Pot soup has been cooked for a long time. Li Ziyu picked Meng Xin’s favorite food. Meng Xin was also surprised. Besides, she knew what he liked. Obviously, they had been together for half a month, and Li Ziyu knew about her preferences.
With Liziyu taking care of me, I ate very well with Zongmengxin.
But Gu Lele can’t do it here because there is a supervisor in Luo Ling. As soon as she takes the chopsticks into the red soup, she turns around and rolls the dishes in the dip. Then the dishes will be taken away directly by the chopsticks, and then the dishes in the white pot will be put back in her bowl.
She doesn’t want to eat Luo Ling saliva. Anyway, this hot pot made her extremely unhappy.
When Li Ziyu checked out, Gu Lele was still complaining, "Meng Xin, when can you please me alone?" Throw your male god. "
After this meal, hot pot Valley Lele no longer treats Liziyu as one of their own. Even if he is Meng Xin’s husband, he and Luo Ling refuse to communicate with each other on her side of Valley Lele.
"Come on, Miss Gu, it’s a big deal. We just don’t invite Luo Ling to come." How can Li Ziyu allow Meng Xin to leave him to act alone at present?
"That Shirley male god can keep his word" Gu Lele smiled eyebrow eye curved even today.
"Good" Liziyu laughed and agreed to come.
Luo Ling light sample also don’t see what he is a reaction.
Two people go to the car valley Lele and Meng Xin are waiting at the door. As soon as Liziyu car comes, Meng Xin co-pilot Valley Lele directly hits the back seat door and follows.
Luoling car was parked behind Liziyu, so he looked at Gu Lele calmly and eagerly followed Meng Xin. He squinted and picked up a bunch of keys beside his steering wheel. Just now, when Gu Lele scampered, he fell out of her bag. He picked it up and wanted to pass it to her, but Gu Lele took Meng Xin’s hand and didn’t even look at him.
He put it back in his pocket and left it beside his steering wheel.
"Is it not good for you to come with Luo Ling or not?" Li Ziyu doesn’t have a car Meng Xin twist a head to ask Gu Lele. She knows Gu Lele is definitely not willing to go with Luo Ling.
"What’s wrong with that? Are you two so impatient?" Gu Lele’s eyes are so bad that they are extremely evil at the moment. Everyone is an adult and naturally knows what Gu Lele means.
Meng Xin’s face is thin. Besides, they remarried even if they shared a bed for two nights, but they couldn’t make progress. She also knew that Liziyu had some complaints, but she couldn’t help it.
My aunt is not under her control, and she doesn’t want to come whenever she wants. How did she know that this aunt would suddenly come at that time?
Thinking that Liziyu was already ready that night, she felt a surge or something. As a result, the red liquid was shocked and she also frightened him.
Then he stared for a long time and gnashed his teeth and rushed to the bathroom for half an hour. Meng Xin didn’t know what he was rushing in there for so long. Anyway, after waiting for her to take care of everything and change the sheets, she lay in bed for a long time before Liziyu came out from the inside.
Look depressed, rush to bed, pounce on her, chew and bite at her, and then she listens to him pop out through his teeth and say, "Meng Xin, aren’t you afraid of torturing your husband like this? Will your quality of life decline after sex?"
I was wronged and complained that Meng Xin suddenly laughed at that moment, even though her lips were bitten by him.
She never knew that Liziyu still had this side. Although Liziyu was very enthusiastic in this convenience for the first two times, she was careful to keep it under control.
He once told such a color joke in front of her, but she was all blushing, even if she didn’t dare to react too much, she was afraid that he thought she was not good enough.
He doesn’t love her enough in the future. If his shortcomings are exposed to him, will he soon dislike himself?
At that time, Meng Xin didn’t dare to gamble in front of him. She felt that she was not real, and she disguised something, such as hiding her shortcomings.
In front of Gu Lele, Meng Xin was so distracted that Gu Lele believed in himself and decided to have the cheek to be a light bulb for two people.
Anyway, let her face that bastard Luo Ling again at this time. She certainly doesn’t want to.
"Anyway, I have to send me no matter how forced you are." Gu Lele gritted his teeth and decided to pursue the thick skin to the end
Li Ziyu secretly felt funny. As far as he knew, Luo Ling has been a hot potato in the eyes of girls since junior high school. When girls see him, it’s like flies seeing delicious food. Even if they are rejected by Luo Ling, they cry. In this heart, Luo Ling is regarded as a god idol.
He really hasn’t seen anyone who dislikes him as Gu Lele dislikes Luo Ling. Is it because Gu Lele is different that Luo Ling has different ideas for her?
Liziyu quietly looked at Gu Lele and felt that this woman didn’t pretend to dislike Luo Ling, but she did it from her heart. But what happened?
"Line to send you will send you but why are you so abandon my good friend? Isn’t his face value handsome enough in the eyes of you girls? Will this boyfriend take it out and have no face? " Li Ziyu is really curious. What does Gu Lele really dislike about Luo Ling?
"Noodles can be used as food? Besides, I don’t dare to have such a boyfriend. I don’t like too girly men. I like to be strong. Besides, I’m not the kind of appearance association. The high value of girls is not the standard for me to find a man. So she worships Li Ziyu, but she will never be interested in it
First of all, he’s not the type of man he likes, and naturally, he’s already taken, isn’t he
"…" Liziyu suddenly stopped talking. First, Gu Lele actually said that Luo Lingniang had a cavity. If Luo Ling knew it, he would have to be angry. Second, he had to admit that Gu Lele was really straightforward and simple.
