I know very well.
Olga, this guy’s friendship is worthless.
"I just need you to help me deal with that guy’s ally."
After cleanly admitting Olga’s story,
The other party directly skipped the stage of pulling, and it was really tempting
"According to my investigation, although the hard power of that guy’s allies should be far less than yours, it is still a problem for you and me to bring you a good battle."
"If you can help me get rid of the other party’s call, then you can get a valuable extra reward from me in addition to joining the parliament and stepping on the other party’s various heritages."
"I believe that even for you, this will definitely be a very good deal after satisfying your interest in fighting desire."
And wait for the other person to finish
Olga also immediately fell into a short thought.
This time
What the other party said is really no problem.
If you are relatively safe and have a good fight, there will be additional benefits besides the war benefits …
Then it’s really a good deal!
of course
More importantly, it’s worse to see others make money than to lose money. When he knew that the other party was going to pay some blood, he felt a lot of relief in his mind and achieved the effect of improving his perception.
After thinking about it.
He said with a thoughtful face
"That sounds really good."
"But before [Oster] makes a formal reply, I still need to know the general information of the other party, and what is the extra reward you can give?"
"If the strength of the other party doesn’t meet my expectations or the extra pay is too small, then I have to refuse your proposal."
Righteousness’s words didn’t reveal the fact that he was quite happy after selling the other party’s losses
can say
Chip is real chip!
Smell speech
I don’t know that Olga’s heart is full of malice, and the other party is not surprised. What is the solemn response?
"as it should be"
She had expected that Olga would have a similar answer.
One thing that needs to be stopped by is that Olga called her [Oster].
Race is also [abyss demon]
The branches are different.
Unlike Olga, he belongs to this branch of efreet.
She belongs to the Light Devil.
That is, "the devil of light"
Here, "light" doesn’t necessarily mean "holy light".
Most of the time it represents its nature [light]
Such as aurora, laser and light wave.
For ordinary people, it will not be a happy thing to be exposed to the light emitted by Oster, and it will not go straight to heaven and die in an instant.
of course
There will indeed be some strange [holy demons] born in the [bottom abyss] to show you how to put [holy light] flowers with your bare hands.
There are quite a few such guys just at Olga’s hands.
It seems rare.
Just because I was drowned by Yu Bie [Abyss Demon] relying on a larger number base.
The nature of "Holy Devil" is just like that of "Time Devil", although it sounds cool for mortals there.
But the same kind
Roots have no advantage.
The former is to restrain each other with the ordinary [evil abyss demon]. If you hit me, it is a crit. If I hit you, it is also a crit.
If the strength is not good.
Will be quickly suppressed
Even the defeat will be faster than the abyss demon!
The latter, after a certain level, is too bad. The ability of each city makes it look like nothing, just as it is bad for the street [fire ability] and [water ability] … people want to cry when they see it.
Generally speaking,
For the abyss demon.
Fire, water, earth, wind, light, darkness, poison, time, metal, machinery … are very common attributes.
While [sacred] and [causal] … some [conceptual] attributes are relatively rare. They are barely rare species, but relying on the huge number of ethnic groups, the so-called rare reality is either too rare or relatively rare …
After a few minutes.
With the departure of [Oster]
One of Olga’s "busy members" also started from the "Crimson Heaven" department.
Make rapid progress in a certain direction
He needs to personally investigate whether all kinds of information given by one side are accurate or not.
If the opponent is difficult to deal with
He’ll just give up
There is no need to lie in muddy water
Will there be no risk in the whole thing?
He has neve held that idea of chatting.