Aoqin said anxiously, "Is it good that reinforcements from Penglai Island have been delayed?"
The sea dragon kings in the west and the north also expressed their worries in succession. Aoguang, the head of the East China Sea, suddenly shook his head and shook his head. He went to the table and sat down with a pot full of wine. He looked up and drank it and praised, "Good wine!"
AoQin flustered drink a way "eldest brother is on fire, do you still have the idea to drink? !”
Aoguang shook his head with four glasses of wine and said lightly, "Don’t worry, come here. We haven’t been drinking in one place for a long time."
Aoshun wait for a while said, "Big Brother is not stupid, is he?"
"Old four, what are you talking about?" Aoleap slapped him and turned to Aoguang. "Eldest brother, do you have an idea?"
Aoguang took a look at the three brothers’ eyes and said lightly, "You brothers are relieved that Penglai Island won’t let us die like this."
Applause … Applause sounded from the dark corner.
"What person? !” Aoguang’s eyes flashed with a fine mans hand, and the glass was thrown at the sound source with fenglei potential.
It was an old, yellow hand like a chicken’s feet, leaning out from the darkness, throwing the proud and wide glass into the palm of your hand, and not focusing on it. Generally, the proud and wide powerful magic cup was not able to raise any waves, nor did it spill any wine in the cup, and the four seas dragon king knew it badly. The pupil shrank with a jerk.
Coming out of the darkness, the old road will sniff the tip of the glass and shout, "It’s really good wine". The vigilance in Aoguang’s heart is even worse. It turns out that this man was hidden there at first because his four brothers didn’t notice it.
Sophisticated but regardless of these selfish said, "It’s a pity that Sophisticated but don’t drink, otherwise it won’t be so let go." The palm of your hand flashed with a cup of wine and disappeared from this world.
Aoguang and other four people’s faces have completely lost their color. It’s an ordinary palm. It’s unheard of that monks can use their magical powers to display Tao. !
The old man put his hands in his sleeves, his eyes were muddy, and the four men said faintly, "Are you going to take it easy or do you want to take it old?"
Aoguang’s heart is uneasy and calm. "Surely the rebels can conquer the Three Seas so easily, but the seniors are not afraid of Penglai Island for doing so?"
Road a stupidly then self-deprecating smile "I’m afraid and afraid that this day is not afraid of Penglai Island and how many people? It is the teacher’s life that has to be followed. "
Sober and crazy-this is the evaluation given by Aoguang to the veteran. At the same time, there are some curiousness in my heart. Who is this person? His teacher is Fang Sheng who dares to provoke Penglai Island? !
The two sides stopped talking, and the whole hall fell silent. Aoguang and others naturally waited for Penglai Island’s reinforcements when they delayed, but the old man didn’t seem to care what he was thinking when he was squinting.
"Come" sophisticated heart move said with a smile "you and others come with sophisticated go out and have a look" palm a double reveal a purple thunder ball blink of an eye is divided into four small balls to push to all.
Four tiny purple brilliance flashed into four people’s shoulder wells, and the four people felt that they lost consciousness when they were numb, and they were tied into a string by a golden rope (do you remember anything? ) dragging a dead dog to the front of the Crystal Palace generally makes the four people feel a cruel humiliation today. If there is an opportunity in the future, the old dog must be repaid one hundred times.
Aoyuan rushed to the front of the palace and the rebels immediately killed the defenders with a vibration. It won’t be long before they can take them.
Woof, woof, woof! Aoyuan is doing his dream of the Dragon King, and a few barking dogs wake him up. Looking intently at the field, there is a young Taoist with a cold and resolute face and a vertical mark between the eyebrows. Ma Xie wants to hang a perfect black sword and add feet. That strange-looking god dog has its own charm.
No matter what else, it is absolutely horrible to say that this interest rate appears in the middle of the scene. In front of Aoyuan, Jianli said, "Daoyou come far, please take Xiaolong to clean up the traitor in the family and entertain Daoyou later." The implication is that Yang Jian should stay out of the Dragon Department.
