Of course, this incomplete consciousness cannot swear allegiance to him.
But he can operate on this soul just like Qin Yu and others.
But there’s a problem. This soul doesn’t have a soul source in Levi’s hands like Qin Yu and others, and this soul body is usually born in Levi’s soul knowledge sea. How can we keep him from harming himself?
It is said that this soul body’s self-consciousness has been wiped out by Li Wei, but the consciousness body may produce self-consciousness, which is very dangerous
Li Wei thought of a way. He put a ban similar to the soul oath in this soul body. If this soul body produces self-consciousness again, it will touch this ban. Li Wei naturally knew at the first time that even if there was no ban, he would know immediately if this soul body produced self-consciousness in his soul.
With this ban, it is safer. For example, when he released the giant to kill people, he suddenly developed a sense of autonomy … although it is extremely unlikely.
But this is not a permanent solution.
Li Wei thought that the permanent solution is to slowly replace the giant’s soul power with his own soul power before damaging the giant, so that his soul power will not be reduced, but after keeping the giant’s memory and adding a trace of his soul source to it, the giant will become a distraction! The giant’s memory becomes his own memory.
Yes, it’s not a distraction, it’s a distraction!
At the beginning, Li Weifei’s powerful soul force was condensed into a giant spear and refined into nine soul light spears. Although the light spear has become more and more powerful in his purple fire quenching, it needs his strong spiritual strength to control it. If this soul force constitutes a giant and becomes distracted by himself, although he has no independent thinking ability at present, if he still retains his fighting ability, he will become a sharp and powerful killer!
Compared with this distraction, the soul light spear is like Li Wei’s own soul force to control the spirit-eating gold silkworm, compared with those golden cicadas that are now injected with a complete human soul
Of course, it is difficult for Li Wei to separate a part of the soul source, but Li Wei is sure that he can do it. After all, it is much easier than Yuan Ying’s distraction.
But you can’t add your own soul source before the giant’s soul force is transformed, which may slowly refine the giant.
Levi slowly arranged the ban and sank the giant into the purple sea of soul. This giant has been weakened by purple fire and light spear. Levi wants to raise it by his own soul force, or he can slowly replace and merge in the purple sea of soul force to form the giant soul force.
Do all this. Li Wei sat quietly for a while in the soul source of Tiange, and his consciousness slowly withdrew from his soul. He did not leave quickly, but recalled every detail and every knife he saw in his memory of the blood clan.
When Li Wei attacked the Golden Angel with hundreds of knives, every knife made his heart tremble. He knew it was a kind of fear because his heart was white and he couldn’t resist it!
Li Weihao calmed down and was interrupted by palpitations again. This is different from watching memories. At that time, he was watching. Now, he not only has to learn the blood clan’s knife technique, but also understands the meaning of the knife, the fighting spirit and the killing spirit!
At the same time, we should not only imagine our marksmanship to resist, but also resist the fierce murder and fighting spirit.
The murder will be interrupted when Levi can’t bear it.
Ordinary people don’t feel this confrontation of murder, and Li Wei’s murder is also condensed into fighting against the blood clan’s ancestral sword, but there is still a bit of murder accident. People in Qin Garden are silent, and even naughty phoenix, phoenix and Muzixing are honestly closest to Li Wei. Li Peiyao has sat cross-legged in the soil fertility operation capability to resist this murder.
Finally, after Levi was able to resist 30 knives in a row, Levi took the initiative to stop
He knew that if he did it again, he couldn’t resist so many knives, because his mental strength was too high, and he had been condensed as before. If he practiced again, he would not be able to stop the sharp murder, which was bad for his practice.
This is, after all, uniting and not really fighting. At this time, we must never let others kill us again and again to defeat ourselves.
If it’s a fight, Levi knows he can’t resist three moves!
The root of the power that can break is not that he can resist him now, but his power has not reached that level, but this does not prevent him from learning those knife tricks and murder.
At this time, his murder is at its peak!
Take back Ruth’s murder. Li Wei got up and sat cross-legged in front of the entrance to the building far away.
Her teeth clenched, her face turned pale, her body trembled slightly, and her thin gauze almost soaked. Levi put his hand on the back of her neck and slowly gave her Danli for a while before she recovered her strength and looked very tired, as if she had experienced a life-and-death battle.
Li Wei knows that her spiritual strength also consumes a lot, and her fingertips are condensed into a ball of soul force. Slowly point it on her forehead. Li Peiyao wants to kneel down and thank her. Li Wei is busy pulling her and saying, "Don’t kneel down and thank you for a little thing. How many times have I told you? What are you doing here? You have to stay away from it! What if I hurt you? "
Li Peiyao said, "Peiyao was afraid that there was no one around him to wait on him. Besides, she was able to withstand it at first, but later she felt that she could not withstand it. However, she felt that she had benefited a lot from resisting these violent murders around him."
Li Wei nodded. "That’s just like you’ve experienced a life-and-death war. It would be stupid not to gain anything. If you can’t resist it, you’ll leave. If someone comes to sneak up on me and kills me, I’ll feel it immediately."
