"Your name is roars, right? According to our speculation, what difficulties should your friend encounter now? It is very likely that your friend is in danger. Are you going to come to Huaguoshan directly after you are cured? Or follow the two of them together? "
"You, you are the commander-in-chief?"
The heart of the tiger is constantly surging. This man has been treated remotely from Huaguoshan. So how strong is he? No wonder you can be commander in chief!
Chapter 56 The attack (5)
Frog Ji helped him. All the dark beasts were killed. Tiger San was captured. Pegasus put her in a separate cage. This cage was one of the special endurance techniques that Shu Mao gave to Xiao Qi, that is, Shu Mao passed the wind prison technique.
After doing these things, Xiaoqi wanted to get something to eat, and as a result …
"Ah ~!" Xiao qi screamed again.
"What happened to the seven adults?" Pegasus vaguely came running with a tree in his mouth and asked
Xiaoqi saw the food at a glance, but he fought back his anger instead of "Chief Pegasus, you …"
"Oh, my daughter said you agreed to let her take it. She also brought me some. I tasted it and thought it was delicious, so I gave it to everyone. Look, everyone eats it!"
"ah ~! I eat! " Xiaoqi gave a sad cry.
"ah? Isn’t this what you gave my daughter? " Pegasus is a little confused. Isn’t it just some food? Is Yu so stingy? But he had no idea that he later became more stingy than Xiao Qi.
"She is not without from my side? Then how did she get it? " Xiaoqi suddenly remembered a very serious question. Did the little girl take the food from him?
Xiao Caiyin just ran over and heard Xiaoqi’s words. She nodded. A small colored silver appeared directly in front of her mouth and stuck her tongue in it, but it was only after half a ring that she found out, "Oh, I forgot that it was just taken away by Brother Frog. Brother Xiaoqi, do you have any more in your feathers?"
Did she realize that Xiaoqi’s eyes had changed?
"Is this a gift?" Xiaoqi has been stunned by Xiaocaier’s performance. Ah, this is something that claims to be out of place! This is also his dream for talent or endurance!
"Oh, you say this, Xiao Qiren. She is really a rare talent, and she can walk on the ground even without using her wings!"
"Damn it, you and he are brother and sister. In this case, it’s not surprising that you have a gift. If you can’t go back, I have to ask the boss to compensate me more." After that, I left without looking back, but the father and daughter didn’t see a few tears directly in the corner of Xiaoqi’s eyes. You know, this is a weight that he has saved for several months and was eaten by them!
"Frog Ji! Don’t go, I want to fight you for 300 rounds! "
Frog Ji immediately shuddered at his words and immediately started to jump without looking back. "Xiaoqi, don’t chase me. I’ll go back first!" "
Jump to the middle and the frog disappears directly.
Flying horse saw Frog Ji had gone and ran to Xiaoqi’s side. "Let’s go, Xiaoqi adults!" "
A line of people continue to huaguo mountain.
【 Full Moon Cliff 】
Tiger king and tiger two have reached the moon cliff at this time, but when they get here, they find that
"Eldest brother doesn’t even have a bird hair here. Didn’t you say that the old one was taken away by them? How can you not even see a shadow of a beast? "
"Second, can you use your head? I guess they must be hiding because they know that catching our people will lead to bad consequences. They don’t want to confront us directly. You see, these soils are all newly turned. Just now, we saw the remnants of those dark beasts fighting by the silver moon River. I think they are either hiding or being arrested by other dark beasts. "
"That how to do? Xiao San can still be in their hands! "
"Let’s chase! I think they must not go far! " King Tiger touched his nose and immediately pursued a direction with more breath.
Behind the second tiger, a group of Tiger King Guards followed directly.
[Outside Tiger Camp]
Roar crazy Luo Xiaohu has arrived outside the tiger camp, but they didn’t rush in. Roar looked at the camp in the distance and said to the two people around him, "You two come with me. I have a special way to get into the camp!"
"Did your friend send you out of the secret passage?"
"Secret passage? Yeah, that’s right, but I don’t mind if you don’t want to go there. I’ll find him a chance to bring you in! " Hu Xiao said so, but his face was a little embarrassed
"Let’s go! It’s wartime. I can’t care so much! When I was fighting with the enemy, that guy tried to sneak away through the dog hole, but I chased him in. You’re not so embarrassed. Besides, Tiger is not an ordinary person! "
"Okay, I get it!" Roar looks a little better.