Yang Jian is no matter these faces are still indifferent, two words pop up in his mouth to "withdraw"
Aoyuan frowned and asked, "What?"
Yang Jian is no longer wordy, and the white light on his right hand slowly presses the hilt of the sword in Aoyuan’s watchful eyes, drawing his sword and fighting his big head into the sky. Aoyuan’s eyes are full of deep remorse and unwillingness, and the body of the dragon has collapsed. A hundred-meter-long claw golden dragon disdains to take a look at the dragon head. Yang Jian has to stab it in Aoyuan’s body with a sword and draw it out. The essence of the dragon body is that the dragon muscle is an excellent refining material. After the death of all the rebels, cramps are the greatest insult to the dragon, even in the eyes of the defensive side.
Yang Jian doesn’t care if it’s shuttling through the chaotic army to kill people with swords. Every time a sword attacks, it will find a flaw to fight back. Every time a sword is waved, one person will fall on the sword. Gradually, some people will be impatient, and the light white light on the whole body will flash continuously, leaving a long list of ghosting images to harvest life in pieces.
The rebels’ morale slipped sharply and finally they couldn’t bear to flee in all directions. Yang Jian disdained to pursue one-way and closed the dragon’s tendons and had a thin waist to fight the dog’s strength.
Clapping … Clapping at the door of the palace, I slowly walked out of a gray robe, hunched and trembled. It seemed that the wind was blowing, and I was holding a golden rope in my hand. At the other end, it seemed that I was dragging some door to block it.
This shock was enough, and the old man’s faint mana fluctuation was enough to make Yang Jian feel palpitation. Fortunately, since his debut, whether it was the previous red pine or the later earthworm mana, it was higher than what he had, and Yang Jian did not have fear.
Slowly breathe a sigh of relief. Yang Jian adjusted every inch of his muscles, straightened out every ounce of magic, and tried to keep himself in the best condition. His eyes stared at the old man and asked, "Are you human?"
Road leisurely forward slightly a pretty some rickets waist overwhelming momentum suddenly and light said "being original … XuanDu" at this time the long golden rope that end finally emerged that is … the four seas dragon king.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-five Disdain telling lies
Yang Jian’s pupil shrinks with a jerk. This dry road is the master elder brother Yunzhong and others who call the four masters of the Sage Gate the Xuandu Division. Thinking of the unfathomable strength of the master elder brother, Yang Jian’s fear is even worse than holding the fleeting hilt in his right hand.
On the other hand, the Xuandu division is carefree and turbid, and his eyes are staring at Yang Jian with a smile.
"Xuandushi, you are arrogant and arrogant, and it’s not a good game to provoke me in Penglai Island." In the confrontation, Yang Jian was in a situation where wind energy words attacked his opponent with the intention of equalizing.
Xuan Dushi shook his heart and shook the gold rope in his hand, throwing the Dragon King of the Four Seas far away and smashing it on the wall of the Crystal Palace. He fainted and put away the rope lightly and said, "Penglai Island, I am naturally afraid that the saints of the heavens can’t be the most powerful masters in Penglai Island, and how many people are not afraid that if it is 6-pressure road today, they will turn around and walk in your Yang Jian … Hum …" Cold hum two eyes, a flicker in the robe wind, which implies that this rage actually surges out.
Yang Jian’s waist sword flashed out of its sheath, and the blue horse flashed in front of it. The strong momentum slipped from the middle and the firm but gentle sword spewed out from the pores of the whole body and formed a light sword-shaped virtual shadow.
"Yes", Master Xuandu practiced slightly, but in a short period of time, he could have such a valuable repair. He grabbed the blue mans thunder ball and threw it to Yang Jian.
In the face of the prestigious Xuandu Division, Yang Jian did not dare to neglect. Suddenly, his forehead was vertical and his eyes were full of soft white light. He bypassed the thunderball and stabbed the Xuandu Division and pulled out a long ghosting image behind him.
