At this time, I had a chance to see what kind of injury I had suffered, but before Zhao Li could observe Saunders’ sound carefully, I came over. "The com has a positioning device!" He is very anxious and anxious, and there is a little sadness in his voice. It sounds like he doesn’t feel so good either.
Zhao Li a tingle pick com pinched into a pile of fragments and threw it out far away, but just Saunders’ words seem to have been received by the battleship middleman from the com, and Zhao Li just threw away the pile of fragments and once again came the missile LiXiao.
Once again, there is another missile. These guys will never stop until they kill themselves and Saunders. This spiral nail blasting missile is definitely a battlefield infantry nemesis, even if they are wearing bullet-proof clothes, and it covers a large area. It is very common to deal with group targets. An armored vehicle can be replaced with another kind of blasting warhead to directly deal with the airport.
When there was no time to wave, Zhao Li clung to the tree and saw the direction of the missile. Bit by bit, he adjusted his position and separated himself from the missile by a thick trunk. Sanders had ignored it and thought that he should be better at avoiding it than himself.
"Bang" is another explosion. The spiral metal nails all over the sky once again covered the whole area. Zhao Li leaned against the trunk and heard a burst of Benedict sounds. Behind the trunk, he trembled violently with the sound of these spiral nails. You can imagine how horrible the driving force was.
Fortunately, the spiral nails exploded in the missile attacked the trunk obliquely, and sharp nail tips have been exposed in several places. Fortunately, one place was attacked, but almost all the surrounding ground trunks were covered with that kind of horrible spiral nails.
But even this made Zhao Li even more sad. His shoulder was severely nailed. A strong momentum failed to break through the layer of body armor and Zhao Li’s basic body-building technique, but Zhao Li still severely hit a staggered scapula, which was as painful as a broken one.
Fighting back the urge to vomit blood and shoulder pain, Zhao Li struggled to sit up and lean against the tree. He felt that he almost had no strength to maintain balance. Who said that martial arts can be hard to resist bullet attacks? How many times can I try this kind of attack? But no, Zhao Li, who was inexplicably killed in this hellhole, can also play a very energetic role and try to mobilize the basic fitness skills to make himself have money to save his life.
At this time, Zhao Licai took a closer look at his body aches. Fortunately, he was hit with pain, but there was no bleeding wound. The metal nails in several hit parts were still vivid. The spiral nails were spinning at high speed, penetrating the outermost bullet-proof clothing, and the tips of the nails were still preserved, except for the layer of bullet-proof clothing inside.
It was a fucking good thing. Zhao Li looked at the spiral nails that ran through the trunk almost half a meter thick from side to side, and then looked at himself with nails. He couldn’t help but sigh the benefits of high technology
If it weren’t for the new bulletproof vest sent by General Lucas, Zhao Li would definitely be drilled with several blood holes by those horrible spiral nails. He didn’t reach the level of being able to resist bullets. Even so, the impact force brought by the spiral nails made him almost act.
"Does the injury matter?" Saunders sounds obviously able to hear the pain, but after all, he is also a master. It should be nothing too big. Saunders came over from his hiding place while talking, but Zhao Li seems that Saunders doesn’t look good.
"I’m fine!" Zhao Li replied in a low breath, looking up, he saw Saunders’ strange eyes following his eyes, and even a few spiral nails were not pulled out to make people look shocking.
"I’m so fine!" Zhao Li once again stressed that although the back pain was relieved a lot, he still needed to gasp and gasp to feel a little relieved of the shoulder pain, so that he could move with one hand and throw away some nails carefully with the other hand, and then he saw Saunders pulling a few from behind him.
"We have to leave immediately! Otherwise, you will die. "At this time, Saunders said in haste, there is not much time for greetings. I have just heard the command of the other party to mobilize troops. It is estimated that someone will outflank the horse and stay here. Even Saunders, who is so bold, was once a man of the earth, but at the moment, warships and a large group of people may be surrounded by monsters and chose to avoid the edge first.
Without saying anything, Zhao Li Saunders stood up and put his gun on his back, then followed Saunders limping to escape.
Just now, that area has been blasted twice by spiral nail missiles, and it has become like an iron thistle. Although most of the spiral nails have been drilled into the soil, the trunks are densely distributed like maces.
