"What’s the hurry?"
Sadiga walked around and looked around, sometimes reaching out and touching the boundary wall of’ Element Field’. "Do you know how many years I have been sleeping in my grave?"
"Compared with’ sleeping’, the time I spend now is nothing."
"And this is interesting."
"As I used to do, I will give my prey enough time to struggle and give hope from time to time."
"Then they can’ eat’ them when they win. Haha, that feeling is really … hard to feel comfortable."
Lin Jianping sighed, "You have a really bad personality. How did you become a god like you and become a pillar step by step?"
"To be honest, don’t talk about the pillar. I don’t even think you deserve the word God."
"This completely defiles the word’ God’"
Brake emperor ng looked at Lin Jianbing expression gradually cold murderous look a little accumulation.
Just as Lin Jianbing was about to make a move, Sha Dijia suddenly laughed and his cold expression and murderous look disappeared completely.
"Ha ha ha ….."
"Did you succeed yourself just now?"
"You can’t really irritate me with those few words and then kill you, can you?"
Brake emperor ng waved his hand and said, "no, no, no, you don’t underestimate me like this."
"I have always been very patient with food."
"Kill you, Xingtian. I don’t know how long I’m going to sleep again. The ultimate god of war doesn’t know when it will appear."
"So I won’t do it, just as I won’t let Gnaros kill you."
"But you really surprised me. This skin memory tells me that you are the most powerful ant."
"And you are still a fortress Lord. According to the truth, you should be very afraid of death."
"After all, death is the end for you humans and you will lose everything."
"But it’s funny that you tried to provoke me."
Lin Jianbing simply closed his eyes and did not respond.
Brake emperor ng didn’t force him at this time’ element field’ dissipated.
When Gnaros has been away for some time, this field has naturally disappeared.
As soon as the field disappears, the brake emperor Nga will no longer say anything. He stretched out his hand and wiped the wormhole to continue to kill the’ elemental god’
The flying ship is returning to Lieyang Castle.
Tianyang has finished destroying a’ dark crystal column’ by itself, but the dark fog has not dissipated.
In the main cabin, Tianyang took the communication machine that can communicate with the night star and called out a "night star?"
Some words on the screen floated from the edge of the screen, and it took a while to jump into the screen to make up the sentence. The great host, the noble eternal saint, and your most loyal servant, the night star, paid you an extremely high tribute.
Tianyang is used to this foreign body’s grandiose rhetoric and goes straight to the point, "What happened before you?"
When the flying ship stalled and fell, Tianyang called the night star to help, but the flying ship was saved, but the night star left without saying goodbye and always gave Tianyang a feeling of being eager to escape.
The words on the screen changed for a while, but not as quickly as usual, and it took a while to form a new sentence.
"I may have met my nemesis, master."
I met with resistance after I entered the system and I was almost caught.’
Tianyang has some accidents.
The night star actually met an opponent in the data world and was almost caught.
"Do you know who your opponent is?" Tianyang asked
The night star responded quickly this time without knowing its owner.
I’m afraid that guy is projecting power into the system, which affects the data in the flying ship. That’s why I’m afraid that I will …’
You won’t blame me, master?’
Tianyang shook his head. "Your opponent is too strong. You are right."
But who could it be?
But the night before, when the star competed with it, it was not in absolute wind.
Who else can influence the flying ship system if it is not Papman dialect?
Is it the recorder?
Tianyang remembered that when the former recorder appeared, he projected words to benefit’ knowledge’ and built his own figure.
The recorder is both’ pillar’ and’ knowledge’.
Data is also a kind of’ knowledge’
Therefore, it is not surprising that he can fly the ship through the influence.
But what is his purpose?
If he wants to kill himself, he should know that even if the flying ship explodes, it will not be difficult to defeat a’ ultimate man’
In this case, the recorder should not kill himself.
What is that?
At this time, Tianyang heard the night star synthesizer. "By the way, another thing happened in the master’s recent’ shadow’."
Knowing that Tianyang won’t blame it, this foreign body is no longer guilty, and the surface of words no longer makes sound communication directly.
Tianyang’ oh’ asked with interest, "What is it?"