"Huh?" Seeing Yang Jian’s amazing degree, Xuandu Division can’t help but exclaim that the robe sleeve gently swings the thunder ball on the spot and turns into an arc to attack the opponent’s back. Yang Jian doesn’t care if he drinks low and moves, but he suddenly disappears.
Xuandoushi’s heart was suddenly stung by a sharp pain between the eyebrows, and hurriedly flew and flashed. Almost at the same time, a long sword appeared beside him. This limited danger was hidden in the light and the Xuandoushi escaped. Looking at the slowly falling half sleeves and the mountains standing upright, Yang Jian’s face was full of dignity.
"The law of time …" Xuan Dushi’s eyes shone off and stared at Yang Jian. "You are very good, but you can’t beat me." Words have their own arrogance. While waving big sleeves, they are bare and bare, showing dry arms, which is particularly ridiculous.
Yang Jian didn’t think so. Looking at the vast expanses of thunder balls flying from all directions, he complained and waved his sword in his heart, spilling a piece of clear light to meet the raindrops. The thunder balls exploded continuously. Yang Jian’s stalwart body was like a duckweed floating around in a raging sea.
Xuandu division has been worshiped by others for many years. Compared with Yang Jian, it has an overwhelming mana advantage. When several thunderballs hit Yang Jian like a rainstorm, there was no continuous pain. Even Yang Jian’s body was not weaker than the big one.
Just as the critical headwind sounded, a golden whip whirled around, and the sky was too clear. Fairy thunder was swept away and fell to Yang Jian’s side, and suddenly a crimson thick palm was stretched out.
Finally came … Looking at and holding the Yang Jian latosolic red figure Xuandu division wry smile in my heart, so this one is here?
"Xuandu Daoyou being original Wen Zhong Ji" looked at Yang Jian seriously injured, and Wen Zhong was extremely angry and unwilling to leave the teacher’s face and calm face.
"Being original and returning the favor" Xuandu division also followed suit, and then drifted away. "You two are brothers. It’s inconvenient to be original and bother to leave."
Wen Zhong and Yang Jian both looked at each other and could see deep doubts in each other’s eyes, but they didn’t know that Xuandu was also depressed and had to retreat.
In those days, Taoist Duobao was shocked by the first world war, and his brilliant display language caused the sage to pay attention to the scene. The old man in the palace once compared his brother’s disciples with Xuandu Master and said, "Taoist Duobao is really a rare disciple, and you are not inferior. You can practice the dharma with me, especially the sage’s disciples who are good at Lei Fa. There is one person who can’t bear to compete if you are forced to retreat immediately."
Xuandu division was surprised several times in the heart, and I don’t know that people have such ability to bow down and say "please ask the teacher for advice"
"Do you know that the demon emperor sage tried to get mixed results?" Old light said
There was a trace of envy in Xuandu’s eyes. "The demon emperor, the stars and the Buddha are the heavenly punishments."
The old man nodded and said, "The demon emperor’s gate has a younger brother who is born with a clever eye to take charge of the thunder punishment for him, but you can’t practice the thunder punishment method."
Xuan is a teacher when the old saying is written in the bottom of my heart and flashed in my mind. Wen Zhong just swept Wan Lei’s avatar with a whip and felt very lucky.
"Fortunately, the second brother helped you, otherwise the younger brother would be miserable today." Yang Jian coughed slightly and said to Wen Zhong.
Wen Zhong slapped Yang Jian on the shoulder and told Yang Jian to grin. "I’ll be here immediately if I’m trusted by my uncle." See Yang Jian’s face again. "It’s not a shame for you to be defeated in Xuandu on your practice day. Teacher younger brother is extremely talented and will be better than him in the future."
Yang Jian was grateful for a smile, and then the two men left together and ignored the unconscious Four Seas Dragon King. This campaign will make the dragon run out of vitality since the post-war in Kowloon, and once it was a heyday, the dragon clan declined.
A few years later, Dayu visited the sky and gave it to Yi before the death of Kuaiji Mountain in the south-the young man who always tidied himself up meticulously.