Gradually, Violet has gradually learned about the identification method of these flowers and plants. It seems that the colorful design and color of the three-color camellia next to it is also very pure. I know that it must be a name. I recalled the introduction of Xing Xuan just now and then cried, "I also recognized this one. It must be the dusty three heroes! “
Xing Xuan looked at the flower and burst into a smile and said, "Fairy is wrong. This flower is not the Three Heroes, but the Taoyuan brother Fairy. It’s really good kung fu. You have cultivated it!"
"How come it’s not the Three Heroes? Look, white flowers represent Li Jing, red flowers represent Hong Fu, and purple represents the tramp!" Zi Ci doesn’t argue with Xing Xuan.
Xing Xuan smiled and said, "Fairy is wrong. The three men are the biggest white flowers in purple flowers, and the smallest red flowers show that they are different in identity, ranking and orderly, but these three flowers are the biggest red in white, and the purple flowers are the same in urine and urine, not the three men in dust, but the purple flowers of Taoyuan Brothers are purple, black and not pure purple!"
Purple Rui couldn’t help it any more at this time and quickly asked, "Dragon Patriarch, wait a minute. Purple Rui is ashamed to hear what you said. It seems that people are wrong, but I don’t know where this Taoyuan brother came from. Why did a camellia plant get a male name?"
"Hehe Xian still has the idea of preferring girls over boys!" Xing Xuan couldn’t help poking fun at her when she heard her lovely words. The purple purple suddenly waved her hand all over her face. She didn’t mean that.
Xing Xuan didn’t want to be difficult. The fairy pointed to the camellia and said, "Look at this tea tree. There are three big flowers, each with different colors. The white flowers are like snow in the middle, just like the flowers next to the eldest brother Liu Bei in the Taoyuan Sanjie righteousness are as red as fire, just as the camellia on the other side of Wu Shenggong is as black as ink. It is the third brother Zhang Feixian. This kind of flower is pure. The red and black flowers are separated in the middle and left and right, and the order is low. However, the position is a little different, so it is not the Taoyuan brothers!"
It was said that Zi Rui Xian Guang Huan jumped out with a crossed expression. It turned out that all the flowers he cultivated were names, but for Xing Xuan’s explanation, I really didn’t know.
I was just about to pull Xing Xuan to talk about other flowers and plants. Suddenly, Zi Rui Xian’s face changed, and then Xing Xuan saw flowers at the moment. A human figure had appeared in front of Xing Xuan.
"The fanatics in the world are so bold to arrange the marshal to lower his status as an old man. Do you want to live?" A binge drinking like a bolt from the blue monstrous momentum towards the star xuan is pressure to come over.
Next to the Tiangang, Qiongzhi was prepared to lean over by the wave "Ah" and was shouted by the man. He flew out and overwhelmed the number of flowers and plants. Look at Manyun and others in the distance. Fortunately, they were oppressed by the man and fell to the ground.
Star Xuan also couldn’t help but go back two steps and be oppressed by his powerful momentum. The golden body of the three-headed arm almost flew out of the heart, and I was surprised that the amazing guy could oppress himself almost by sheer momentum. This guy is the first one.
When I looked up, I saw a tall man with a face as black as the bottom of a pot, and his eyes were very fierce. At this time, those big eyes were staring at Xing Xuan as if they were going to eat Xing Xuan.
"Qin Jie, how dare you yell at me and disturb my distinguished guests?" Violet was furious at this time, and the lotus step was instantly blocked by Xing Xuan and questioned the big fellow.
With purple purple block beside the star Xuan feel pressure a loose footsteps toward the next inclined coldly looking at the big fellow called Qin Jie.
"Mademoiselle is angry. Maybe Mademoiselle didn’t hear clearly just now. It’s hard to forgive this man for insulting marshal criminals!" That Qin Jie gave purple Rui an arch hand. Although his words were polite, he was very disdainful, and his actions didn’t mean anything to recede.
