Hangyu is strong.
It’s like a steel seal branding people’s hearts.
The future obviously belongs to the era of the strong, and the benefits of following the strongest can be imagined.
Hang Yu’s strength alone will keep his position as a controversial and provocative leader in the hearts of all people and win Feng Gang’s admiration and submission.
Two dog immediately shook his tail and said, "Congratulations to the boss for being a super beater!"
Yu Huabao and others?
Feng Gang interceded for them.
But Hangyu is not going to them for the time being.
In the new era, talents don’t ask the source.
You’re a diaosi, you’re a gangster, and you’re an old man and a pupil.
However, it is necessary to make a choice when making specific decisions. These people are too grumpy and too low in quality to achieve great things. Just let them do dog legs on the periphery without pulling into the core team value.
With Feng Gang joining us.
Hang Yu’s hand strength has increased a lot.
Both Feng Gang and Logger Vick have the potential to be masters.
Zhong Fenggang is already a first-class master in Jiangcheng at this stage.
Chapter 11 Qinglong Club was established
next day
At first light
Two dog Zha Zha shout up.
"Ow, boss, something big is happening outside!"
Hang Yu pushed the door and immediately saw a strange scene.
There are strange clouds in the sky, which may be called inappropriate. They are distributed in a strip arc, colorful and dazzling, more like aurora.
It’s not the polar regions.
How can there be aurora in broad daylight?
"This should be a vision caused by psionic particles, saying that the spiritual world has deepened its erosion of this world, and I think it will return to normal in a few days."
Some people in two dog said, "Will there be any consequences?"
"Well, after the vision appears, the monsters in the spiritual world will be enhanced, and there will be more and more materials in the spiritual world. In addition, some changes will take place. For example, SPAR will soon be used in the real world."
"Wang Zha feels that it’s unbearable to upgrade and maintain the current monster without stopping. If it gets stronger, it will be very troublesome." Husky wanted to think and continued, "Ow, there is a crystal. Once this thing is circulated in the real world, your human currency will definitely fall into the embarrassing situation of game currency."
"Your dog’s brain is turning very fast." Hangyu patted Husky’s head. "But don’t worry that the spiritual world erosion is a gradual and intelligent creature, and the top monsters can’t come for the time being."
The currency problem is really worth noting.
After all, spar is definitely a hard currency in the future.
The human currency will continue to run by inertia for some time, but it is foreseeable that inflation will become more and more serious, and the possibility of collapse may be a matter of time.
Two dog was right.
Spending money now feels like spending game money.
Hang Yu thinks that how long can money last, but in order to avoid losses, it is best to sell the spiritual equipment at a price or accept barter.
Not just on your own side
He still needs to wake up and gain weight.
The business of the restaurant is getting better and better recently, and the cash flow will be great. Either spend the money as soon as you get it, or accept his payment methods, such as materials, herbs, minerals, etc.
Money in hand has generally been spent.
Now the drum tower, the No.11 mansion, the old house occupied by oneself, etc. have all become Hangyu’s legal property. On how the future situation will change, at least it is justified to own these real estates.
Legal birthright is sometimes important.
It can save some unnecessary trouble.
One person, one ha, crossed two hutongs and came to Qinglong No.11 compound.
Feng Gang, Logger Vick Monkey, Pang Hu Little MengMeng Wang Grandma, a dozen team backbones and a large group of people have all arrived.
"Good boss!"
"Brother two dog is good!"
Everyone respectfully seemed to welcome the leader’s visit.
Hang Yu came to the hall and sat down. "The main purpose of calling this meeting today is to announce the official opening of Qinglong Courtyard and plan the future strategy, two dog."
He intends to help two forces.
A Qinglong street and a Qinglong community
The former was taken care of by Boat-fruited Sterculia and the latter by two dog.
This meeting is mainly explained by two dog.
"Wang Shen, assistant to the boss and president of Qinglong Group, officially announced today that the headquarters of the group will officially make the headquarters, including the barrel building behind Qinglong Mansion, into an integrated residence for the accommodation, living, production and breeding of the group employees in the future."
"This Qinglong Courtyard is particularly important. Wang is going to divide all areas into future production sites. It is said that planting, refining, gold refining, medicine refining, maintenance and decomposition will be carried out in this place."
"Why don’t we unite with all the neighbors in Qinglong Community to fully develop the potential of Qinglong Community and get rich together? Wang hopes that Qinglong Community will become the largest production base in Jiangcheng in the future!"
The establishment of headquarter is necessary.
Convenient management and high efficiency are conducive to supervision.
Two dog also announced some adjustments to the organizational structure.