"The big sacrifice has really taken control of this fish-eating beast. It will follow me in the future and will not be a dangerous mermaid family. Maybe it should not be called the fish-eating beast after it. Why don’t you give it a name by the big sacrifice?" Liao Jinghua said as she began to dislocate the fish-eating beast’s hind legs and reset its tail. The fish-eating beast did not escape or attack, but shrugged her head behind Liao Jinghua.
"It’s extremely fast and cunning, so let’s call it Xun." The big sacrifice laughed.
"Ha ha this name is very good." Liao Jinghua clapped his hands and laughed and looked at those soldiers who were a little lifeless mermaid and gave a wry smile.
"It’s really inconvenient to bring the big sacrifice to Bichao City, so I’d better leave now," said Liao Jinghua.
"Well … it’s better for me to call the sea" said the big sacrifice after a while, and then the blue light waves floated around for a moment with long white hair, which called the huge turtle of the sea swimming like a black cloud.
Liao Jinghua drifted into the sea turtle’s giant-backed fish-eating beast, and now he should call Xun to follow him. He still shrugged his head and crouched behind Liao Jinghua, trying to make himself lower than Liao Jinghua. Unfortunately, he was more than ten feet tall and then he was short, but his eyes were going round and round. He probably couldn’t understand why a person with such a small body still had so much strength that he lost.
Liao Jinghua bowed his hand to the big sacrifice and all the fish soldiers, and went to Liao Jinghua by turtle very freely. This time, he was very happy that no one died because of him. It was enough to have these Liao Jinghua.
"Big sacrifice what don’t ask him to go to the blue tide city? Anyway, he saved the mermaid clan. "Water asked.
"He doesn’t belong here. Sooner or later, there is no difference between staying a moment more and staying a moment less. Besides, he has done enough for the mermaid clan, and the mermaid clan has borne enough sorrow, which will make him feel sad after an old sacrifice dies." The big sacrifice said with a smile.
"What?" Water eyes opened wide.
"I’m very happy that Shuier can see you mature, and the revival of the mermaid clan will be put on your generation." The big sacrifice smiled and wrinkled his face and gradually spread out, emitting water and blue light, and gradually the big sacrifice figure disappeared into the sea …
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Chapter 55 Wine is a good thing
Blue knife suddenly one leng along while didn’t respond to come over, he never thought that his first master offensive was solved by blue knife so simply.
Liao Jinghua shook his head against the enemy again in his heart, where did he get so numb? This is purely a death wish, but Liao Jinghua can’t let go as usual, otherwise Blue Sword will lose almost ten lives.
The blue knife is still a master with a red face. I know Liao Jinghua wants to give up, but I feel unwilling. There are still many means that have not been made. Fortunately, Liao Jinghua nodded to him at this time and drank a long knife with a size of dozens of feet. It appeared in his hand and crossed the sea to chop the blue knife with momentum.
Blue Dao screamed with excitement, waving blue water drops the size of one egg after another with both hands, and greeted them. In a short moment, hundreds of beads collided with the virtual shadow knife. His hand even nodded secretly at the big sacrifice, and the mermaid clan was out of water. The best practice of this blue Dao was that it was not a little bit worse than the mermaid. When it was too long, it had no contact with the outside world. The clan lost the competition and the motivation to make a living, and the big sacrifice thought to itself.
Every time the water drops hit the long knife, Liao Jinghua felt that the knife was attracted by a gentle force. When the knife hit the blue blade, it was already powerful, but it drove the blue knife back. Liao Jinghua secretly admired the mermaid’s gentle personality and even their military means were so gentle without a trace of fireworks.
Blue Knife’s hands are looped into a circle and held on his chest. The blue water drops are rapidly forming. The powerful energy of the water drops makes Liao Jinghua dare not ignore the knife shadow around him. When he firmly protects himself, he will fly out of a knife and shoot at the blue knife, but the shadow of the knife is sucked by the water polo in the sharp rotation of the blue knife’s chest. It melts into the water ball like the same water, and no waves are seen.
