Chapter 465 Split the Magic Yuan Crystal
"Grandpa, your cooking is really delicious."
Shi Xiaoshu picked up a piece of chicken and put it in her mouth, her eyes bent into a crescent.
"Eat more when it’s delicious."
Shi Cheng said that he kept giving Shi Xiaoshu food, and his eyes showed doting color.
Seeing Shi Cheng’s appearance, Mu Hai secretly nodded, "Great. After Grandpa’s knot has been solved, the practice will be much flatter."
"Grandpa, your cooking is really getting better and better," Muhai praised.
"You can eat more if you like, and grandpa will do it after eating." Shi Cheng looked at the two with a big smile.
"Grandpa can’t. That’s enough," said Shi Xiaoshu.
After dinner, Shi Xiaoshu returned to her room on the second floor to practice.
Shi Cheng cleaned up and went back to the room. It was a sigh repeatedly. "How can I cultivate my strength now?"
Mu Hai smiled at Shi Cheng’s appearance and walked out of the villa directly to the top of the mountain.
"The Hunger Dan can finally be refined."
Came to the top of the mountain Muhai smiled and took out a magic crystal from the ring.
These magic crystals were obtained by killing magic-eating ants in Guya Cave more than half a month ago by Muhai.
These magic elements have reached the fairy crystal.
Although the quality is good, it has not reached a certain level.
It is necessary to crack the magic grass and reduce the crystal quality of the magic element
Muhai thought and took out 10,000 split magic grass again.
"Up …"
Muhai waved these magic grass with both hands and slowly floated, and a slow bloody light rose from the magic grass.
Finally, it turned into 10 thousand drops of red liquid floating in front of Muhai, crystal clear and beautiful.
"Wow …"
This 10,000 drops of red liquid fell directly on the magic crystal like raindrops.
"Ding …"
The magic scene appeared, and the magic crystal was divided into two and then divided into two.
It didn’t stop until one split 32.
Finally, each magic crystal changed from dark red to red, and the color was dim.
At first glance, there are many magic crystals everywhere.
At this moment, the crystal quality of the magic element is reduced to the medium, and each one is equivalent to a The Hunger Dan.
From 10 thousand to 320 thousand, Muhai nodded and smiled again and again
"It’s great that this magic grass splitting effect is so powerful that it can continuously reduce the quality of three equal orders and the magic element is extremely pure and pure, so it can be used directly without refining."
Muhai andao then moved his mind, and 320,000 Chinese magic crystals were collected in the ring by Muhai.
"The second 20,000-square ring was damaged, and this time I’m going to forge a 10,000-square ring in case it’s not needed."