Twenty-four people followed him silently, and now they don’t care about these lives. It’s a big deal to plan for success if they die.
He took the lead and rushed ahead. With the blood and soul around him, he was not afraid of being hurt by the aftermath.
There is not even a ghost around the three old men. Only a dozen people were killed before. The three of them were also bloody and almost exhausted. When they saw Chen Han, they rushed in with a bloody soul. They faintly guessed what their eyes flashed with a look of appreciation.
Obviously, if you bring them in at the beginning of the cold, it is probably not the enemy’s opponent. He will lead the enemy to the past little by little and eat away and weaken it. This is the best result.
"Small pick up everything depends on you …"
The beard and eyebrows almost dragged to the ground, and the old man’s body bloomed with snow-white brilliance.
Only the three fathers are seriously injured, and even if there is a panacea to save them, they will go backwards. The result is that they have endured hard work for so many years, and one day they can enter a higher level. I didn’t expect to retreat if they didn’t make progress.
They have their pride, and the face of the dragon king in front of them is very important, so they would rather kill as many enemies as possible in the end and create opportunities.
Longyuan Temple is the top priority of the whole ethnic group. They must defend their lives!
After the final killing and siege, there were more than 200 people left, but these were the elites. Seeing three old guys blow themselves up, they were almost desperate, screaming and retreating, and the war was also broken in an instant.
Just taking advantage of the gap in the war, two streamers flew out from two of the old men and roared to Chen Han. "If you can protect Longyuan Temple today, you are also a benefactor. This token is a status symbol, so just give it to you as a thank-you gift …"
Booming …
As early as n years ago, the three reached the peak of the late period of the Emperor or the God of Law, and they were only one foot away from entering another level, and the strong released their last life.
More than 200 top players are too close to escape, and even two of them are lucky to have the strong ones sent by the Campa Empire in this level of self-explosion.
Just the shock wave accelerated the speed of two streamers. Chen Han grabbed it and stuffed it directly into the bracelet and then stepped back into another enchantment. After all, he was nearly a hundred miles away from the scene of the explosion. However, perhaps because the strength of the three people was too amazing, even the enchantment ban was blown to pieces. When the aftermath destroyed the enchantment, the power was greatly reduced, which caused damage to Chen Han.
On the other side, more than 1,000 people, who just breached the gate of Longyuan Temple, perceived the crisis from the tone of three old men and retreated to another enchantment earlier than Chen Han.
So the aftermath of the explosion destroyed all the neighboring enchantments and a very strange scene appeared at the scene.
There are many prohibitions to protect Longyuan Temple. After all, being breached is the entrance. It is not easy for more than 1,000 people to destroy the whole Longyuan Temple.
At this moment, the door of Longyuan Temple is open and cold, with the blood and soul guards in a place more than 100 miles away, and the team of more than 1,000 people is also hundreds of miles away. The entrance of Longyuan Temple just forms a great force, but both sides are staring at each other.
Three seconds …
Five seconds …
Ten seconds …
It’s moving
There were twenty-five people on one side and thousands of people rushed to the entrance of Longyuan Temple like crazy. At the front was a dharma god.
Among the troops besieging Longyuan Temple, there are four Kanpa Empire sent to take charge of the overall situation. One of them was besieged by the Blood Soul Guard and forced to blow itself up. The other two were killed by the old man’s blow-up. Only one dharma god was separated from the army and was responsible for attacking Longyuan Temple. The entrance ban was also the strongest among the thousands of people.
Except for him, although there are 19 fighting emperors and dharma gods, it’s a pity that they all take money to hire wild repairs. Even if the realm and growth rate are not weak, there is still a certain gap in other aspects.
Therefore, followed by the dharma god are 24 blood soul guards!
The lean camel is bigger than the horse, and even if the fighting power is affected, they are still better than those wild repairers. Then there are the 19 wild repairers fighting the emperor and the dharma god.
"Don’t compete with them for who runs faster. One person attacks the Fashen who runs in the front from behind. Others try to block the people behind as much as possible!"
Chen Han’s running at the same time is far from those guys. Although he can kill the little bucket emperor in three strokes, these are not the kind of low-level guys, especially the one who runs in the front. He can definitely kill Chen Han in one stroke, which is simpler and faster than his three strokes.
Due to the achievement of the emperor’s rank, not only in the increase of talent, the cultivation of realm, the increase of mind tactics and weapons, but also in the different realm of the emperor, the gap between the strength and the realm is amazing.
Chapter 766 Dragon eggs come to hand
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? He is so a shout blood soul guard obediently obey the law god noticed someone sneak attack behind hurriedly a sideways to avoid other friends are watching:
At the same time, the other 23 turned their heads and attacked the enemy behind them///* *! *
However, after all, there are 24 of them, and they are still injured. In fact, even if they are not injured, they may not be able to beat this thousand people. It is absolutely impossible for them to trap everyone. At best, they can effectively stop some of the strongest players.
After all, the number of blood soul guards is more than that of method gods and fighting gods, and they have an advantage in personal combat power.
Even if they don’t kill each other, there are many fighting kings and demons who join hands with 20 top experts to stop them.
You don’t need everyone to rush into the Longyuan Temple. You need one person to go in and destroy the dragon eggs inside.
All the masters need to live in the Blood Soul Guard. There are four or five hundred people rushing to the entrance of Longyuan Temple like crazy.
Whew …
Amazing horse training flew in not far away, and it was the blood soul guard who mistook it for the emperor who had been chasing Chen Han at that early stage.
Chen Han won’t admit that he is loyal to himself, and he can’t violate Chen Han’s orders. His attack target is to fight the God of Law. The other friends of the Blood Soul Guard are watching:
Magicians have the advantage that releasing magic is powerful, and the biggest power lies in the group battle behind the temple or the siege and the head-on confrontation with the emperor. However, this method is obviously unwise than the blood soul guard, which is injured in the self-explosion. Even if the flint melee can make the instant magic, the two still fight evenly.
Of course, the little bucket emperor repair is very weak. For the two people on the scene, he can hardly calculate the situation around the root.
Not long ago, he made an oath of allegiance to the blood, and he must help Chen Han.
What he is going to do now is not to kill anyone. He can’t kill two people by pruning their roots. One real purpose is to constantly create the aftermath of the attack in the melee between the three people. He fights against the emperor and pretends to accidentally stop the people rushing to the entrance of Longyuan Temple.
After all, in the case that Chen Han doesn’t make all the cards, his speed is not as fast as that of the top fighter in the enemy. Wouldn’t it be over if those guys ran in?
Suspected little bucket emperor practice is very clever, no one can see his eyes that joined hands with him, "don’t get in the way here. Go to Longyuan Temple and destroy all the dragon eggs for me. Why don’t you go in when you get back?" !”
At this moment, the emperor made an opportunity to let Chen Han start first and seemingly mean a block, but let Chen Han drill through the gap and is rapidly approaching Longyuan Temple.
Small bucket emperor mind become flexible, vaguely see the boss twist a head to obscure eyes immediately shouted a sword of light.