Now that I’ve touched you, you don’t want to …
After winning the shelling of Ibrahimovic, the Swede did not respond to winning, but his agent Laiola came out to criticize winning Hu and said
Changsheng replied to him, "I’m not as knowledgeable as a psychopath!" Just ignore him.
Let Raiola jump.
In this game, Ibrahimovic started, but instead of scoring goals, he contained Lazio’s defense line so that other AC Milan players could attack freely.
This arrangement means that Ibrahimovic can’t score, even if he doesn’t score against Lazio.
Theoretically, it is very good for AC Milan to do so.
Let Ibrahimovic contain the opponent’s defense line alone, and his players will have more room to play.
Because Lazio must send more players to contain Ibrahimovic, it is not enough to defend other AC Milan players.
But unfortunately …
After seeing this tactical arrangement, Changsheng shook his head on the sidelines.
Leonardo is still young after all. Being a head coach for the first time is better at talking about soldiers on paper than combining reality …
This tactic may work well against other teams.
But …
Do I need two people to defend Ibrahimovic’s team in Lazio?
An old plug Passareira is enough!
You and the other players are defended like me!
Sure enough, AC Milan’s attack did not take advantage of Ibrahimovic in the game.
When they attacked, they were stopped by Lazio.
Leonardo, the former technical manager who succeeded Carlo Ancelotti as AC Milan coach at the end of the season, also saw it.
Lazio’s defense against Ibrahimovic was very easy. One plug Passareira solved it …
He ignored the most important question-Ibrahimovic just couldn’t score against Lazio for a reason!
The reason is this seemingly taciturn central defender!
Damn it!
Sai Passareira!
How could I forget him? !
Changsheng glanced at the coach’s seat next door. He noticed that Leonardo looked anxious.
What a novice and inexperienced …
He never understood why AC Milan asked Leonardo, a rookie coach, to pick up Ancelotti.
In the end, the third place in the league is definitely not a good result for a giant team like AC Milan, not to mention that he led AC Milan to a humiliating defeat to Mourinho Inter Milan in the Milan derby.
There are fans of China Inter Milan in Yudu who ridicule Leonardo’s true love is actually Inter Milan. He is the undercover of Inter Milan’s camp.
I didn’t expect this joke to almost become true soon.
Because a season later Leonardo left AC Milan to coach Inter Milan!