Purple Yan gradually restored Se disdain tunnel "I’m not a child, you see? Say whether you like me or not? "
I’ll go!
This dead woman!
"You boast! When you wake up, it’s my turn to sleep! " Xiao asked talking and went to the grass and closed his eyes directly.
"Who said I woke up? Old niang haven’t slept enough? "Talking purple Yan heels also closed his eyes.
"Who cares?" Xiao asked. He still didn’t open his eyes.
Purple Yan opened her eyes to see if Xiao Wen really didn’t want to look at her again, so she stared at Xiao Wen’s face and deliberately said in a fast-asleep tone, "Well, let’s sleep together."
This sentence is obviously ambiguous. Just listen to Xiao Wen’s mouth and sob …
Purple Yan clearly see in the eye can’t help but Dally heart andao dally with this small is really a let a person never tire of it …
When Xiao asked Zi Yan to fall asleep, she lay back and looked at the star and thought about revenge. There was no half peace and gentleness in her eyes, but she was cold and confident when facing the enemy.
Louis is dead, and now her enemies are left with three: Xiong, Qing Ji and Zhan Mo.
Xiong and Qing Ji were once her department, but she was confident that killing them was the most difficult and impossible thing to accomplish, just like killing Louis.
War demons are far from reaching the point of unifying the inferno, and he can’t unify the inferno at all. However, it is undeniable that he is indeed the first in the underworld and controls the inferno god "The Twelve Volumes of Monty Work" alone! At this point, there are several masters and her, Louis, Xiong and Qing Ji have at least ten people in a series!
In fact, even if the magic of war doesn’t help people fight alone, it must be the magic of war if she and Xiao ask two people to win …
It’s been less than 10,000 years since Zen Magic got the Twelve Volumes of Monty Skill. At first, some people dared to compete with him for the results, and even studied the Twelve Volumes of Monty Skill in actual combat. His strength became stronger and stronger, and he finally surpassed other top experts in the underworld.
This person knows more about forging body, magic tactic and magic weapon than those who specialize in a certain line!
There is a suspicion in the underworld that the magic of war has not been fought for a long time. Now we all know that the magic of war is actually the magic of war thousands of years ago …
Violet Yan is very suspicious that even if the war magic is still there, let Xiao ask the shrinking yuan to explode the mirror casually, and it is possible to explode the undead war magic before the shrinking yuan to explode itself.
Can she and Xiao Wen really defeat such a guy who has spent more than ten thousand years in the throne of the first person in the underworld?
Purple Yan feels difficult, but it is not an opportunity.
All this judgment is based on two things.
More than 200 years ago, she personally found the war demon and asked it for the method of rebirth of the broken limb in The Twelve Volumes of Monty Work. At that time, she felt that the war demon actually wanted to keep her directly, but he didn’t do it until he left the temple of the war demon.
What is the reason? That’s true, she’s been in jǐng for a long time, but the biggest reason is that Zen Magic has no confidence to let her beat a person and it’s nearly ten times more difficult to capture a person alive. At that time, Zen Magic was not sure to capture her alive!
This is one thing, and the other is due to Long Yi’s description of the Twelve Volumes of Monty Magic.
Louis is the original place of Twelve Volumes of Monty Kung Fu. This piece can never be deceived. Louis’ feeling about Twelve Volumes of Monty Kung Fu is beyond imagination …
This first wonder in the underworld is not for the contemporary demons to practice, but a virtual and ethereal race that is more suitable for practicing this skill. Of course, it can never be the dragon wing, male and green Ji of the celestial beings. After reading the Twelve Volumes of Monty Skill, their strength has risen quite slightly in recent years because the Twelve Volumes of Monty Skill is too difficult.
Then Purple Yan had this speculation that even if the qualification of Zen Magic was the first in the underworld, it would be impossible for him to make it in more than 10,000 years in the face of the difficult Twelve Volumes of Monty Magic. It is very possible that Zen Magic did not even make a third of the Twelve Volumes of Monty Magic!
In this way, the magic of war is not invincible.
Purple Yan now think mainly is the defeat of war magic.
Obviously, the thief has left her a chance, but she can’t rely on her immediate strength, even if she returns to her prime.
Thought of here, purple Yan couldn’t help but slightly slant head caught a glimpse of Xiao asked some aren’t in my heart.
Where did this little guy get his luck? !
Although the realm is low, there are artifacts like Ding Haizhu!
She can definitely wait for Xiao Wen to go to the Asian God realm with a dinghai bead, and she will not be Xiao Wen’s opponent …
God, this thief is so unfair …
Fortunately, now Xiao Wen is her helper, not the enemy. With Xiao Wen’s help, the hope of revenge is a little more doubtful.
But what about herself? Her strength has risen again?
She studied a comprehensive achievement method called Nine Mysteries and Demons Spectrum, which was obtained from the enemy who killed her master at the beginning. This achievement method is the top achievement method in the underworld, almost second only to Twelve Volumes of Monty’s Skill, but this achievement method finally made her surpass the strength of war magic, even though she got Twelve Volumes of Monty’s Skill, because war magic has been practiced for more than ten thousand years before her, she is still not as strong as war magic.
"Nine Mysteries and Demons" includes three parts: forging body, magic tactic and magic device, and she has almost reached the top. At this time, she really doesn’t know which Fang Xiangsheng to rely on.
Now she is facing the problems of all high-level Asian gods in the celestial world, the underworld and the demon world, and I don’t know what kind of realm to follow and how to practice.
It’s like the door of practice has been closed in front …
What she can do seems to be to delve into the illusory law like others. At this point, she has never seen but heard many times that Nan Yunqing, a celestial being, suspected to be the best front door, and she kept groping to expand her control and study more laws, trying to find another way!
However, Zi Yan is not Nan Yunqing. She doesn’t stick to one idea. She prefers to take shortcuts in practice rather than practice step by step. It is good for her to be strong enough. It doesn’t have to be the first day. Before that, she should be in the top ten in the underworld. Even if the war demons are afraid of her, no one dares to touch her. That’s enough. The road ahead is too difficult and there is no road. She really has no interest in continuing to look for it.
If it hadn’t happened, she couldn’t have been so eager to improve her strength.
Unconsciously, Violet Yan’s brow wrinkled up, because she had a feeling that she could think of some way to think about it, and it would be a waste of time to think about it again …
Sure enough, until Xiao Wen had a movement over there, she still didn’t expect to improve her strength
Xiao asked when he opened his eyes to see ZiYan staring at him unblinkingly, and he had a creepy feeling of "calling" and sat up.
Violet Yan couldn’t help laughing and sneered, "Look at your little courage."