"Ha ha, it turns out that General Qin has been eavesdropping on our speech!" Violet smiled coldly and looked away with her eyes turned up, showing great disdain.
Qin Jie’s face turned red, and then he was even more annoyed and inconvenienced. He gave a bad breath to Zi Rui. He shouted, "Why don’t you insult handsome criminals and wait?"
Xing Xuan wondered. I thought that General Qin was a mad dog. I just talked to this little girl, Violet, but she just jumped out and said that she always insulted them. What a handsome man! How can everyone be so wronged?
Xing Xuan had an air-cooled smile in his heart and said, "General Qin, don’t use a big hat to oppress people. Is it to tell evidence that I insulted your handsome?"
"You still don’t admit what you said just now that the Taoyuan brothers put that shit Liu Bei in front of Shuai and said that this is right. This is not an insult to Shuai. What is this?" Qin Jie was so angry that the veins stood out all over his head.
"handsome? Feather Oh! It turns out that you said handsome is feather, and he flew to heaven! " Xing Xuan suddenly realized that the strength of heaven was once again shocking. Now the Moda Federation is ten thousand years away from the former Earth Federation, and the story of the Three Kingdoms Period is ten thousand years away from the collapse of the Earth Federation. When you add them together, you can practice for tens of thousands of years. Even a caterpillar can practice for such a long time. How great the strength of that feather is. It seems that the road to practice is really long. You can’t underestimate that people suffer losses and face less confrontation after that day, or do you want to play the sap and counsel the master’s own strength is far from the real bosses?
When Xing Xuan’s face changes, it’s clear and white. Is Qin Jie still afraid of Xing Xuan because he said something wrong? Hun didn’t expect Xing Xuan to be in such a mood now.
"Know! "Purple pistil fairy cold snorted the Qin Jie heard face suddenly proud at the star xuan said" hear miss purple pistil all say you know! “
"I mean, it’s no harm for you to read more, General Qin, so as not to kiss up to the horseshoe in the future!" Violet is almost talking to Qin Jie with her nose, which makes a Qin Jie stunned and thinks that there is a bird who always flatters and reads!
Xing Xuan also ignored him at this time. A fool who didn’t even know Si used to be didn’t have time to talk to him. He reached Qiongzhi and pulled her up in a flash.
That Qiongzhi felt that a warm big hand grabbed his arm and the body pressure disappeared like walking on clouds. Suddenly, he was elated and was about to lean on Xing Xuan’s shoulder to gain momentum. Suddenly, he saw flowers at the moment, and a figure flashed towards his position. At the same time, he heard a charming drink "bold" and then heard "boom! A big ring of colorful lights and red gas scattered flying rocks flying air billow tumbling a huge pressure to her chest so that she almost fainted with a scream of "Ah".
When she can open her eyes a little, "now she is in the headstrong Ya Shan Yu Xu Zheng’s top body, tasikmalaya is airy, and there is no effort on the other side. A big foot man is wrapped in black armor, and a huge pike and your gun is pointed out in his hand, which makes Qiongzhi feel that his theory is like dodging and dodging, but his gun is generally stinging."
Looking up at Qiongzhi, one of our own people, I almost scared to death to see that this man was glittering and taller than the immortal across the street. What is even more frightening is that he has three heads and arms, one of which is firmly grasping himself.
"Who the hell are you?" Qin Jie remembered the character in the story and looked at the star Xuan in horror.
Xing Xuan’s heart is very uncomfortable at this time. Just now, he recklessly tried a plan with this Qin Jie. Rao is that he is already Zhang Erjin’s vigorous and energetic body, and he can’t stand the fact that he has been repaired too far. He has made himself a brute force, while the other party has taken advantage of heaven and earth to break the law skillfully.
Secretly recuperate the injured meridians. Xing Xuan doesn’t talk.