Occasionally, there will be a few spikes on the feet. These spikes are sharp and will cut the clothes and skin almost 100 meters away if you are not careful. It took two people two minutes to come out, but at the same time, you heard the movement around you.
From that area, Zhao Li’s bulletproof vest backpack Sanders backpack has become a wisp of backpack, and the contents of Zhao Li and Sanders have left guns and some dry food, which is not much to bring with them for training, but I don’t want people to find out their identity from their clothes and always carry these rags with them.
The jungle camouflage is also a bit shabby, but after all, you can’t help but dress. It’s okay to put Zhao Li inside, and the bulletproof vest has been intact. Sanders has completely turned into a beggar.
Although I had to leave a lot of traces when I just came out of that thistle array, I still try to avoid leaving traces from the edge.
"Mom, who are they?" It’s almost 500 meters away from the position just now. Just scolded Saunders. Wow, people spit out one mouthful blood. It seems that just hitting is by no means so easy.
However, the distance here is still too close, and they are not out of danger. They dare not neglect the original place again. After breathing for a few minutes, they will continue to flee for their lives. They have already heard someone surrounding them.
"Let’s go!" It’s not too much for two people to support each other and flee in all directions.
It is estimated that Saunders has never had such a timid experience in his military career, but Saunders is not the kind of person who will be bloody when his mind is hot. When to show weakness, he knows better than Zhao Li.
Probably carefully ran out of the 500 meters, and then the two talents picked up speed, brimming with pain and almost fleeing in a hurry. Even so, we should carefully observe the top of our head. Once it is discovered by the Chinese warships, it will be a cover attack, and those people behind it will be added to kill.
Now the two can expect that the first warship is not equipped with that kind of large-scale scanning system. After all, this kind of thing will definitely attract the attention of the military radar, and it will attract the attention of the military. This should be taboo for these cautious people, and they are likely to escape.
I ran for almost a few thousand meters quickly and swam carefully along a small river for almost a thousand meters before I landed again.
Now it’s finally time to cover your tracks more carefully. Although the warships overhead have flown several times, they have not been found, and the outflanking teams don’t know where the waves are.
"It should be to get rid of those guys!" Zhao Li and Saunders ate dry food while drinking water in a temporary campsite, and both of them continued to flee. Their faces were not very good. Zhao Li was still breathing violently, and it still made him breathe hard. The more clear he was during this rest, the less he cared when he fled.
It is almost ten kilometers away from the attacked place, and it has passed through three rivers. Even if the other party has a hound with an amazing sense of smell, it is easy to find the breath of two people from the water.
"We don’t have much time to heal when we hurry." Saunders is experienced, not as simple as Zhao Lixiang, but it is enough to get a few hours of rest. This is also enough for them to sort themselves out. When they are hunted, they can have a few hours to recuperate, and they can add a little hope of survival in the future.
Saunders was almost physically repaired and hard to resist those spiral nails. At this time, Zhao Licai found that Saunders still had several blood mouths. After all, there was no bullet-proof suit like Zhao Li’s. The blow was punctured and the skin was already remarkable.
I haven’t found it just now, and it is estimated that the trauma is not very serious. It should be that strenuous exercise led to the simple treatment of a wound for Sanders, and it was confirmed that it was not very serious trauma, so I was relieved that both of them would sit and heal if they didn’t talk.
Zhao Li’s basic body-building exercise is almost a magic weapon for healing, but it is also limited to six or seven weeks after he entered a state of meditation. Although Zhao Li did basic body-building exercises all the way and brought himself physical strength, he didn’t recover quickly except to make himself feel better.
Now, when Zhao Li didn’t delay, the two men quickly arranged a simple early warning aircraft, and then each of them entered the state of exercising against a big tree, or was it because they tried to avoid attacking from behind?
After more than two hours, Zhao Li woke up from the exercise state and felt carefully. Except for the shoulder and back, there were still some slight pains. The injuries caused by those powerful impact forces have disappeared, and the feeling of tightness has disappeared. I can’t say anything refreshing.
