"All right, all right," the "fat" big head and big ears waved to Xie Leike to roll. He still needs to think about how to do it.
Chengxi Longyou Jiali
Xiao Si is sitting drinking tea while Long Jingui is taking a nap in the room.
Longyou fingers hit the desktop bit by bit as if thinking about something.
For a long time, Longyou suddenly got up and asked, "Has Moritani come?"
Xiao Si put a teacup and replied, "The horses and chariots should have come back." Then he continued, "Just now he gave me a message that things over there have been finished, and it won’t be long before the profit curve of Sakura resources will instantly become exponential."
Longyou listened and couldn’t help but smile "yeah! I didn’t’ mix’ with that little scholar for so many days! Even know what is the index. "
Xiao Si couldn’t help but bow his head and stammer. "This is not Moritani’s’ paying’ me. These are all my daughters-in-law’ women’ who taught me!"
Longyou smiled and laughed. "It’s okay to teach the so-called long-term ambition is good."
With that, the smile on the dragon’s face gradually dissipated and solemnly ordered, "Go and get me the leopard."
"Why are you looking for him?" Small four puzzled tunnel
"Let you go, you go!" Longyou ordered
"Oh, oh" nodded. Xiao Si went out to make a message and then drove out. It is difficult for people like Leopard to connect directly. Most of them need to go there in person, but this is normal. After all, they are knife-edge people who make a living. If they are not careful, they may not live today.
After Xiao Si left, Longyou carefully took out the pipe from his father’s room and looked at it carefully. Although Ji can determine who did it, it is more reliable to find out. After all, it is interpersonal here. Wouldn’t it be a great mistake to kill an assistant by mistake?
Longyou picked up his mobile phone and dialed another message. This message was addressed to a classmate of his long time ago. The classmate majored in pharmacy in college and later studied biochemistry. Anyway, it is a major in dealing with drugs. It is perfect for him to handle this pipe.
But the other end heard that Longyou asked him to help him check something, but he still paid for it. Without saying anything, he dressed directly and took a taxi from the’ door’ of becoming a monk and came running to Longyou.
Longyou sighed a long time after hanging up. I don’t know how long this battle will take, but since the other side has declared war on him, shouldn’t he hang up the battle card and be a little puss-head?
Besides, in this kind of war where you can’t even see the smoke, can you hang a war card and everything will be fine?
Sitting quietly in the house with your eyes closed seems to have seen the feast tonight, and the big cleaning activity will start from tonight.
Longyou’s classmates arrived at Longyou for the first time and watched him holding a pipe and studying it. From time to time, they also carefully smelled a little cigarette holder oil on their fingers. But this new pipe is really thin and powerful, and there is almost nothing.
After watching him study for half a day, Longyou asked, "What? Is there any way? "
That classmate is a very white boy in his twenties who is away from the flat head.
* Flat head looked at it carefully and said, "Well, it’s not bad. The’ medicine’ has not been completely volatilized, but I have to take it back to a professional instrument for testing."
Disappointed "
Chapter 329 Draw the net
Longyou nodded. "Well, just call me when you have the result. I’ll find someone to call you later as a down payment, and then I’ll give it to you together when you’re done. I hope you won’t keep me waiting for the last payment for too long."
* Pingtou seems to be very interested in the number of Longyou, happy and proud. "Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed."
"Well" Longyou nodded his head.
This kind of pipe medicine is extremely special and belongs to the national restricted sex medicine. There will be no more than three hospitals in this city that are qualified to give this kind of medicine.
And the’ medicine’ brands given by these three hospitals are different. Longyou believes that his classmate can find out which brand it is, and once it is found out which brand the pipe sticks to’ medicine’ and which hospital produces it, it will be much easier to say.
About half an hour after this classmate left, Moritani and Xiaosi came back, and Leopard was brought by Xiaosi.
Looking at the leopard dragon, he said, "You’ve been with me for several days. Today is the first time that I’ve given you an important thing. I hope you don’t screw it up."
The leopard is stout, and the whole person cuts the axe and chops. After listening to Longyou’s words, he gently nodded his head to show that he knows.
Pulled out a big pile of white paper from behind him, and 11 sheets were stapled together by a stapler.
