"Brother Lin closed the palace door and banned it!" Star Xuan ha ha a smile back to Lin Feng said
Lin Feng is also ha ha a smile. Put a hand on it and put it in the moth singing palace to fly Joan. At the first sound, he closed the ban and let the moth singing team come back with fifty thousand demon soldiers.
That Mrs. Mochen is also very happy. I didn’t expect to eliminate the moth singing so easily. Long Xingxuan led the whole moth singing palace without moving. It seems that I still underestimated the strength of Long Xingxuan and others.
Xing Xuan flew to the door of the moth-singing palace, waved his hand and slid a colorful light across the three golden characters of the moth-singing palace, then disappeared completely and became three glittering characters of "Lingxi Palace"
Xing Xuan’s heart is happy to have a decent abode of fairies and immortals after many years of preparation. I really don’t know what my past master will be happy to know.
"The moth sings and brings all the food in our palace. I want to reward the three armies!" Star Xuan ha ha laughed and said
The moth sang embarrassedly, looking at her original hands and letting them prepare for the banquet and reward those dragon soldiers and generals who besieged them.
Xing Xuan let Mrs. Mochen into Linxi Palace and said to Mrs. Mochen, "The moth singing palace in Taidian has called. I want this palace. I like all the magic weapons inside. Even if I move, I need to leave some necessary for these people!"
Then Mochen ha ha a smile and said, "Playing the moth and singing in the palace, Linxi Zong takes the credit. Mochen is just leading troops out to pose. If you dare to take credit, I will promise to find a abode of fairies for Brother Long. I should also send some gifts to the Dragon Patriarch today!"
Xing Xuan shook his head again and again and said, "It’s very kind of you, Mo Chen. Of course, my brother can talk, but those 150 thousand dragon soldiers came out to fight a battle and brought nothing back. I’m afraid they will feel resentful if they deal with the floating light again. You’d better choose something!"
Mochen also felt justified when he heard this, so he got up and sang with the moth to move to Linxi Palace warehouse.
Yunjiao, the 19th princess in the Dragon Palace, is sitting beside Ao Guang, the old dragon king, looking at Ao Guang’s thin face and crying.
Next to a dragon lady handed YunJiao a piece of silk handkerchief to encourage low way
"Miss, don’t cry. The old dragon king has never slept so well as he did today. The patriarch who came to Linxi from the human world also said that he had sealed the black silk toxin in the old dragon king’s head and wouldn’t do it again!"
Yun Jiao wiped her face with tears and said, "I really don’t know which bastard did this to my father. No wonder my father’s temperament has changed greatly in the past two hundred years. It turned out that there was a toxin in his brain. I really didn’t always blame my father!"
"Miss, don’t be sad. Everything will be fine!" The dragon lady continue to encourage YunJiao way
At this time Yunqi heard the sound of the cannon on the sea outside, and it was earth-shattering.
Yunqi was startled and asked the dragon lady, "Who is fighting with whom? How did you make such a big noise?"
The dragon lady smiled and said, "Miss, you don’t know yet. It’s Mo Chen who led the dragon soldiers to attack the moth. It’s too bad that the moth sings that it doesn’t respect heaven and the Dragon Palace. He’s going to lead troops to wipe him out!"
"ah? It’s really confusing. Where is Mo Chen’s opponent? Even when my father is not sick, he is afraid that the moth will sing three points and dare not provoke him. Why is Mo Chen so impulsive? No, I want Ge Lang to help him! " Yunjiao, as soon as you listen, gave a nasty push, and the dragon lady and the dragon car didn’t do it, so she flew into a colorful light and rushed outside the Dragon Palace.
Just out of the Dragon Palace, a reddish light came face to face, and it was a cloud fly. The light suddenly appeared in front of the cloud mosquito, and it was Shen Gongbao
"Princess Yunjiao, where are you going?" Shen Gongbao quickly asked Yunjiao way
"Alas, General Shen, you are an old man. Why don’t you discourage Mo Chen from singing? Is it so easy to provoke him?" Cloud dumpling saw Shen Gongbao immediately a reprimand.
"Ha ha, Princess Yunjiao, you worry too much. Mochen is too natural to send troops when she is sure of winning the moth. Princess Yunjiao doesn’t have to worry about him!" Shen Gongbao Xi Xi smiled at Yunjiao and said.
At this time, a hag quickly ran towards the Dragon Palace and shouted, "Mochen’s victory has captured the moth singing palace!"
