The celestial land has a large score area! Kyushu is the name of Fiona Fang’s 10 billion-kilometer region. There are nine first-class forces in Kyushu!
Level VIP room a white old light ordered to the side of a young man around the age of twenty.
"yes! Patriarch! " The young man respectfully took out a piece of jade from the ring, closed his eyes and found out. Jade remembered most of the information they searched.
After a while, the young man opened his eyes and closed his eyes. He was embarrassed to see sweat on his forehead and said, "Patriarch! It’ s unfavorable to do things and I haven’ t found this world to help! "
"Didn’t find it?" White man slightly one leng, but he has never met such a thing.
Even the forces outside Kyushu can’t be ignorant of any information.
Wanted to think, the youth added, "I found a heaven and earth meeting, but it was a small organization with only one thousand people who lived by robbery!" Although the strength is not bad in the same order, the highest level of repair is only four orders! It is unlikely that this can pick up 500 billion soul stones and challenge the Heaven and Earth Gang! "
"The patriarch’s gambling rate has reached one to one. Should we bet on this game?" Then another young man respectfully asked
"One to one?" The white old man’s eyebrows were a little surprised. "This heaven and earth gang … an unknown force can make the gambling rate reach one to one?"
One to one is a difficult data! This means that there are as many gamblers betting on heaven and earth as there are believers in the future.
But this heaven and earth gang is a force that has never been heard of! And Qianqiu sent a game is played a very good result! Sacrifice 300 ghost king slaves to annihilate opponents! Although you can’t rank first in ten games, the top three can’t run!
It’s really weird that such a team game has such a gambling rate.
"Are those old guys looking for land?" White old man muttered to himself and looked at several senior guests next to him at the same time.
"Patriarch! Just now, I saw a cash note that 95% of the gambling money won by Tiandi Help Team came from an ordinary VIP room! "
"A note?" The white man’s eyes lit up like a treasure for several days.
"Is also to the ordinary VIP room owner is the team owner! And there are two teams in the challenge team! " Nodded youth respectfully said
"So it is!" The white old man suddenly laughed and said to himself, "It seems that the owner of this team is very confident in his slaves!"
"Xiaoming first sent a hundred billion soul stones in Qianqiu to try. I’ll see if this one hundred billion soul stones can be won away by him!" White man slightly side head ordered to the next to the youth.
"since this team | people are so confident, there should be reasons for their confidence!" Muttered to himself, the white old man ordered another young man beside him, "Little Star, you go and check the information of the owner of this ordinary VIP room! Be quick! "
"yes! Patriarch! " The two youths were ordered to do it separately.
Such as two young people from white old man face a strange smile.
It is obvious that three teams will participate in the contest together.
Master Tong VIP room just wants to win money! This situation is not uncommon in the gambling game! And these people also tend to have something to people! But that’s really something! Since he is so confident, let him win more! If you don’t give up children, you can’t get wolves …
It’s like discussing that more than a dozen senior VIP rooms have sent 100 billion soul stones in Qianqiu.
It’s very difficult for gamblers to guess their names. It’s normal for gamblers to think that the gambling rate is one to one without the help of heaven and earth.
They don’t have the advantages of those people in the senior VIP room. They know that the odds and total gambling can’t check the identity and funds of the gambler at will.
However, the odds of one to one still make most gamblers crazy! After all, it is obvious to all that they are fighting in the next century. It is absolutely tough!
Qianqiu sent a steady win, a win, a thousand bets, ten thousand wins and ten thousand absolute values, which is the idea of most gamblers.
And a small number of gamblers believe that it is not unreasonable for the gambling rate to reach one to one! Maybe someone knows what information is good for the team! But the gambling rate is one to one, which makes them afraid to take risks! Bet 10 thousand to win 10 thousand, and the loss rate is very high. Only a fool can be so big that he can’t stop gambling in this game! Bet 10 thousand to win 100 thousand. It’s better to take a risk
"There are so many rich people!" Once again took out a soul stone Zhang Xiaotian could not help but scold a way again.
The Qianqiu Sect will take out some soul stones to fill in every day when there are more bet funds over there! Keep the gambling rate at one to one.
At this time, Zhang Xiaotian’s gambling money has reached 5 trillion
But Zhang Xiaotian knows that this is the initial stage, and the real rich people are still hesitating! He still needs to arouse their interest slowly … The total gambling in the first ten games has exceeded 10 trillion every time, and this time will be no exception …
"Or one to one?" Senior VIP room people surprised Zhang Xiaotian that ordinary VIP room has been outward flow soul stone to maintain a one-to-one gambling rate they naturally know.
But in this way, they will know more about the thoughts of the owners of this ordinary VIP room!
There are very few gamblers who bet on the world to help the team. Now 97% of the gambling money flows out of the ordinary VIP room. If you just want to win some money, then the root will not always flow out like this …
Murphy … The VIP room owner wants to win more? Senior VIP room people heart suddenly flush with such an idea.
Maintaining the gambling rate like this will not attract the attention of gamblers, but also stimulate the lucky psychology in gamblers’ bones. At this time … even gamblers in ordinary VIP rooms … The original cautious gamblers also increased their bets.
Really rich people bet on money and keep going wild!
7 trillion … trillion … 10 trillion … 15 trillion!
"Ha ha! More and more! " Zhang Xiao, as relieved, had a smile on her mouth.
In just a short time, the bet on Qianqiu Sect reached more than 15 trillion!
Zhang Xiaotian also threw stones at Heaven and Earth to help the team!
While Yang Xiaodi and others are so excited about so many soul stones from the bottom of my heart. So many soul stones will be owned by them. Even Li Fugui, who has seen big scenes, can’t help but jump wildly in his heart! The last few bets were not so much! But he knew that so much money was theirs! You will get so many soul stones without paying much! The pie is not much worse than the sky.
The gambling money is still increasing!
17 trillion … 20 trillion … 25 trillion … 30 trillion!
Unilaterally betting over 30 trillion soul stones, the gambling rate is one to one, and the total gambling amount has passed three times the maximum gambling amount in the previous ten games!
"alas!" With so much gambling, even those senior VIP guests can’t help getting involved.
"Know yourself and know yourself well! I don’t know if the ordinary VIP room is determined not to shoot! " A dozen senior VIP rooms held such an idea and just held back their hands.
"Thirty trillion!" Zhang Xiao, as if a little uneasy, should I pay attention? Don’t make the loss outweigh the gain. I finally thought about it for a day and then I went on!
30 trillion soul stone face, those people are worth far more than each other! What’s more, there are more than a dozen in total! He has a soul, Yue Shi. I’m afraid the happier those people are.
This time it’s a test and a win! Zhang Xiao, as thought
They help heaven and earth strength | to the top! But … wealth is probably the least among the top forces from all walks of life, and it is … a far cry from it!
In a thousand years, he will fly to the celestial world! The hope of coming back is estimated to be slim! The foundation of heaven and earth gang is still unstable. When he wants to get more soul stones, people around him are ready.
3.5 trillion … 40 trillion … 45 trillion …
By this time, the increase in the amount of gambling money will gradually decrease, and the time will soon come …
4.653 billion soul stones! The numbers stop here