Mo Yifan breathed a sigh of relief at this sentence of Chen Sanye. Chen Sanye said that if it is done in five minutes, it will not be delayed until six minutes. I believe it is just a few minutes, even if Joe wants to do something bad, he will definitely come or not.
He didn’t notice the blood until he looked down with his left hand and pulled out several pieces of glass. Then he gently massaged the acupoint on his left wrist with his right hand to stop the blood.
Twenty minutes later, the van ran several red lights all the way and finally arrived at the downtown hospital.
Mo Yifan hit the car door without waiting for the bus to stop and jumped straight, which startled several drivers. Although the car had slowed down all the way into the hospital compound, it was still more than 30 miles, but I didn’t want Mo Yifan to jump like this and didn’t get hurt at all. Several people looked at each other and thought, isn’t this guy a doctor? How does it look like we adults dare to fight and kill people?
Hey, the hospital is closed now, and no one is allowed to enter.
Mo Yifan just rushed into the hospital door and saw several gangsters with bash elbows and glaring at the door. One of them was wearing a black vest with two ferocious dragons tattooed on his shoulders. The strong man stared at a pair of big eyes like two bells and stopped him. "
Mo Yifan knew that most of these guys were sent by Chen Sanye and immediately reached out and grabbed his wrist and said that I was Mo Yifan. Did Chen Sanye command you to do a good job?
The tattooed man was gripped by Mo Yifan’s wrist and suddenly felt his arms numb. He was slightly surprised to attack his feet. After hearing Mo Yifan’s registration number, he realized that this is the one who has to wait for someone to be busy. He will raise his half foot and come back and say, Oh, it’s Mr. Mo. I’m sorry.
Mo Yifan is most afraid of being obedient now. I’m sorry. These three words smell speech. Cold mountain flashes in his eyes. Drink a way. What did you say? Master told you not to do things well? He said that he could not help but add two points of strength.
Chapter 56 Sleeping Beauty
Ah no no
The tattooed man didn’t expect that this man was more anxious than himself, and he came after finishing a sentence. He was busy with his temper and said that everything was done according to the orders of the third master. I mean, I didn’t realize how offensive Mr. Mo was to say sorry to you just now.
Mo Yifan was wrong about her bosom friend when she heard the smell. She let go and said, Oh, that’s right. I’m sorry. What about my sister now?
Your sister
The tattooed man said blankly, I don’t know. Third Master told me to take a guy named Joe into custody and wait for you to deal with him. Otherwise, we won’t know.
Mo Yifan nodded and thought that he would catch the elder sister named Joe, but it wouldn’t be anything. It seems that Chen Sanye was also fighting for it at that time, so he didn’t have anyone to say more and just let them pick up Joe.
Thought of here, Mo Yifan didn’t talk nonsense with him again, and immediately waved and said, Well, you are quick to take me to have a look at the little one.
Yes, yes.
After Mo Yifan let go, the tattooed man felt that his arm had completely lost consciousness, and he couldn’t help but wonder where this came from. Is it a master who is Chen Sanye’s new bodyguard? Otherwise, ordinary people can’t get so much strength.
Mo Yifan came to the fourth floor with the tattooed man by the ladder. As he walked, the tattooed man said that the little one seemed to be going to do some surgery. The operating room door was locked and smashed by us. After we rushed in, he actually tried to resist and was repaired by my brothers. It seems that he had a broken leg. I don’t know if he woke up at this time.
Mo Yifan couldn’t help secretly frowning when he heard Xia Wei’s report. He intuitively recognized that Joe didn’t have any good intentions, but it was also his intuition. Maybe Joe was really Dangdang to treat Ningfei. Maybe he called Chen Sanye to let people control Joe first. He really did something to hurt Ningfei, but he didn’t expect these guys to do things so hard. Willy-nilly, one of Joe’s legs was discounted first in case it was really a misunderstanding.
He is not afraid of what will happen to this matter. After all, this matter was done by Mr. Chen’s hands. Even if Mr. Chen comes to settle it, my sister will be very angry.
But now that they have done it, these people have followed the orders of Master Chen, and he has no power to reprimand them. Let’s wait and see.
When Mo Yifan stepped to the tattooed man and said that he was walking to the room, he suddenly heard a delicate call from behind that Master Ning was here.
Mo Yifan turned to look like Xia Wei, and his heart was worried about Ningfei, who immediately put aside the disposal of Qiao Zhongshi and quickly ran to Xia Wei.
What happened to my sister? What the hell did that guy do to my sister?
Mo Yifan walked and asked at the same time that his heart was ups and downs and he was afraid that Xia Wei would say something bad.
I don’t know sister Ning. She’s still sleeping.
Xia Wei replied, I listened to your words and tugged at Sister Ning’s bed to prevent her from being taken into the operating room, but after all, she was blocked by the nurses. However, within five minutes of the operating room, they suddenly rushed over and smashed the operating room door, and then dragged Dr. Qiao here. I was really scared to death. I didn’t know what they were going to do. Fortunately, Sister Ning still slept there, as if no one had touched her.
Mo Yifan breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that he had handled it fairly well. Fortunately, it was possible for Chen Sanye to come and drag Qiao Zhong, otherwise he would be afraid at this time.
He hurried into the No.6 operating room, and the interview room was a mess. Many expensive medical equipment were pushed to the ground, and unknown potions dripped all over the floor, emitting a pungent smell.
Ning Fei lay peacefully on the operating table in her room, wearing a pale yellow dust-faced operating lamp and hitting her with a strong light. It looked as if her slightly red face was as beautiful as a sleeping day.
Sister, how are you? Wake up. I’m Xiaofan.
Mo Yifan pushed Ningfei forward, but Ningfei didn’t respond, still motionless, breathing slowly and calmly.
Mo Yifan is slightly one leng. Although he has long known that Ningfei is thirsty during this period, he should not reach this point where he can’t even push and wake up. Is it because he has been beaten with narcotic drugs?
He wondered in his heart, so he couldn’t help but catch up with Ning Fei’s wrist and put three fingers on her pulse door to listen.
After a while, Mo Yifan’s face became more and more dignified and ugly, and his forehead was sweating, and his anger in his eyes became more and more heavy. After a long time, he finally let go. Ning Fei’s small hand suddenly turned around and punched it on the side of a heart chart display screen. A black smoke from the display screen turned into several pieces and fell to the ground.
Xia Wei has been following Mo Yifan closely. Seeing Mo Yifan this way, he got a fright and dared to ask Master Ning, sister, what happened to her?
Mo Yifan gritted his teeth and said that Qiao Zhong injected my sister with a cardiotonic, but he took too much. I’m worried that this kind of medicine will make my sister become a vegetable.
Ah, vegetable