"The purple and golden fog in the front ten miles is the residence of the purple crown golden python, right?"
"That’s it. Yes, that fog is the purple crown golden python’s purple gold fog."
"It’s strange that the three big doors seem to start work very early this year! It will be more than ten days before they enter here. If we don’t have the bodhi old zu invisibility symbol this year, we will hit them. "
"Not only do we start early, but the number of people is also much larger than in previous years. Hey, the three gates are coming to enter the dragon. Maybe we can fish in troubled waters when Aoki Shenfu starts. If we can get an Aoki Shenguo and enter the third place half a month ago, we will be rich."
"All right, stop talking and finish it quickly so that we can collect the elixir." The first strong man ended everyone’s talk with a faint sentence.
However, just as several people were about to leave to hunt purple crown pythons, the colorful barrier was suddenly separated from a gap not far from them.
In just a moment, this gap was expanded to Zhang Xu, and then seven figures appeared from the gap in turn.
Seeing these seven people’s robes, Shui Yunzong’s six people suddenly looked surprised.
"Isn’t that a few people in Qingyang? Just now, they broke into the monster beast group."
"I actually gave them a hard time?"
"No, it seems that they have a ten-story peak and a ten-story junior monk, and several others are all on the tenth floor. How can this strength break through so many monster groups?"
"Don’t they also have invisible symbols to break through the monster beast group?"
"What do you care? If you meet them, just destroy them. They just ran through the monster beast group, and the consumption is definitely not small. Now is a good time to do it."
"Yeah, kill them."
Six monks of Shui Yunzong immediately looked like they were going straight to the past.
These brothers of Shuiyunzong hate the brothers of Qingyang Sect very much, but the bodhi old zu of Qingyang wiped out so many brothers of Shuiyunzong in one breath, and they are all brothers in the practice period, many of whom are their classmates.
Later, the two bodhi old ancestors of Shuiyunzong besieged Qingyang Sect, but they were attacked by Bailuo Sect, which caused heavy losses. This also made Shuiyunzong’s nest full of anger. When he saw Qingyang Sect, he couldn’t wait to skin and bone.
How can these people be willing to let go of such a good opportunity now?
On the other side, several Jin Jianfeng people just found Shui Yunzong’s monks before they could relax in their hearts.
"It’s all ten monks! And there is a ten-story peak monk! " Gu Hang was tight and muttered.
Hear Gu Hang mumbling several other people suddenly face big change!
After some intense consumption just now, these human immortal powers have already been stolen, not to mention dealing with six ten-story monks, even seven-story monks, they may not be able to cope.
Just as several people were thinking about getting ready to run away, a sound suddenly sounded.
"It’s good for everyone to meditate at ease. Just leave these people to me to deal with."
It’s time to talk!
Several monks, including Gu Hang, showed stunned expressions on their faces.
What joke? Even if Moxiu’s strength is strong, it is impossible to deal with six ten-story peak monks, right?
Besides, Moxiu has just dealt with the monster beast attack for so long, and now he should be exhausted. How can he have the strength to deal with the monks of Shuiyunzong?
But it doesn’t seem to be lying to see Mo Xiu indifferent.
Just a few people hesitated for a moment, and Brother Shui Yunzong also rushed here quickly.
They can’t run away if they want to.
Chapter one hundred and forty Shuttle
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Blink of an eye, Shuiyunzong six people surrounded Jin Jianfeng seven people, but they were not in a hurry to start work. Instead, you teased Jin Jianfeng seven people with a word.
"Ha ha! Isn’t this the Qingyang Sect? Why are you so embarrassed? " [Search for the latest updates at.
"Gee, incredibly hard to break through the monster beast group! But now you have no strength? "
"But it’s a bunch of scum to repair and restore immortal power like you!"
"Your strength has also come to the Wanyao Valley. Isn’t the birthday boy too old to live long?"
"yo! There’s a beautiful girl there! Gee, wouldn’t it be a shame to kill her like this? It’s better to save her life later … "
"Ha ha! Old three, you can’t control that penis again. It’s hard for you and me to protect ourselves in the trial. Leave this girl as a scourge! In my opinion, it is better to kill it with a knife. "
"That’s it! How many girls are waiting for you when we take the elixir and go out of the trial to want girls? Even female monks don’t have a lot of them. As many women as you want when you achieve Tsukiki! "
Jin Jianfeng seven people back-to-back in a circle heard Shui Yunzong six people talking about different faces.