Song Wu opened his mouth wide and whispered, "Can this help?"
Xuanyuanyaqin rubbed his hands and gently poked her waist and gave a wink. It must be fun to say that she was a little uneasy when she got married for the first time. It might be a good idea for many people to help her.
Looking at the funny Xuanyuan Yaqin and Song Wu Sun Hao’s face, I can’t help but show some memories and laugh. Many characters are hard to change even if they are reincarnated. Look at the song, I will soon become that shameless princess.
Xuanyuangong shook his head and showed a wry smile to Sun Hao, devoting himself slightly to his mouth and saying, "Aquilaria, we all practice the old rules. Aquilaria can go to each palace to sleep at any time if necessary."
Sun Hao looked at Xuanyuan’s red face with a slight smile and said with a chuckle, "Little Red Rain sometimes you really need to learn a thing or two from Jin Fei. You should know that double cultivation is a couple, and things can’t always be out of demand for each other, so you passively accept that among all the sisters, there really are Yaqin, Miha and Jin Fei, which really reflect your needs. Are others much weaker?"
Xuanyuangong and Xia Qingyu face a red.
Xia Qingyu muttered, "If we are all as shameless as they are, I don’t know if you are too busy?"
Xuanyuanhong said seriously, "agarwood, you can clearly perceive our needs. Over the years, it has always come just right. Whenever I miss you, you can always appear. I really don’t need it, and so must his sisters."
Sun Hao shook his head and said, "I think it’s true, but you have to know that it’s relatively late to touch me when you miss me to a certain extent."
Then Corleone looked at Xia Qingyu’s mouth and said with a smile, "Don’t worry about the problem that I’m too busy to come over. Then I will naturally have a way, that is, hahaha, and I won’t look at what your little Hao Ge is now. Hahahaha …"
Xia Qingyu’s masked towel gave Corleone an instant red face, and a flower appeared in the spirit room. The whole person has disappeared, but Corleone ran away by himself.
Xuanyuangong shook his head and his body disappeared when he shook his hand.
She and Xia Qingyu are both positive and negative, which determines that they can’t be as reckless as his sisters. It is better to be out of sight and out of mind.
Actually, apart from Xuanyuan Yaqin, this idiot is really in such a good relationship with Jinpo that he can’t leave at the sight of a horse, and his female teacher is really not so cheeky.
I know that today is the day when two concubines are returning to Japan, and others, including Mikhail, leave with a few laughs, and soon Sun Hao and three daughters are left in the spirit room.
Xuanyuan Yaqin was about to leave, and I grabbed her tightly. "Don’t go. You promised to help me, but you can’t give up."
Xuanyuanyaqin looked at Corleone a little shyly.
Sun Haoyu shook his head and said, "It’s not the first time. What’s the shame of leaving …"
Chapter DiErLiuEr Virtual travel
The immortal silver ship seems to have stopped flying for a long time, but the immortal silver ship has never stopped moving. It has experienced many different continents along the way, but more continents are barren and uninhabitable
There are very few continents, and some life forms have different levels, including mainland and Aram, but some continents are still wild.
One of the biggest characteristics of the virtual flying ship is that the speed of flying all the way has reached a very strange level. The flying area is like Sun Hao’s perception, like a friar’s instantaneous movement, breaking one interface after another and constantly jumping forward.
Sun Haopiao’s flying ship sensed that if it weren’t for this virtual leap, he wouldn’t know how long it would take him to leap in this vast expanse of stars.
Breaking the virtual flight has some basic knowledge, such as avoiding fireballs, which are said to be similar to the sun, and the temperature is extremely high. For example, if you hit an immortal silver ship, it may not be able to stop it.
Another example is to avoid black balls, which are dark in the sky and have stronger adsorption capacity. I don’t know what will happen once I rush in.
If the strength is not enough, the monk can’t break the void, because the monk’s strength is too weak, the virtual root can’t bear these strange and virtual disasters.
In the middle of the imaginary, there will also be a divine light that really comes from the depths of the universe. These divine lights are extremely destructive, and the weaker ones will instantly turn into emptiness under the irradiation of divine light.
In a word, it seems simple to leap over the virtual, but it is definitely a great monk who can play well. If he fails to run to the infinite virtual, it is equivalent to dying.
Sun Haoyou’s immortal silver hull strength has also reached the Mahayana level, but it is not true that it is empty.
But even Sun Hao’s continuous jumping forward is estimated to have sailed for a long time before he slowly approached the second Terran virtual mark.
After the virtual center, not only the orientation becomes meaningless, but also the quadrupole positioning can be achieved only after the reference object is found, and the measurement method has also changed after the virtual center.
The sky is no longer without the sun, and there is no horizon. The concept of the sky has completed an unrealistic measurement method
In this way, it means that the measurement method has changed immeasurably when the monk and the ordinary monk have finished.
Luo Laomo said that the point of view is that the point in front of Gewu and Niya obelisk will only happen when he waits for himself to go, which may be true.
In other words, this is a certain time point. After a long test, Sun Haosi feels that this is very similar to an event that has already happened, a specific event at a specific time point, but at the same time, if he does not trigger him, then this time point of the event is actually empty.
If you come over, feel it and run over, then the protagonist of this event will appear, and the whole thing will become a meaningful thing and produce some results for yourself. For example, if you find the obelisk, you will receive Gewu and Niya.
Zun has run back to Sumeru Tower to appease his harem, but a wisp of divine knowledge dominates his body. Sun Hao, the immortal silver ship, flies with the immortal silver ship, feeling the times and changes, and constantly strengthening his own understanding. Some have never thought about problems, and some have never dabbled in understanding.
It is not easy for Mahayana monks to understand the avenue, especially the ultimate avenue like Shidao. Every step of practice is very difficult, and it takes monks to accumulate for a long time before they can succeed.
In the constant realization, Sun Hao remembered that he had read a classical book.
Along the way, Sun Hao read many books, some of which felt nothing at that time, and many whimsical views needed to be laughed at.
However, after a certain environment and a certain height, many students will naturally attach themselves to their own practice and form a subtle influence.
I remember that it was a monk who claimed to have understood the true meaning of destiny, but the monk’s level was not high, and it was inconceivable to leave some insights. Sun Hao was completely ignorant at that time
Now it seems that the monk may have really understood some of the fur of Destiny Avenue.
The monk’s core view is that fate is a specific non-event.
At that time, Sun Hao said that this was completely contradictory and nonsense.
However, it is very likely that this will be true for understanding the current situation.
Specific that is to say, fate has already waited for the monk; It doesn’t mean that fate has many different fulcrums, and a monk chooses which one will become true, and his fate options will disappear.
This is the core understanding of the monk.
Looking back now, even though Sun Hao didn’t practice the Tao of Destiny, he felt that the monk’s understanding of destiny might have been a little superficial according to his own understanding of Shidao.
There are not a few monks who lament that the monks are wonderful and gorgeous. Some bold assumptions and conjectures have a lot of truth, but Sun Hao also sees that more monks are limited by their horizons and knowledge, and many conjectures are not completely correct and have certain limitations.
In Sun Hao’s various understandings, the immortal silver ship finally reached the mainland where the second Terran virtual mark was made.
But to Sun Hao’s surprise, this continent is actually a completely barren continent with no signs of life activities. The mainland is full of yellow sand and strong winds blowing everywhere, so it is not suitable for life.