Yelling at the blue knife and yelling at his hands, the head-sized water polo hung on the blue knife head and the fishtail swung at Liao Jinghua. Liao Jinghua didn’t expect that the blue knife didn’t shoot water polo at himself, but people rushed to themselves. The speed of the blue knife was too fast. At this time, I wanted to remove the knife shadow. I didn’t see that the knife shadow had fallen off, and the imaginary blood splash scene didn’t appear. Those knife shadows seemed to disappear as if they were under some suction. However, Liao Jinghua’s eyes were quick and found that the knife shadow was actually sucked into the blue water polo hanging on the top of the blue knife
Liao Jinghua’s magic has not been finished yet. The big fist of the blue knife has been smashed. Liao Jinghua was greeted with a punch consciously. After having the power to protect himself, Liao Jinghua was most afraid of the body source force. The fist of the two men smashed in a place visible to the naked eye, and a wave of water shot around them. At the same time, they secretly called a bad one, but they regretted that they could not come.
But see big sacrifice turquoise long hair float in the sky and a circle of blue light waves spread out from her body. The impact ripples caused by those two fists suddenly melted like buffalo and blew across the cheeks like a breeze, but even so, they were scared out in a cold sweat and rushed back.
"You will be fine if you continue to have me here." The big sacrificial long knife fell and nodded and said.
Blue knife is full of excitement. She nodded to Liao Jinghua, and once again raised her fist to hit her mouth, shouting that she was happy. Liao Jinghua even raised her fist to meet her, and smashed her fist in one place. Liao Jinghua took a knife shadow in several shots, but the knife shadow touched the blue knife’s body as if it had gone into the sea. Instead, it made the water polo hanging overhead bigger and bigger, and the blue knife seemed to increase its strength with the increase of the water polo, but it didn’t show a trace of fatigue.
Liao Jinghua heart secretly awe-inspiring knife shadow didn’t, presumably the different protection array will also be the same ending heart andao this tianzhufeng man times this makes Liao Jinghua dependence on different also fell to the lowest point.
Their pure physical collision lasted for nearly half an hour. Liao Jinghua was very relaxed. He was sure to call out four sections of Fan Li and kill the blue knife with one blow. On the other hand, although the blue knife is still big and lasting, the body can’t bear the fists, and the body is already swollen and strong. He is still better than Liao Jinghua, who has been tempered for several times.
Blue knife roar loud is Liao Jinghua fly up a foot is playing in his waist will he kicked a twisted waist cried off a dozen pieces of scales …
Liao Jinghua felt that the foot was slippery and abnormal, but nine points were slipped. However, less than one point was enough for the blue knife. When Liao Jinghua flew and kicked the blue knife again, he cried and screamed. Compared with Liao Jinghua, he did suffer some losses, but he lost two legs to attack.
Blue knife quickly swung a few punches to block Liao Jinghua’s sudden retreat, screaming with his mouth wide open, and Liao Jinghua couldn’t help but feel a little funny when he looked at him. It was just a struggle for life and death, so he just wanted to say a few words of courtesy and stop there, but he saw blue knife yelling at his fists and holding them tightly as if he had suffered a lot. The state was almost the same as that of Liao Jinghua’s overloaded lift.
Liao Jinghua heart in a surprised look at the big sacrifice big sacrifice or a smile sample seems to be not care Liao Jinghua also at ease to if blue knife is dangerous, even the big sacrifice has already interfered.
The more Liao Jinghua looked at the blue knife, the more strange he felt. Seeing that the blue water drops hanging over his head were getting smaller and smaller, it was only the size of a fist. At this time, the blue knife threatened the blue light to flash for a moment, and two complete arms appeared. Looking at these four arms, the fisherman Liao Jinghua completely spoke.
Blue knife gave four fists a hard touch, snapped, twisted the neck, giggled and laughed, and came at Liao Jinghua again.
This time, Liao Jinghua kicked out his legs and feet again, which were turned back by the blue knife. Those hands seemed to be specially designed to block Liao Jinghua’s legs and feet. Generally, they would never take the initiative to attack him, and they were also a little astringent. Maybe they were not too used to the extra hands.
Blue Knife suddenly punched four times in unison. Liao Jinghua didn’t expect that the two idle hands of Blue Knife also attacked for a while. They punched him in the air and blood, and there were some flowers in front of him. Unconsciously, Liao Jinghua’s eyes were also a little red, and a violent gas surged from his heart. Mermaid tears also quickly turned around Yuan Ying. Thick pieces of cold and cool gas constantly dissolved the rage, but the rage was more and more driving Liao Jinghua to be a little annoyed.
