The first one is a women’s clothing store called Fine Women, which is beautifully decorated with a big pink signboard and a silver border.
Ma Liang went to the door and saw that there were no customers inside, so the boss was busy sorting clothes alone.
She is a beautiful woman in her twenties, dressed in fashion, and her beautiful legs are wrapped in a bright and clean layer of black stockings, and her hips are as round as a gourd and full of elasticity and sensuality.
Wearing that tight-fitting long-sleeved turtleneck, although it doesn’t stick to the body, there is a strong contrast between the bulging chest and the smooth abdomen, but it makes people itch because the shape of the package is like not wearing clothes.
That waist is as thin as a girl’s, and the curve is enchanting and makes people spray blood.
Finally, Ma Liangcai saw her face sideways, but there was a sense of exquisiteness. Her mouth was thin and tender, and Joan’s nose was slightly beautiful. Her eyes were clear and her eyebrows were frowning. The whole person had an ordinary woman who had no temperament and was somewhat elegant like a model. Leng Yan was elegant from the outside.
"Buy clothes" When she saw the two people, she casually asked a straight sentence. Ma Liangcai found that she was very tall, wearing high heels, probably a lot taller than herself and slightly magnetic.
This is a stunning stunner. Even with a circle of beautiful women around her, Ma Liang can’t help but look at her a few times. Summer snow is as soft as water, and Su Yuyao’s stunning goddess is not the same type as her.
It’s not surprising that such a beautiful woman can go to a shop in the countryside, but Su Yuyao can be a teacher in the village.
Ma Liang came in with Mengmeng without much thought.
"See for yourself and tell me." She continued to sort out the beautiful posture of bending her chest like water drops, which made people daydream.
The woman’s close-fitting clothes are in the innermost part. Ma Liang is a little embarrassed to walk over, but she suddenly doesn’t know what to buy because of the colorful.
"Teachers are so beautiful. They are much more beautiful than their mothers." Women are naturally resistant to beautiful things. It must be said that these things are higher than the outside stalls.
The beautiful female boss took a look at Mengmeng when she heard this and looked at a good horse.
"Mengmeng, what do you think of that kind of good-looking?" Ma Liang had a brainwave. Mother and daughter have the same heart. What does she like? Xia Xue should like it, too
Mengmeng seriously remembered.
"Everything is cleared at a 30% discount today," the boss added, and put a half-price clearance card at the door.
"This, this and this all look good." Mengmeng ordered three sets in a row, all of which are fashionable and elegant styles. Ma Liang was already thinking about what it would be like if Xia Xue wore them.
"Give me these three pieces." Ma Liang doesn’t know how to choose the place, so just make it simple. If it happens to be on sale today, buy more pieces.
"This is the original price of one hundred and twenty-one sets and three sets. Just give me one hundred and twenty." She came over and took a look and said it directly.
61 gambler beauty
Ma Liang feels that although she is beautiful, she is a little too cold to do business. Although Su Yuyao has a bad temper, she still has an approachable personality.
"By the way, how big is this?" Ma Liang remembered that this thing can’t be bought indiscriminately
"You don’t know the size, so what did you buy?" she asked.
"I have a size." Ma Liangzhen felt that he owed money to this beautiful woman, and his attitude was not good at all, but this thing was really good, so he had to endure it and quickly took out a record from his pocket to give Xia Xue the amount.
The surface recorded the measurements.
She came over and frowned. "You have no cups around."
"I don’t know about this. I feel that she should be a little smaller than you, but not as pretty as you." Ma Liang just saw her ups and downs and naturally said it.
"Are you here to play hooligans or to buy things?" The woman was angry and asked angrily, which startled Mengmeng
Ma Liang reacted the same way, which was too fierce.
"I’m sorry" Ma Benign is still quite honest, and it is really inappropriate to think about it later.
"Just these three sets, this is the bag for yourself." She was too busy to go. Obviously, she was still angry, but since she said these three sets, it can be said that the size is no problem
"The teacher’s big sister is so scary," Mengmeng wrote in a novel.
But she heard it and looked at it and didn’t speak.
"How much are the clothes here?" Ma Liang looked at those fashionable clothes and pants after loading them. He especially liked to look at the curves of women.
"The tag has a price and then you can calculate it yourself at a 30% discount."
Ma Liang looked at the original price of this dress, which was more than 200 yuan and more than 300 yuan, but a 30% discount was only a few tens of dollars. Think about it, it is still very worthwhile.
Special clearance is usually to prepare the door. No wonder the attitude of asking for the door is too bad
This place is full of mature women’s styles, so Mengmeng is hopeless and suitable.
Ma Liang saw a beautiful pink lady’s coat with a circle of furry things around her neck. He thought it was Su Yuyao and felt that the dress was very suitable for her. After looking at the price, it cost more than 100 yuan.
After thinking about it, I decided to buy it as a gift to make amends. Today is just a holiday, so I took it myself and put it in a bag. Then I carefully picked it up for Xia Xue and looked at the female boss from time to time
Because Xia Xue is also a beauty at this level, she naturally has something in common.
"If you are tired of buying, you can always look at what I have never seen a woman." She found that she looked up and had a bad temper.
"I want to be a reference. She is about the same size as you." Ma Liang took a deep breath and endured to buy Xia Xue a suitable loss point
"All the clothes here will do." She gave an answer.
"Why are you so fierce?" Mengmeng couldn’t help saying.
The beauty gave her a look and said nothing.
"Forget it, Mengmeng, we’ll go back when we buy good things." Ma Liang took a pair of trousers, and the silky texture was as tight as Xia Xue’s skin, which must be very comfortable and beautiful.
Then there is a high-necked long sleeve with the same style as that of that beautiful woman, probably to see Xia Xue transform, and she chose two more pieces, both of which are young colors. She came to be in her twenties.
Then Ma Liang settled an account, which was almost 600 yuan. If he had never dared to do this before, it would be worthwhile to bite his teeth now. Anyway, in a few days, he can sell more than 1000 yuan.