He quickly grabbed Mei Qing’s hand, which was sleeping like a fairy, and made an urgent exploration. Compared with before, Mei Qing’s physical condition was no different. Now Mei Qing sometimes produces weak spontaneous breathing when her lung veins are supported by abundant spiritual force, and this is the case at this time. Obviously, Ding Qiugang gave her a spiritual yuan soon.
It’s not what happened to MeiQingSheng.
He was relieved and grabbed Ding Qiu’s hand and asked, "What’s the matter with you? What happened? "
Ding Qiu trembled without withdrawing his hand, but both hands grabbed Li Wei and said, "Master, I’m going to kill that Qingcheng Lei Zhenjun, he, he …" She choked up and didn’t say anything.
During this period, Li Wei felt that Mei Qing had to snuggle up to him every day for a while, and when Ding Qiu met him the most, since Ding Qiu came with him, he had never seen Ding Qiu cry, and now he can’t say how distressed he is to see her like this.
He got up and conveniently pulled Ding Qiu up and said, "Come with me!"
A villa, he took Ding Qiu foaming at the mouth.
His actions surprised many people in the Qin Garden. He rarely leaves the Qin Garden like this now, and he scattered a faint murderous look and still grabbed Ding Qiu?
Have Gu Xifeng and Li Peiyao dared to ask what happened to him? More people wonder if Mei Qing has finally died …
Li Wei told them that he took Ding Qiu to kill a man and would be back soon. Everyone didn’t worry.
Li Weili, a hall in Tongyun Mountain Villa, has been motionless for more than ten minutes. His eyes are fixed on the door leading to the room. Ding Qiu went in through that door. In the concierge, Lei Zhenjun, the Qingcheng Sect, kept his consciousness tightly, and he didn’t want to listen to Ding Qiu’s secret, or he was afraid to hear something, which confirmed his conjecture. But he was tortured by this conjecture and clenched his fist. The fist front, the spiral fist, the awn and the expansion exposed his strong fluctuation.
Fortunately, Ding Qiu sliding door came out, and he gently waved back his fist to meet her face with tears. Levi held Ding Qiu’s hand in a faint pain and asked, "How? Are you all right? " Seeing Ding Qiu coming out, he realized that Lei Zhenjun was still alive!
"I’m fine" Ding Qiu said "thank you, master! I know the young master wants him to exchange for two girls. How can I ruin the young master’s event? I stabbed him three times and even got revenge. "
She didn’t know until today that Levi arrested Lei Zhenjun and said a sentence to kill Lei Zhenjun in front of Levi. Levi actually took her directly to the Tongyun Villa with Lei Zhenjun without asking anything, allowing her to kill Lei Zhenjun herself.
This filled her heart with emotion, and when she looked at Levi’s eyes, she was suspicious.
Li Wei took her to sit in the sand and said, "If you don’t kill him, you can’t be as hard as Qingcheng without him. They dare to let you suffer and be wronged. I will help you kill him now!"
Ding Qiu saw Li Wei’s words and looked at him with distressed eyes. It seems that some white faces are flushed. Holding Li Wei’s hands with soft hands, he said, "Master, you think it’s not what you think."
Listen to his words, Li Wei felt a sigh of relief and said, "If you can speak, tell me about your grievance. Maybe you will feel better if you say it." Looking at Ding Qiu, Li Wei wanted to hold her in his arms, but he was afraid. This is the first time he felt so timid. I don’t know if Ding Qiu is too beautiful to force people.
"What can I not say to the master? The young master must have known that Ding Qiunian cultivated yu female sutra in Qingcheng Mountain when he was young. My master had four younger brothers, and I was the youngest. When I was fifteen, my elder sister suddenly committed suicide. My master was so indignant that he tried to find the head of Lei Zhenjun’s theory at that time, but Lei Zhenjun and several other disciples injured my master and detained my master. I was young at that time, and I didn’t know what kind of martial arts Lei Zhenjun needed to cultivate at that time. He saw my elder sister, my master. My elder sister didn’t want to be taken over by Lei Zhenjun. He was a one-handedly thunderous swordsman, and my master was no match for him. Later, my second teacher elder sister went to beg him to let my master go, but she wanted me to accompany him … Later, my master and second teacher elder sister came back and killed themselves one after another … Blare … "Ding Qiu cried.
Li Wei put her on her shoulder and patted her on the back, but did not persuade her not to cry. This sad hatred has been on her mind for many years, and crying is good for her.