"I can’t fight again, even if I want to get out of control again." Liao Jinghua’s heart andao this is also a shortcoming of Fanli. Since Fanli was made, Liao Jinghua was easily out of control when he was attacked or his life was in danger, and Fanli broke through the contradiction in the process of losing control.
Liao Jinghua’s eyes are suddenly red with blood, and his body is swollen by about half, which is smaller than the big blue knife. His body is tall and his muscles are high, like he will burst out at any time.
Blue Dao is barking with fists and meat, banging on Liao Jinghua’s body, but Liao Jinghua seems to have no feeling. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the water polo hanging on the top of Blue Dao’s head and easily dragged it over.
Lost the blue water polo, blue knife and his arms suddenly disappeared, and the whole blue knife was shocked. I didn’t expect to be so easily taken away by Liao Jinghua.
Liao Jinghua breathed a long breath and his body shrank sharply, and finally returned to normal size. With his eyes closed, he felt the mermaid tears chill in his body and the violent gas finally disappeared. Liao Jinghua just looked at his hand with his eyes open and smiled slightly from the water drops and sent it to the blue knife. "Brother Lan gave in and almost drove him crazy."
"Lost is lost. What do you admit?" Blue knife froze for a while and then smiled with a big mouth. He stretched out his hand and took it away from the water drop and lost smartly.
"No, no, outsiders are not all like this. If Brother Lan uses this trick outside, he will be in an invincible position, but you should be careful when this day’s strange man doubles out." Liao Jinghua laughed.
"Ha ha, that’s right. This guy who claims to be a master hiding at home makes people laugh." Blue knife smiled and waved his fist away from the water droplets. "How about this trick if you want to learn? I can teach you yo "blue knife to Liao Jinghua picked an eyebrow and said" but you just want to teach me something like that "said blue knife, gesturing to become a big figure.
"Ha ha, I don’t know how to call this thing. If I want to learn it, it’s simple. Don’t make other things turn around in life and death like an ordinary person. I naturally learned the mobile phone ap." Liao Jinghua laughed and said that it was easy for him to say it, but Lan Dao was shocked to hear it, but he had to wander around on the edge of life and death. What kind of life is he going to experience? Lan Dao thought in his mind, fearing that he would have been driven crazy like Liao Jinghua. What are you talking about?
"Pepe, in fact, it’s simple for me to stay calm and ask for water help." Blue knife also said with a smile.
"Just think about it?" Liao jinghua’s strange way
"Of course, but it seems that I am better than all of them. I am also better than the water droplets. I am called the first master by them. Alas, what hand is higher? After that, whoever says that I am a master, I will not recognize my mother." Blue knife said bitterly, and I feel blushing when I think about it.
"think? Ask for water help? " Liao Jinghua muttered, closing her eyes slightly, silently thinking about asking for water help, but after thinking for a long time, I still didn’t feel anything.
"Ha ha, that’s the mermaid clan who can give birth to you. How can you get it so easily?" The big sacrifice laughed at this moment and said.
"ah? It is also rare. "Liao Jinghua suddenly woke up and laughed.
**** *w*w*w**** ***o*m
"Don’t blame me for walking to my place to drink." Blue knife smiled and stretched out his hand and pulled Liao Jinghua.
"Drink? Do you still have that wine? " Liao Jinghua asked curiously, there are a lot of snails like that.
"Hey, hey, there’s just one last point. If you hadn’t come, I wouldn’t have taken everything out." Blue knife laughed.
"This ….. although the wine is delicious, we can’t have another fight." Liao Jinghua said it was difficult to cut the blue knife, so he couldn’t put his hands and feet. Finally, he almost drove himself crazy. He would rather face the they nest Excalibur Sect than cut the blue knife again.
"Alas, you are really addicted when I lose. Losing once is enough. Let’s go. It’s just drinking." Blue knife said, pulling up Liao Jinghua and walking.
"So I’ll join in the fun." The big sacrifice suddenly spoke to the blue knife, but his eyes were always looking at Liao Jinghua.