However, Song Anhe seemed to fly like she didn’t hear her words, and ran out of the room to recover from the sound source.
And the other side
Chufeiyuan cruise ship has approached Shiyou Shu cruise ship gun, which makes Chufeiyuan suddenly look around.
Chu Feiyuan’s whole person is anxious, and his eyes are covered with the chill sound of Yinbi, which shocks the violent "hurry up!"
this side
Shi Qian knew earlier that Shi Youshu had stolen him and put him in the manor gun house. He had already made Artest fully prepared, but he didn’t expect the gun to ring so fast.
"Artest, get ready," Shi Qian shouted crossly.
"Yes, Master," Artest should immediately prepare the bodyguards.
At that time, the vast sea was tense to the extreme.
The sea is rolling and the waves are sweeping the cruise ship, and it is accelerating to get close to a bloody coming.
Song anqiao, a cruise ship, is running ahead with all her consciousness. She tells herself not to stop running.
Shi Youshi kicked the door like crazy and rushed after Song Anqiao.
Section 25
After not eating for two days in a row, Song Anqiao’s physical strength gradually weakened and her legs became weak. She panted and looked ahead and there were two cruise ships in tandem.
Song anqiao smiled a little. First, Chu Fei is far away.
However …
In an instant, Song Anqiao’s face smiled and disappeared immediately. The eye of the needle in his arm suddenly stung and hurt. Song Anqiao breathed a tight breath. She was injected with the virus. She won’t live long and can’t accompany Chu Fei far anymore …
Deck Shiyou Shu chased Song Anqiao Zheng and hurried back.
Shi Youshu’s eyes are bloodthirsty, holding a gun at Song Anqiao’s eyes and staring at her viciously. "Run, you’d better run again. Let me see!"
Chapter 37 fell off
"Bitch, run!" Shi Youshi approached Song Anqiao step by step and hissed.
Song anqiao’s panic eyes stared at the dark and then regressed and became a little staggered.
Step by step, she retreated and Shi Youshi moved forward step by step.
Until Song Anqiao retired.
Shi Youshu looked flustered like a rabbit. Song Anqiao laughed wildly. "Bitch, go to hell!"
As soon as her voice falls, she will pull it.
Suddenly, a figure jumped out from the other side of the deck and rushed at Shi Youshi quickly.
"Miss, be careful!"
Allen saw shouted.
Shi Youyou Zheng quickly turned around and avoided the figure coming at her.
Song Anhe’s impact was very strong, and soon he couldn’t stop himself. Song Anhe turned around and ran to Shi Youshi again. "Jojo, run!"
Song Anqiao looked at her elder sister Song Anhe in amazement. Did her elder sister save her again?
But it was she and Shi Youshi who caught themselves in partnership and injected themselves with the virus.
Song Anhe lost his mind and ran straight at Shi Youshi. At the same time, Allen quickly restrained the crazy Song Anhe before acting quickly.
Song Anhe fought to the death and punched Allen.
Allen face Yin nu picked up Song Anhe suddenly threw her over the railing into the sea.