Yunjiao’s face couldn’t help but change and grab the hag and ask, "How did Mochen win?"
"Lingxi Zongzhu stopped the moth singing with one move, so he won!" The hag said in fear
Yun Jiao couldn’t help but ask with a grain of salt, "Does the Lingxi clan patriarch really have such great skill?"
Shen Gongbao ha ha smiled and said, "Princess Yunjiao doesn’t believe that she went to see it herself!"
Princess Yunjiao was also afraid that the wrong information would attract her husband and father-in-law to reprimand Shen Gongbao, so she immediately followed Shen Gongbao to fly in the direction of the moth singing palace.
Far away, I saw hundreds of thousands of dragon soldiers swaggering into the moth to sing Princess Gong Yunjiao, and I couldn’t help but take a long breath and say, "That Linxi Zongzhu really has some doorways to beat the moth to sing. It seems that it’s time for my Dragon Palace to unify the East China Sea!"
"Hehe, the princess doesn’t worry that Mrs Mochen has grown up and won’t do things rashly as before. The old dragon king ordered that you must see the princess hall when you wake up. If you wake up and can’t see the princess hall, I’m afraid the old dragon king will be unhappy. Please go back to the princess hall!" Shen Gongbao ha ha smiled and said to cloud mosquitoes.
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Yunjiao nodded and flew into a light to fly in the direction of Dragon Palace again.
Shen Gongbao looked at Yunjiao’s back face and revealed a sneer.
Moth singer watched Mo Chen lead Long Bing to move away half of the treasures he had worked so hard to accumulate for thousands of years. He felt distressed and hated the two robbers who constantly cursed Mo Chen and Long Xingxuan in his heart, but he was branded by Long Xingxuan in his heart. This moth singer didn’t dare to make a bad move, and his face could also be a smiling face.
That Mochen was so proud when she saw the moth singing that ugly smiling face that she was even more ugly than crying. She deliberately let a group of Long Bing slowly move what originally belonged to the moth singing palace.
Long Xingxuan and Mrs Mochen have finished moving. Haha, laughing, she invited all the senior immortals of Mrs Mochen’s Dragon Palace to the hall to hold a celebration banquet.
The moth sings and has a seat, that is, sitting next to Manyun, who once tied him with a red sword and shed a lot of blood. The moth sings and laments her treasures and fears Manyun’s fierceness. Those delicious foods are like chewing wax when eaten in her mouth.
Manyun saw that the moth sang an embarrassing little smile and winked at it again and again, and sang a dish for the moth, which immediately made a moth sing more at a loss.
"Don’t feel sorry for your treasures, moth singer. Do you know who the patriarch will deal with next?" Mann cloud ha ha a smile to moth singing eyes wittily said
"Who to deal with?" Asked the moth singing silly
"Idiot, of course, it’s floating light. Let me ask you about floating light skills and who is higher than you?" Mann cloud shouted at moth singing a pout and asked
"Oh … I’m even with him!" Moth sing couldn’t help don’t away low said
"Ha ha, then it’s over. You’re just like cleaning up a toad. The floating light is almost the same as your skill. It’s not another toad. Then we’ll go to the floating light palace to grab things. Do you say it’s more treasures in the floating light palace or more treasures in the singing palace?" Manyun said eloquently.
"It should be that they have many things!" The moth’s eyes suddenly lit up after singing … When did she become a little toad? This … This metaphor is too underestimate herself.
"But we have to pull up the small forces in front of the palace one by one. The patriarch said that no one is allowed to challenge our prestige near our palace!" Mann cloud at this time her face a cold to moth sing said
"The white moth sings the sky and leads troops to wipe out other forces!" Moth singing immediately said excitedly
"Not the day, but now!" At this time, the high-altitude earth star Xuanyin boomed.
"The moth sings that although you enter my Linxi Zongmen, it is the longest time to practice at the latest. You can be a big exemptions! Now let’s muster 20,000 sailors and let several nearby water monsters surrender. Anyone who dares to resist will be killed! Man Yun and Qiongzhi, you two go and help him! " Star Xuan added
The moth sang and listened to her face and immediately showed gratitude. She fell to the ground and shouted at Long Xingxuan for three heads. She immediately turned around and left.
The Qiongzhi and Manyun came out smiling and singing along with the moth.
The moth sang proudly out of the palace gate and turned to Qiongzhi Manyun and said, "In the future, I will be your two little girl masters. This is what the patriarch said. Call a teacher now!"