Ding Qiuyou choked up and said, "My third martial sister told me that although this Qingcheng School is a famous school, it has become a shame and dirty in recent generations. In the previous generation, Qingcheng School’s interests have been given to emperors, senior officials or other sects as playthings. After Chu Xiaosheng, Lei Zhenjun’s two generations were even more unbearable. Several martial sisters died in Chu Xiaosheng’s hands directly or in succession. The martial sister said that these were all things that Master told her before she died to let us escape from Qingcheng Mountain. I am young and weak, and no one cares about me. She wants me to escape the mountain alone. "
"Later, when the teacher elder sister helped me to travel to the mountains and wander overseas, I had another adventure. Although the teacher elder sister yu told me, she was young and hurried at that time, but she remembered the first seven layers of achievement methods. Alas, the third teacher elder sister told me at that time that if she didn’t accept the apprentice in this life, she would hurt this woman. I don’t know what happened many years later, but she accepted this girl named Mei Qing. Alas, perhaps it was because she was too qualified to be a talented young master. Almost all the women who practiced yu were metaphysics. Some women in bad karma are either forced by people or in love. They shouldn’t love each other and never look back. All women who have been coerced into breaking their bodies will choose to commit suicide like my senior sister and master. They will never live in the world dirty. I, I … "
Li Wei couldn’t help but hug Ding Qiu tightly in his arms and said, "I know you’re innocent. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t think blindly." Although Ding Qiu finished her nearly 200 years’ experience from the mountain to the present, Li Weike can imagine how much suffering a beautiful fifteen-year-old girl has to endure while living alone with a little repair!
Ding Qiu asked Li Wei to hold her in her arms for a while, then gently pushed Li Wei and said, "Master Ding Qiu, I hope you can be kind to those women who practice yu and have a lover in this life. Don’t let them be sad."
Li Wei said, "I know you are one of these women, and I will be good to you."
Ding Qiu smiled gently and said, "I don’t want to talk about it after the ceremony with the young master."
How could Levi let her go at this time and hold Ding Qiu gently in his arms and deeply smell her charming breath before staring at her eyes and saying, "I let you go before, but now if you want to leave me, I will never let go."
Ding Qiu looked at each other for a long time before he smiled and said, "I won’t leave the young master’s side Xiaotong, Sijia and Maggie, but my apprentice Mei Qing wants to call me Xiao Shi Gu, and you have to call me a grandparent …"
"Oh … my god! I knew I wouldn’t let Xiaotong and them worship your teacher … "Looking at Ding Qiu’s playful eyes, he smiled and added," But I just want to marry my wife, Master, and God can endure me! " He said, and kissed Ding Qiu.
"ah! Master, you … "She put her hand over Li Wei’s mouth and blushed. At this moment, there is no difference between a girl who wants to accept her first kiss and her shortness of breath." Master, not now. Ding Qiu is not ready yet. Besides, Mei Qing is still waiting for you to cross into Danli for her! "
Levi grabbed her by the mouth and kissed her hard for two times and said, "I didn’t forget how stingy I am. I don’t want to kiss you. Hey, hey, autumn, sister, I don’t know when you will be ready." Huh? Sister, you are not directly preparing for the big wedding, are you? "
Ding Qiu seems to be ashamed and annoyed by Li Wei Pilai. Listen to Li Wei haha laughed. "Autumn sister, good wife, you hate me to help you get revenge, and we will get married. You can’t say that you are not ready!" Laughing, Li Wei seems to have been settled. Ding Qiu took a step around and stepped out of the room!
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The fourth volume Landscape Tour Chapter one hundred and fifteen Lively
The fourth volume Landscape Tour Chapter one hundred and fifteen Lively
Back to Qinyuan, her face was misty, Ding Qiu was shy and hid in her villa. Li Wei’s villa was very lively. Almost all the girls came after dinner. Even Yunxueshang, Chunruoshui and Sima Honglian were there, but Qingliu Hongying and Qingliu Xueying’s sisters didn’t come. They are now very successful in condensing the golden key period, and sisters Liu Yujiao and Liu Yumei are naturally accompanying them.
A group of women chattered with Susie, and Susie nodded from time to time and sometimes smiled but didn’t speak, but Levi saw that her eyes were full of spirits.
Long Yu was glad to see him come in, ran over and put his arm around him and cried, "Brother, you’re back. Are you busy here today?"
Li Wei tapped her gently and said, "This girl doesn’t bark now."
Lang Yu wrinkled his nose and said, "Hum! My name is master or brother, but I like to call brother. "
"Well with you, ah, you can want to pay close attention to the practice. I can’t take you back and have your year but you have to study at the university …"
"Well, you’re such a master. You don’t know how much work she has. You’ll come out for a while today. You’re like an old woman! Come on her and ignore your brother. "
It’s sunny who speaks. She seems to have a natural position among these women. Other women dare not talk to him like this.
Levi smiled and greeted all the people present one by one. Maggie pursed her mouth and was very unhappy. Levi asked her what happened. Maggie said, "It’s not just my cousin. I haven’t seen you once since you came back so long this time. You never thought about me and my cousin said you would help me guide the qi circulation. It’s been so long. I don’t know how to guide the meridian circulation." I heard that you helped Sister Xiaoqing every day before … Why did you pinch me, Sister Qing? "
"Your brother and sister why want to pull me? Who will you pinch if you don’t pinch this girl? " I wonder if Xiao Qing remembered that period of time and looked up at Levi with a blush on her cheeks.
Li Peiyao went to his side and asked him gently if he wanted to go upstairs and change clothes. Li Wei said to Maggie, "My brother didn’t forget to help you guide the meridian. Although he saved Master Mei Qing, she was badly hurt. Both Master Ding Qiu and I will come to her to hang our lives. I was afraid that my parents and grandparents would be sad. I didn’t say that I didn’t forget you. Not only did you, sister Xiaotong and sister Sijia not guide you once, but my brother promised you that I would be able to guide the cycle soon."