Saunders also meditates, which is the most effective way to heal wounds. No matter what kind of exercises, it can slowly warm and nourish meridians, and it is the best choice to repair your own injuries by yourself.
Although the body has nothing to do with it, Zhao Li still feels strange that the injury of vomiting blood can be recovered in two hours, which is by no means easy to do with basic body building.
I waited quietly for Sanders for more than an hour before Sanders opened his eyes. The horse found Zhao Li staring at his eyes. Sanders didn’t feel strange at all. When he looked at it, "How are you?"
"The recovery is almost the same," Zhao Li answered truthfully. "What about you?"
"the same!" Saunders got up and did some activities. "Ask if you have any questions!"
"What made us recover so quickly?" Zhao Li certainly won’t be polite to ask out.
"Although you have eaten that thing, it showed strong recovery at that time, but it still improved some body functions. Rapid recovery is a kind of" Saunders explained slowly. "I can install it by myself after being broken by you continuously, and I don’t know the principle of this kind of kindness." Look at Zhao Li and continue to ask questions. Saunders is going to answer first.
"Where to go next?" He said he would follow Saunders, but he couldn’t ask why. Zhao Li simply didn’t ask the question.
"Give those king eggs a lesson to kill them, yes, but they shouldn’t have moved this idea to us!" Saunders touched a wound behind him and replied with a bold and combative voice.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Jungle counterattack
Saunders really attributed the reason why they were attacked to this. Zhao Li has no objection to this. Although he did not see the scene of the monster being dealt with in the end, it was not what ordinary people should see.
Zhao Li was also very angry at the attack on the two men. If he hadn’t just got a high-tech bulletproof vest, he must have been a corpse.
Zhao Li went through the experience of protecting others and transferring himself to a faren prison. He also saw some people’s secrets and imprisoned them for a generation. He even went through the experience of sending himself to a place where birds don’t lay eggs because he doubted himself, although this seems to be his choice.
However, what Zhao Li hates most is to kill people. Because of this ridiculous and sad reason, Zhao Li once worked with prison guards, and the old warden was still alive. This time, he saw something that he probably shouldn’t have seen, and he tasted it again.
No matter what his reason is, there is always a reason to say it, but this time, he didn’t ask for it indiscriminately. Even the clay idol has three points of fire. What’s worse, Zhao Li is a member of a violent machine trained by the federal government, and there used to be a group of murderous perverts who specially trained him a year ago
"Zhao Li, I don’t know if you still have that stupid idea of not killing people as much as possible, but this time it’s different." Saunders gave Zhao Li a shot before. "If you don’t kill people, others will kill you! There is no room for change? "
"white!" Although Zhao Li doesn’t like killing people very much, there is no choice in this situation. Sanders said that if you don’t kill people, others will kill you. Zhao Li doesn’t want to add a merit to those inexplicable people in his life.
Saunders quietly looked at Zhao Li’s eyes and seemed to want to see if he was lying. After all, it was murder rather than him. Zhao Li’s calm eyes seemed to indicate that he had accepted such indoctrination. Finally Saunders nodded and waved his hand. "Let’s go! Remember that this is a jungle hunting, but don’t say that you have forgotten those skills. "
Zhao Li nodded again, and the two tandem disappeared into the vast jungle.
One of the commanders in the giant stealth aircraft is furious. "You haven’t found the trace of those two guys for five hours. Are you all idiots and losers?"
"Sir …" A humbled explanation came in the com, but just called a chief and was interrupted by the commander. "I don’t care what you do, I want those two lives! Your actions are top secret. Do people have to shut up forever when they see your actions? "
"Yes, sir!" The other party replied loudly, but it sounded like a trained soldier.
"There is blood in the most attacked place. They must have been infected with the disabled virus for five hours. Even two elephants should lie down and wait for the dead horse. We must find them and make sure they can’t say a word!" The commander didn’t speak, but there was a male interface beside him who was not wearing a military uniform but a scientific research white coat.
Instead of objecting, he interrupted the commander and added a few words: "It is more difficult for them to track the disabled virus after washing their bodies in the water, unless the virus has multiplied in large numbers for five hours, it should have been almost looking along the river bank!"
"Yes, sir!" Once again, there is a promise tone in the com.