Taking Li Peiyao away from her heart and thinking that she is loyal, as she said, she left the Heavenly Palace. In addition to the reality of the palace master Luo Chen, there are three elders who are known as the three kings, including Li Peiyao in the twelve immortals. However, nine of these twelve immortals have been repaired by Yuan Ying at present, but all of them were repaired in the early stage of Yuan Ying, and the remaining three people have already reached the late stage of then, and they may turn Dan into a baby at any time.
Looking back, Li Peiyao wondered if the so-called twelve immortals were all as beautiful as her and really deserved immortal names.
It took Li Wei a long time to learn the blood clan ancestral Dao, but it didn’t take long. At this time, the sun was not high. Outside Li Wei’s office, Qingliu Hongying and Qingliu Xueying were still busy. See Li Wei to come over and tell him what happened this day.
Qingliu Hongying first told him that Liu Zhi said that he, Xia Fei and Wu Mei had all arrived at the designated location. They had already had 200 people entering Huonununu and 300 deputy armed men led by Wu Jichang to arrive in Hawaii at midnight on July 31st.
Li Wei’s uncles Du Yuxian, Zhou Yuchuan and Bai Yushan, together with his master Xin Yuhai, have brought more than a dozen people with elixir repairs in the United States. Chunlan has joined with ten people, and both of them have Yuanying repairs. Li Wei is not worried about the danger of the master.
Another thing is that princess Maggie of the blood clan empire called him and said that she had something important to tell him. Please ask Li Wei to give her a reply as soon as possible.
Levi didn’t expect Maggie to call him at this time.
Wondering what will happen to her? Now there are thirteen elders left in the blood clan Senate who have sworn allegiance to Li Wei, and there are three relatives of Maggie in the Senate. There should be no objection to her accession to the throne as a monarch. I was thinking about whether to give her a reply now, but now I am looking forward to seeing that she has something to say.
"What’s the matter? Have something to say "Levi laughed in the mind have guessed a few minutes.
Green willow red cherry is still words haven’t export face has some red light said "male can you give me also …"
She doesn’t know whether she doesn’t know how to express it or can’t say it.
Levi looked at her heart and stretched out his hand and pulled her to his side to sit. He held her half in his arms, stretched out his nose and sniffed a soft face on her neck and said, "Do you want me to wash the tendons for you, right? But you can’t wear anything when you wash the tendons. Do you think it’s necessary? " Levi rubbed her waist gently through the clothes, and she was soft in Levi’s arms.
Looking at her, Jiao Jiao is soft, shy and charming, and Li Wei is full of evil fire, thinking about whether to execute her on the spot.
But I think this girl seems to be not ten years old, right? No, like seventeen. Almost?
The fourth volume Landscape Tour Chapter 32 Clashes of Blood and Dally with Female Secrets
The fourth volume Landscape Tour Chapter 32 Clashes of Blood and Dally with Female Secrets
Qing Liu Xueying came in with a pile of materials in her hand and saw her sister cuddling in Li Wei’s arms. She didn’t know what she was talking about. She screamed and hurriedly covered her mouth, holding back her smile and ran out to cover her face. "Bang, bang, bang."
But Li Peiyao didn’t even move his eyelids outside the door.
In the office, Li Wei couldn’t help kissing the delicate and charming lips of Qingliu Hongying before letting go and said, "You are too busy these days. Don’t worry. After a while, I will accompany you when I am busy, not only to wash your muscles and muscles, but also to pass on your skills. Can you two sisters become a Dan in a month?"
It’s not that Li Wei is bragging. He was born in Dan on the 10th. The physical strength and mental strength of these two girls have reached the requirements. It’s not a big problem to have Li Wei to help them. The key is to have Li Wei constantly give them Dan Li.
Let Liu Hongying, who is still shy, dial the words to Maggie. I can hear that Maggie’s voice is a little tired and she feels a little wrong when she receives Li Wei’s words.
She didn’t know what to call Levi, who was sworn to be loyal to her master according to the blood clan system. Maggie would have said that Levi would promise her that she would rather be Levi’s servant, but she was a princess of the blood clan empire, but she couldn’t say the word Master.
Li Wei said, "Just call me by my name. What can I do for you now?"
Maggie, there is not one thing, but several things.
First of all, the funeral problem of Zamon is how to deal with Zamon’s physical problems. The elders have formed diametrically opposite views. Some people think that Zamon has established a blood empire, and the monarch is dignified and inviolable. He is required to build an exclusive and huge cemetery, and his body should be protected forever.
On the other hand, some people think that Zamon is so powerful by absorbing the power of the king, and that his huge body contains power, which is of great benefit to the blood clan. The new king should absorb the energy of his body, so that the new monarch will become stronger, and everyone will be white. A powerful monarch is important to the blood clan.
Although Maggie’s father and grandfather are not opposed to Maggie’s absorption of Zamon’s power, Maggie doesn’t want her to become a great-grandfather after she transforms herself.
However, just yesterday, something happened
The hall of the heavily guarded castle was suddenly attacked by a group of powerful people and almost broke through the last line of defense. In the end, although the Ministry of Human Resources killed it in the future, it also made the blood clan high-level Yu Zhameng’s body treatment present a one-sided opinion