xianglong, Imperial Dragon, Tianlong and Dark Division quickly joined the king and rushed to the area where the two kings were located."
There are four teams in the royal elite, the most common of which are Xiang Long Jun and Yu Long Jun Tianlong, and they are stronger than the first two.
This is an extremely mysterious force dedicated to protecting the royal family, but in fact, except for a limited number of dignitaries, no one knows that this team can make Hughes send out the secret guards. As you can imagine, he is really angry and has no contempt for the enemy.
"Prime Minister John listened to the order that you lead all the private soldiers of the palace guards and civil servants to the second ambush point of Dianchixing!"
"The commander-in-chief of the military forces listened to the order that all the private soldiers of the Wuchen family, the defender of the Magic Feather Star, be led by you to the third ambush point of Glaxius!"
"King Wang Wei has ordered you to lead the troops stationed on other planets to set up sentry posts around the three ambush points. If the enemy has escaped the net, he will kill it and ensure that the enemy is controlled within a certain range!"
"The brilliant general Rong listened to Wang Mingtong’s martial law blockade of the garrison clusters around the imperial cluster, and the export was surrounded to the maximum extent!"
Hughes ordered one after another without any pause, but it was really airtight.
If he does, even if he keeps flying, he won’t be able to fly out of Kangpas Cluster, and he will definitely hide from the enemy by narrowing the encirclement.
"King, will there be other dangers if the magic feather star defends the imaginary Yugoslav capital army?" Some hesitation said
"Marshal each other dare to attack the city? Although the Yugoslav capital army is not very strong, there are several top bans from the city to the palace. Even if the other side is strong, it is impossible to attack for a moment, but we can come back in a few hours, "Hughes explained."
"No one was sent at the fourth ambush point?" Finance chief yi asked.
"Even if it’s too late to send someone over now, even the elite of the fourth ambush point has been wiped out."
Hughes’s face was dim, and his hand and soul crystal jade just broke another batch, which was one of the four remaining ambush points.
It is almost certain that in the next 20 minutes at most, the fourth ambush point thousand elite will follow in the footsteps of the second thousand elite.
It will take at least four hours to send people there now. By the time they arrive, the enemy will have long since disappeared and the rescue target has been wiped out. What’s the point of sending people?
"Where are the father, the king and the son?" It’s a little uncomfortable that the flocculant didn’t receive it
"listen to the order!"
Hughes was still very satisfied with this daughter and forced out a smile. "During the royal expedition, you will be in charge of the capital star and the city, and the city defense forces will be handed over to you for the time being!"
The Yugoslav capital army belongs to the military, and the royal family usually can’t intervene, but no one accounts so much when it comes to emergencies.
The fact that the Odkelon family doesn’t care doesn’t mean that others don’t care about the king’s eyes, and there is a flash of position in his eyes, and the three kings directly show a face of unhappiness.
Her father’s personal expedition was commanded by the capital star, although it was temporarily released, but it was almost equal to Wang Li in this short time
This is a very important responsibility and an amazing handle at the same time.
Flocculant is going crazy with excitement. It’s not that simple to temporarily hold the state affairs. This means that she has a chance to become a king in Hughes’ mind, which is more important than the two kings. Before that, she must not make mistakes in this time. Once the city is damaged, her responsibility is as important as accepting the situation.
"I have been ordered to wish my father’s flag victory and wipe out the rebels!" Flocculant knelt down and said
"Let’s go!"
This shows the seriousness of the situation. This action has almost moved the clan, and it has not appeared for many years
The army outside the city quickly divided into several groups at an alarming speed and rushed to the target area through the special delivery array.
That is, when all the armies were ready to go, the elite of the fourth ambush point died, just as Hughes expected.
Theory is, of course, he or others didn’t expect that the remaining three ambush points won’t be attacked by forms, so the raiding party has been put into Wan Xuzhu, and Wan Xuzhu has been included in Chen Han’s knowledge of the sea. Others are rushing to the magic feather star …
In flocculant command Yugoslav capital army is divided into three dial.
One is guarding the patrol outside the atmosphere of the magic feather star to prevent the enemy from crossing the virtual sneak attack, the other is sitting in various positions, waiting for suspicious people to attack immediately, and the last one is staying in the city, where the whole city is banned and no other people are allowed to enter or leave at will.
