Therefore, the easy mark of the dried Kun bag has been hidden in front of the waist, and after the decision is made, part of the appearance of the dried Kun bag is properly exposed.
The cat has already had the ability to dry the Kun bag, so it is not so rare to mark it easily.
Besides, he’s not a fix-true person, and wearing this thing will always make people jealous!
Easy mark is to feel each other’s eyes slightly winds and then the eyes fell on his face.
Immediately easy mark feel that let him uncomfortable eyes even a few minutes.
"Well, I haven’t received my brother for a long time. It’s a chance to meet you. I’ll accept you today!"
The feminine voice is very amiable and said
I feel that the false meaning in this sound is easy to mark, but some faint chills in my heart.
Did you choose a glass this time? Or does this man like to play perverted games?
Yi Mark was shocked by his random thoughts. Although his heart was in a mess for a moment, his face was somewhat excited and surprised.
Immediately, Yi Mark made a slight bow and made three ceremonies to show his courtesy to this feminine man.
And the feminine man didn’t care about Yi Mark, didn’t kneel and immediately smiled slightly. "Well, what’s your name and how old are you? So come? "
Yi mark casually said something about the shopkeeper, and said that he was a half-truths and half-truths, and then said, "My brother Yi mark is fourteen years old this year."
"Well, come with the teacher. Oh, by the way, the name of the teacher’ Jiaming’ is the four protectors of the Nine Brakes."
That Jia Ming seems to be very sincere and said that this is the only way for the guard to say, "Come on, you go."
"It’s the Four Protectors," said Wan Chenghua immediately, and Yi Mark felt deep jealousy and malicious murder from his eyes when he glanced at Yi Mark.
Yi Mark doesn’t know what’s wrong with this guy, but he doesn’t have to care about a bodyguard. He can kill each other in ten ways now!
Chapter 27 Learn from the fix true person
Walking on the stone steps is still a little inexplicable. It is really rare to meet a monk with aura as a master in an ordinary sect!
Although Yi Mark knows that this cheap master is not a good man, but also knows that his disciples should have seen his dried Kun bag, Yi Mark is still somewhat inexplicably excited.
This may have brought him closer to cultivate immortality.
Yi mark is in a good mood, and he has confidence in the future, so he doesn’t care that there is no male or female voice along the way to greet pedestrians from time to time.
Most of these people are dressed in brown coarse gowns with thick black machetes, and they look ferocious.
Judging from these people’s behaviors, which seem to be heavy, but they are actually very light, it seems that most of these people’s strength is easy to mark.
For such a nine-brake faction, it is easy to mark immediately.
Jiucha barren mountain is very big, or Jiucha Mountain is a branch hill because it is relatively remote, so it is huge!
It is precisely because of its huge number of buildings on the top of the mountain that it is not messy.
Yi Mark was taken to a mountain that looked very gloomy and deep by Jiaming, and there was a huge courtyard in the depths of this mountain.
The deep red fence and dark yellow nursing home look very abrupt.
There are more than ten small rooms in the whole clause department, and each room looks quite good.
"ACTS son, you first rest in this room all night when you come to the teacher training room, then your other disciples will come to the teacher and introduce you to other disciples.
Teacher, go to the head first. Don’t run around! "
Jia Ming tone is very soft and said
If this sound is not so feminine, not male or female, it will have a slight affection for this Jiaming. Now, with this sound, it is easy to speak, and I always feel a little cold in my heart.
"Well, Master, it’s just white."
Easy mark ready and said immediately in jiaming guide easy mark chose a long-standing room.
He’s welcome, too. After tidying up the room a little, he collapsed.
Jia Ming looked at Yi Mark’s satisfaction and nodded his head before turning away.
At this time, his eyes flashed a dark color.
Jia Ming doesn’t know that his heart is full of calculations when calculating.
A friar is hiding in a secular sect affiliated to the Xiuzhen sect, which shows the trickiness.
It was the night when Yi Mark was really practicing penance, and the Jiuyang Sutra suddenly collapsed directly. At this time, Yi Mark suddenly woke up from the practice.
Outside came a beautiful and tender sound like an oriole nightingale.
"The new little teacher younger brother, go and see the master quickly."
That sound is very sweet with a special soft and greasy smell.
Yi Mark’s mind moved, and an imaginary beautiful female figure flashed in my mind involuntarily.
This sudden appearance of a female figure turned out to be somewhat like that of Lan Yuming and somewhat like that of Lei Yao.
Yi mark was slightly dumbfounded and immediately replied, "Well, here it is."
When I came out of my room, Yi Mark saw a girl in an orange gown with excited eyes.
The girl is not very old, about fourteen years old, but she should grow up and all the places have grown up.
Seeing that her eyebrows are picturesque and her eyes are as white as stars with a sweet smile, two lovely dimples look very cute.
Yi mark is slightly dull, so a woman suddenly calls him and makes Yi mark feel flattered.
But he soon calmed down and stared at the woman. Yi Mark gave birth to a particularly dark feeling in his heart.
It’s like a warm sunshine coming through the dark.