He went to the front to lead the way for the two of them, only to find that the place was actually behind a toilet when he got to the place!
Tiger looks a little pale, even though he is crazy, he regrets it a little.
"Why don’t you go in first and help us see if there is anyone who doesn’t talk, and then we will go in!" Tiger looked at the terrain of this place and then said to Tiger Roar
"good!" Roar is also one leng.
After he climbed into the toilet wall cave, he didn’t see the tiger fly directly, and the crazy Luo became smaller. The crazy Luo directly bit the tiger’s fur and then flew with him.
He just followed Shu Mao, and naturally he still can’t fly. Shu Mao’s flying skills can be said to have some people with him. Besides, when he created this ninja, he happened to be traveling in the psychic world. At that time, Xiaohu was around him.
At this time, another wave is going to find the tiger crazy Luo and then give them a message that the tiger family has set off …
"Roar where you took us is the tiger camp? How come there is no tiger family except you? " Tiger is a little puzzled.
They have visited all other places except the harem area designated by the patriarch, but they haven’t even seen an adult tiger family. This is very abnormal, which makes both Tiger and Crazy Luo feel cheated.
"Of course! You must believe me, this is really a tiger camp! How else would I be so familiar with this place? But it’s really strange. I can understand that the patriarchs are not from the clan. If I guess correctly, the patriarchs should have gone to us, but what about the eldest brother and them? " The tiger is almost crying!
They didn’t expect to pass those people directly.
When did the people of the tiger tribe in Nabo finish their journey at this time? When the traitor among them gave the mistake, when those tigers were right at this time …
Chapter 561 The attack (6)
The treacherous intention is to stagger the two groups of tigers. He wants to come to Huaguoshan to investigate the tiger events. People should not be much stronger than their own people. When they arrive at the battle site, they should have solved each other, so that they can be called supporting the patriarch. But he didn’t expect that he seemed to have done something wrong. He really did something wrong!
Although the Tiger clan was not found, they found decisive evidence when they took Tiger and Crazy Luo to the Tiger clan square.
There is a heightening wall around a huge circular square, and there is a door to enter, but this wall can’t surround the screams from the inside, the blood gas from the inside, and the evil smell from the inside! And guarding this place is the tiger family, the tiger king and the pro-guard!
Tiger killed him without saying anything!
The two dereliction of duty, the Tiger King and the Guardian, didn’t notice the arrival of the enemy at all. On the contrary, they seemed to argue about some trivial matters.
Tiger King Pro Weijia "It’s all your fault. If you hadn’t eaten elephant legs when we set out, we would have gone out for a windfall with the king!"
Tiger King Pro Weiyi "Do you still depend on me? It was you who ate too much yesterday and had diarrhea today, otherwise we wouldn’t be punished by Lord Tiger to guard here! You know, smelling the blood inside is the biggest punishment for the tiger! "
"Hey, who said it wasn’t?" Tiger king pro-Weijia is also a little annoyed. "In the end, it’s still your fault!"
"No, it’s your fault!"
In this way, the two pro-guards quarreled directly at the gate because of this trivial matter. Tiger just wanted to attack and suddenly lost his mind when he saw them like this! Fortunately, a crazy Luo followed the crazy Luo and directly knocked them out and then went into the tiger family to produce dark beasts!
As soon as they entered the door, they smelled a smell of blood, which was mixed with the evil and dark smell. Tiger dared not delay and directly put the slug on the ground!
When the slug touches the ground and becomes Datong directly, it spits out a scroll from its mouth. "Tiger, this is the scroll of a psychic adult. You can turn an adult into a member when you face the psychic array!"
"good!" Tiger directly spread out the scroll and began to channel, while Mad Wolf helped resist those enemies who found them and constantly attacked those who approached them.
Bang! Shu Mao directly appeared in this place, but this Shu Mao dress shows that he is on vacation!
Wearing a short-sleeved flowered shirt, large boxers, flip-flops and half a coke in his hand and sunglasses!
"Shu Mao’s adult, this is …" Crazy Luo has never seen Shu Mao’s dress, and he feels incredible. I don’t know what this tree Mao’s dress has given him a different feeling. If it weren’t for the psychic contract in his heart, he couldn’t confirm that this is Shu Mao.