Meng Xin’s friends seem to be so simple and simple, so these girls have become good friends. Min Mengjie is a little worldly, but she chose a man like Wang Yang, and the family will probably not be secular soon.
Liziyu started the car and then the Luoling car followed them all the time. Gu Lele chatted with Meng Xin all the way. Tian Gu Lele handed Meng Xin the handbag. "It’s too late, so I just went to see Hengheng. This is for Hengheng to eat late. Just remember to brush your teeth before going to bed. I baked it in the afternoon."
"Well, thank you." Meng Xin didn’t mention it to her.
"Rightness and complete male god, you two have remarried. When are you going to have a wedding? I don’t know when I will be a bride in my life, so it’s good to give me a chance to be a bridesmaid. "Gu Lele said it as if she was very pitiful, but Meng Xin knew that she was actually forcing her marriage.
"Don’t worry, except for Mrs. Wang, you will all come to the bridesmaids’ red envelopes soon. I will give them a lot. It is expected that you’d better come out before the end of the year." Speaking of this, Li Ziyu is not exclusive at all
He originally wanted to make it earlier because he was afraid that the preparations were not sufficient or the etiquette was not done well. He expected that the wedding would be held at the end of the year, which was much grander and less better than Azeri’s wedding. Meng Xin suffered too much, and he had to make her feel happy.
"Don’t worry, call me at any time. I’m a boss now." Gu Lele nodded cheerfully. "Well, can I ask how much a bridesmaid’s red envelope is?"
Meng Xin can’t help it. Now everyone is like a debt collector. Min Mengjie has to ask for a red envelope when she gives birth to a child. It’s really drunk to be a bridesmaid here and ask for a red envelope.
"Well, let’s treat it as a surprise then. It’s meaningless to say it now." After all, there are still several months before Li Ziyu sold it
"I’m looking forward to it." Gu Lele was very excited that the richest man would give a red envelope, and he was very excited to think about it.
It was only at this time that Gu Lele realized that the Luoling car actually followed them closely. "What does this cockroach want to do?"
Gu Lele was very angry. Meng Xin also found out that Luo Ling had been following them all the time. "Do you think this Luo Ling is going to confess to you tonight?"
"Confess a ghost" Gu Lele is also drunk. She has seen the most with Luo Ling. Luo Ling was confessed by a woman and chased by a woman. I have never seen Luo Ling confess with any woman.
Because of her own Luo Ling, she felt that this woman didn’t pester him very much. Later, he realized that Luo Ling had to be his own special care. In fact, he didn’t want other women to take this opportunity to show him anthomaniac eyes, which he couldn’t stand.
I wouldn’t do this to him, so Luo Ling accepted her, but Luo Ling was so hard on people that she would feel elastic. He was sometimes too much.
But people around her often told her that Luo Ling was really good to her, and she didn’t feel that Luo Ling was finally framed by many people’s eyes and secrets
Finally, she decided not to be a nurse in the hospital because she didn’t want to talk to anyone before this decision, so she really didn’t want to have any more contact with him after she came back, but this man still lingered.
When preparing breakfast for him before, she prepared milk bread. Luo Linggen didn’t want coffee and Sanji. At that time, she was talkative. It’s not good to drink coffee early. He swept over coldly. "You don’t have any fantasies about me, do you?"
She was so angry that she almost didn’t spill her coffee on him. She had never seen such a narcissistic and self-confident guy. She directly put what he wanted on the table. "Don’t worry, I have nothing in Gu Lele, just knowing that you are so popular. What can I do for you? Isn’t it just a gigolo to put my heart back in my stomach?"
She wanted to talk like a girl at that time, but it wouldn’t be good if he had a major operation that day and she didn’t want to kill anyone because of her anger.
This still made him angry enough. Gu Lele remembered his face and felt that he wanted to kill her, but she was afraid of death and ran fast.
That’s actually how she gets along with Luo Ling. Each other will say something that will make each other angry to death. Sometimes they will meet each other at short notice. She won’t understand this way of getting along. How can she still feel good in the eyes of others? At that time, the Second Hospital once leaked such an absurd gossip that she and Luo Ling were actually in love.
She is also drunk, but some people believe it, and some people even find a door to tell her that she is not worthy of Luo Ling, Luo Ling is a swan, and she is a toad.
She didn’t say anything, except that the toad didn’t really want to eat swan meat. She was not interested in the swan in Luo Ling at all.
Then she confirmed by practical actions that she really didn’t want to leave Luo Ling. That day, a handsome and frank Luo Ling was in his office watching her leave. She didn’t give him a look back. At that time, he didn’t have any interest in him at all.
After that day, he happened to have some attachment to Gu Lele, and he never forgot to change one nurse after another around him, but he often thought of Gu Lele.
He also wondered if he was ill, because he was not going to fall in love and get married in this life. How could he allow another woman to occupy his heart so often that he would go to the cemetery as soon as he had it?
That’s when his treatment really got better for a while.
But he didn’t know that Gu Lele was forced away by some people. He always left because she couldn’t stand her turtle hair. At that time, he didn’t stay because he really felt that Gu Lele was unwilling to work and live beside him.
Although he found joy in his life, he implicated a koo woman. Luo Ling was not like that, so Gu Lele didn’t do anything from him.