It is purple pistil fairy that a colorful light instantly appears beside Xing Xuan.
"Qin Jie, you really didn’t put me in the eye and hurt my VIP." "The purple pistil fairy repeatedly said several" good "but there was nothing to say. Obviously, there was no way to stop this outrageous and rude Qin Jie.
Arrived at this time, Qiongzhi realized that it was Xing Xuan who grabbed himself. His mind was determined to stand up and glared at the fairy who would release the green destiny sword and fight hard with him.
"Qiongzhi goes!" As soon as Xing Xuan let go at this time, the Qiongzhi fell flat, and she didn’t even have the strength to fly in the gap between the three powerful people.
"Who the hell are you?" The Qin Jie at this time restored calm looking at the star xuan asked again.
"Is General Qin asking me for advice or interrogating me?" Star Xuan pranayama at this time to come over and look at Qin Jie coldly asked at the same time in the hands of six lance are hidden into the virtual ready to fight.
"Heng is just a world bitch, and I, Qin Jie, respect you too much!" Qin Jie cold so smile at this time pike suddenly toward the top of the head a pick.
The sound of "crack" was as loud as this shot, and Qin Jie’s head was split and twisted, and the clouds rolled and the sky became discolored. A vulture happened to pass by and was suddenly crushed by the crack, and the blood turned into a little black mountain and disappeared into the virtual tunnel.
"Hip" came with a chuckle from Zi Rui Xian, who held out a slim little hand to cover his mouth and said after laughing, "I didn’t expect that General Qin also missed, and the dragon patriarch hasn’t attacked you yet. What are you nervous about?"
Qin Jie face a red just now, he really felt something coming towards his head and smashed a gun, but he didn’t expect to be teased by two people.
"General Qin, I, Long Xingxuan, really didn’t insult your handsome Taoyuan Sanjie storyteller Yu Xiao. If you are handsome, it turns out to be the cloud-long general in the Three Kingdoms period. Even though he is in heaven, you should still remember that his brother and his third brother, General Qin, stayed in the Federation for a few years. You might as well find someone to ask me if Long Xingxuan has half a sentence to arrange your handsome words. Xing Xuan will be punished severely!" Star Xuan just now, although relying on Xuanmu Pearl to put the Qin Jie together, but just now, Qin Jie’s gun was so powerful that he could see clearly that even if all the magic weapons in the three-armed mustard bracelet were put to use, it might not be this Qin Jie opponent. Besides, when so many magic weapons came out, it would inevitably cause others to be jealous. Even if Qin Jie was desperately killed, he would not have the strength to kill this purple flower again. The only way to do it was to reason with him and go to this war.
"Get out of here for Qin Jie and don’t make a fool of yourself here!" Purple core at this time also call way
Then Qin Jie, after just slapping himself with a missed shot, realized that it would not be easy to capture the root of Longxing Xuangen. Besides, there’s a purple flower next to him, which has provoked Purple Flower too hard. When he goes back, he will definitely get more than he bargained for. He glared at Xing Xuan bitterly and said coldly, "Purple flower fairy people are from humble origins. You’d better think about it. Don’t lose your identity!"
Say that finish that Qin Jie turn round and then walk tall figure is a turn is already ten miles away.
"No pains, General Qin, the dragon patriarch is the master of your family who won the achievement of the Antarctic immortal reaching heaven in the future!" Purple core blunt Qin Jie figure said coldly.
The Qin Jie body suddenly shake a then negligence disappear.
"Heng bastard will look down on the world! Dragon Patriarch, don’t argue with this vulgar person before we talk! " Purple core at the star xuan apologetic smile and said
Xing Xuan also smiled and said to the purple pistil fairy, "The beauty of the fairy is really a trouble. It seems that General Qin deliberately made it difficult for me because I was jealous of you!"
Violet blushed and said angrily, "Dragon Patriarch, what are you talking about? Where is he qualified to be jealous of you?"