"I know that you have a competition tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, so you can practice late. I won’t say anything about Monday’s exam if you study like this. You can think about how to face the post-exam, but you must spend half a day in four days to get through the threshold of refining gas," said extremely.
"Where am I sometimes?" Li Yi is a bit stubborn, old man. It’s not that you don’t know that I’ve been busy for four or five days, but you just let me cross the threshold when I have no time.
"In fact, you should have prepared for it a few days ago, but you have to replenish it after a lot of waves, and then you can have a good time. It is of great benefit to you to pass this threshold in this way."
"Let me see, old man. You are not ignorant of my situation," said Li Yi.
"That’s all," said extremely.
Make up for it in the middle of the night today
Chapter sixty-nine Let Sister-in-law help find an object
"Li Yi Li Yi, wake up, don’t scare me," said Lin Keer, ready to cry.
Li Yiyuan was talking to the old man. I didn’t expect Lin Keer to cry.
"Chloe, don’t cry first. I’ll just lie down for a while," said Li Yi.
"You’ve been lying here for a long time. Why haven’t you recovered?" Lin Keer asked.
"You shook me too dizzy. I’ll just rest for a while," said Li Yi.
"If the old man has something to say, just say it quickly. It seems that you didn’t say anything just now," said Li Yi.
"You really need to deal with your group of girls now, or you will have to turn into a fight when you practice," said the pole
"No?" Li Yi doesn’t believe how obedient Lin Keer is, not to mention how that could happen.
"Not in? Little late you see for yourself, "said extremely smile happily.
"Is there anything else for the old man?" Li Yi asked
"Practice while grasping everything" wanted to say very much.
"I know," said Li Yi.
Li Yi is faint with her eyes open, but she is still a little dizzy. I have to say that when a woman is in a hurry, she even shakes her own body.
"Li Yi, come and drink some water when you wake up!" Lin Keer blinked and said.
Li Yi finished drinking water and was ready to lie down again.
Lin Keer caught the cup and let it go.
"Li Yi, do you think you want to be my boyfriend?" Lin Keer smile happily asked.
"Yes, according to this development situation, I will definitely be your boyfriend," said Li Yi.
"Then do you think we should keep secrets from each other?" Lin Keer asked.
Li Yi soon understood Lin Keer’s meaning. Didn’t Lin Keer just want to know what he and Li Lu were? Anyway, he had to tell her sooner or later. It seems that Chloe took great pains to do this!
"Yes," Li Yi decided to play along.
"Well, how about you ask me a question and I ask you a question, and each other is not allowed to lie?" Lin Keer said with a smile
"Yes," said Li Yi.
"Then ask first!" Lin Keer said.
"NONONO, you haven’t told me what card you have!" Li Yi said with a wry smile
Lin Keer’s little face immediately became red in the novel: "Why did he still remember this? I also forgot it long ago!"
"Chloe, what did you say just now? You said you shouldn’t keep it!" Li Yi said
"I have to prepare for that before I can tell you, or I won’t die of shame if I’m not prepared!" Lin Keer blushed and said.
"Oh, how are you going to prepare?" Li Yi smile happily asked.
"How do you ask this question? What a shame! " Lin Keer blushed and said.
"Didn’t you say you wanted to keep it? That’s what I got." Li Yi said with a smile.
"Well, I’ll go out for a while and think about how to tell you, okay?" Lin Keer’s flat mouth looks super cute.
"Okay, okay, you go out and think about it!" Li Yi said
Huh? Why is there no sound? Is the boss ready to get down to business?
Chen qian said he was in a hurry because he was afraid of Lin Keer or the boss asking him questions. When Chen went out, he found that he didn’t do anything. So Chen thought of listening to the corner.
It must be that the sound insulation of the room is too good. No, I remember that the sound insulation facilities were one hair short once. Did Huang Mao refresh the equipment? It’s okay. Lean again.
Chen put his ear close to the door.
Lin Keer walked to the door and looked back at Li Yi. He saw the wry smile again. I don’t know what happened. I was particularly at ease when I saw Li Yi’s wry smile.
Lin Keer pushed the door.
"Holy cow, my handsome and domineering face * * bah … bah, what * * is the wrong word?" Chen sat down and said.
Lin Keer was startled, or a UFO was preparing for a terrorist attack!
But a look at Chen Lin Kerr smiled.
"Chen, what are you doing? Are you here to listen to the corner? " Lin Keer smile happily asked.
"Is … listen to MAO corner? I’m going to knock at the door. "Chen changed his mouth.
"What happened to your face?" Lin Keer looked at Chen right half face a little blue and asked.
"Miss Chloe, you knocked me over," Chen said.
"You have nothing to do but stick your face on the door and get hit." Lin Keer gave Chen a white look and said.
"My sister-in-law and I miss you too!" Chen pretend to be wronged as if he had really been wronged.
"I don’t really believe that you are pure-bred. Listen to the corner?" I just don’t believe Lin Keer’s face
"Sister-in-law, if you talk like this, I’ll be sad. You see, you and my boss are alone in this room. If you accidentally get angry and do something serious, if I knock on the door before, it won’t ruin your interest, won’t it ruin your good thing? This is you!" Chen vowed that if he didn’t know the truth, he might really be fooled by Chen.
"What are you talking about?" Lin Keer took a red and white look at Chen as soon as he rose.
"Sister-in-law, don’t hide it. I called you sister-in-law. Don’t you know that?" Chen picked his eyebrows and asked.