The leopard took it over and asked, "When is the latest?"
Longyou sneered, "Don’t exceed this evening."
Leopard just paused. I didn’t expect Longyou to be in such a hurry. To tell the truth, although there are many people under his command, the pressure to get rid of so many people at the same time is still a little great, and it is very likely that he will need to personally array.
Longyou looked at his expression and asked, "What’s the problem?"
Leopard quickly shook his head and said, "I’ll give you an answer later."
Longyou nodded, "Well, that’s good." Then he continued, "Then you go first. Don’t worry about the money. Moritani will call you later."
Leopard nodded his head. It’s not so easy to get rid of so many people before the end of the night. He has to go back and prepare well.
Just as the leopard was about to walk out of the house, Longyou suddenly stopped him and told him, "Hey, brother, pick some hands and feet and don’t do some bad things, so don’t leave any clues!"
Leopard smiled two times. "Don’t worry about this. I won’t do things in a mess."
Longyou nodded, "that’s good.Seeking network wwwqiushuC"
It was only after the leopard walked out of the room that Longyou’ rubbed’ the sun’ hole’ and sat down on the sofa, which was a big headache.
From the beginning of taking over this steel plant, all kinds of things have been the same one after another, but now Longyou has finally begun to get bored and decided to start teaching these various kinds of ghosts and monsters some lessons. This is not a killing of chickens as an example, but a killing of chickens as an example.
"Sit down!" Longyou, it took a long time to press the sun’s "hole" and "rub" before remembering that these two confidants are still here.
"How’s things over there?" Longyou looked at Moritani who had just come over and asked
Moritani nodded. "It’s settled. Everything is developing in a good direction."
Longyou smiled, "That will do."
This is probably the best news he has heard in the past two days.
It won’t matter if those who want to follow others to uproot the steel mill are cleared.
Of course, except for two things, one is that Li Shuren traveled with his father and Yan Shu. With his own feelings for so many years, there must be something hidden in it that he doesn’t know, but he doesn’t know exactly what it is yet.
It took a while to catch that dog named Li Shuren before the truth came out.
Just three people were sitting here drinking tea when suddenly Longyou words rang.
Longyou picked up the words and replied, "Enenxing knows."
"Come with me to deal with one thing" Longyou got up and ordered.
"What is it?" Moritani just came back and knew nothing about what happened here, but Xiao Si didn’t know what it was, but he could guess a rough idea through Longyou’s expression and reply.
After going out of the’ door’, the Longyou car sat down in the opposite posture and said, "Go to Wanghu’s house."
"Is it him?" Small four surprised tunnel
Longyou smiled bitterly. "I didn’t expect it either, but the problem is that I went to the United States with him and that fat guy in our company."
"Moritani can’t have a problem. You are my confidant. I know that you have never betrayed me. Maybe it will leave Fat with Wang Hu. How can Fat always treat me as a cash cow and harm me?" Longyou sighed.
Small four started the car to step on the clutch and put it into gear. "I didn’t expect it to be him. You know, although he joined in halfway, he should be one with us."
Longyou sighed at the sky. "Who can say anything about world affairs these days?"
Wang Hu was a person who worked hard with Long Jingui and others in the early years, but then he gradually alienated, but he didn’t expect such a thing to happen now.
After arriving at Wang Hu’s home, Wang Huzheng squatted at home and ate instant noodles while watching TV. He saw that several faces in Longyou were not good in color, especially when Longyou’s face was so dark that it could drip water.
Wang Hu got up in a panic and looked at several humanitarians. "Dragon Dragon Brother, are you here?"
Longyou pulled a chair to sit while Xiaosi and Moritani swam around to block the’ door’ and looked at him with a gloomy face.
Wang Hu panicked when he saw the three men. He knew why Longyou came to him.
Longyou looked at Wang Hu and asked, "Brother, what have I done? Let you do this to me? "
Wang Hu shook his head almost crazily and said, "I didn’t do anything, Brother Long. You have to believe me, I didn’t do anything!"
Longyou looked at him and suddenly sneered. "Didn’t do anything? You think I’m stupid, don’t you Or do you think you can really trace those things? "
Wang Hu looked at Longyou in panic and didn’t know what to say.