There is no way to guard the palace, the magic feather star garrison, but the garrison on the other planets of the star was taken away by Hughes into several groups. She has talented people and Yugoslav capital troops
However, with such a tight security and a strong ban on the city, even dozens of adventure groups will not be able to break through for a moment.
What’s worse, in addition to the prohibition of the city, it is even more banned in the palace.
Even now, the palace has sung the city plan, and almost all the masters have been transferred to a guard, a bodyguard and a pro-guard. Almost all of them are already impregnable by the ban alone.
Flocculant nervous sitting in the magic feather star is thinking about another thing in my heart, or someone didn’t expect the enemy’s strength to be so strong that the news he found was not that guy, but he hit the two kings and went to give the enemy a tip-off and hasn’t come back yet. Shouldn’t he be killed?
She couldn’t have thought that it was all Chen’s cold layout, let alone that he was the culprit in slaying the elite of the clan, but that he was worried for no reason.
Before that, she had a bloody soul in her hand, so that personal safety would not be a problem, but when she learned that the enemy’s strength was far more than what she knew, she had to consider the bloody soul order.
"Urgent report from Princess Hall!"
The sudden sound outside the discussion hall brought her thinking to reality. She quickly put away her thoughts and shouted, "Did you find the enemy in a panic?"
A general in armor hurried in and bowed down. "I told the princess that martial law was not allowed for civilians to enter and leave the city, so that the military could show a warrant before entering, but there was a man outside the city who claimed to be the bodyguard accompanying the temple and said that he would come in in the name of the princess temple and ask the temple to decide."
Flocculant asked in surprise as if he found himself a little rude and pretended to cough. "Mayer is really my accompanying bodyguard to determine his identity token, so I don’t want to say that God’s falling teacher and quarrelling have increased to a big level. I believe no one can pretend to be if there is no problem, let him come and see me at once."
I don’t know why I have a strange pride and pride when I say that God has fallen to the teacher and quarrelling has increased to a great level.
Flocculant angry frown patted his forehead and then corners of the mouth slightly pick "less he is still alive and well done".
Although she and Chen Han did something in it, the purpose was to suppress the two kings. She didn’t hide it, but deliberately exaggerated many facts. The enemy was stronger than after she exaggerated it. This is like saying that the enemy had hidden its strength long ago, even if they didn’t move, the result would be the same.
The total enemy attacks the magic feather Teng dragon, which is not as powerful as the enemy, nor is it as powerful as them. Their small actions have no impact on the overall situation, and they have no guilt.
Princess Flocculant’s newly recruited accompanying guards, although not an excellent expert, have long known Mayer’s name in the Ministry circle.
God descended to the teacher!
The growth of quarrelling has reached a big level!
These two points alone even the whole magic feather Teng dragon can’t find one, so his identity can’t be disguised, and Chen Han’s figure will soon appear in the discussion hall.
Before that, he was not qualified to come here, that is, Xu temporarily took over Wang, and he had this kind of personal friendship treatment …
The latest,,,,,,,,,,
Chapter 75 Mysterious nemesis
? Chapter 75 Mysterious nemesis
"Come back?" Flocculant said flatly that she disguised herself well and didn’t move the color bubbles (
Chen Han nodded his head as a promise, but his ability to understand human nature and sense motive showed that she was very heart-warming.
"How about it?"
"I didn’t dare to fight before I got to the place, but I found a lot of military forces along the way. Now the city is under martial law. What’s going on?" Someone pretended not to know anything and easily fooled her into believing in her, even though the princess was famous for her wisdom.
"It’s a good thing you didn’t go there, or I’m afraid you won’t come back. It’s beyond imagination." Catkin became serious and briefly said the whole thing again
Since acting is going to play in the end, Chen Han looks very surprised. "Did you find out that the news is incomplete? Xianglong and Yu Long Jun lost more than ten thousand people? How is it possible … How strong is the opponent? That’s right Didn’t the other party pick up that ss level? Now that the magic feather star and the surrounding planets are empty, what if the other side really has more hidden forces? "