See monks and Taoists all look cold or callous or cynical or scared; Zhuo Feifan said faintly, "Shaolin and Wudang have far-reaching and extensive martial arts. I am afraid that who can learn except their predecessors? The predecessors are alarmist. "
One person is lazy and tunnel "it’s just an alarmist. It’s simply nonsense."
Another rude tunnel "stop Hu said it was an idiotic talk"
Another person is pale and voiced. "It’s just nonsense to stop idiots from talking in their dreams!"
Another person hurriedly tunnel "no! No! It’s blowing French snails! It’s blowing French snails! "
Another person casually said, "I’m not right. It’s bragging!"
Speaking, the five monks seemed to have drooping ears and old eyes. They couldn’t keep their backs bent. They looked more stupid than Yan fanatics, but the whole person was quiet like a cold rock. He asked, "Who is holding the disabled?"
This statement is a great shock when it stands out. It is true that many monks in the temple are still dead, but they have not been found for decades. Is this a rude monk?
I saw an old man holding a bundle of firewood in his hands. I am full of ice and snow! "
Yan fanatic stared at him like a poisonous sword and said, "Are you holding snow?"
When the monk laughed, he didn’t answer, but another monk said, "Hold the disabled? Do you have to hold the disabled? Can the old sleeves hold the moon? "
Yan fanatic attitude was very solemn way "can"
Another monk asked, "Since his name is Bao Yue, can I call it Bao Hua as a problem?"
Yan fanatics also replied "no problem"
Another monk asked, "If he asks questions, I won’t bother you if I call Bao Feng, will I?"
Yan fanatic service road "no"
There was an old, lazy, tired and short old monk Bai Hu who sighed, "It’s a good thing that the old monk has a romantic relationship."
Yan fanatics said, "The affair will fade in the end."
Holding the residual narrowing her eyes, she said, "What does the world of mortals have that doesn’t fade? To residual … Always residual "
The dialogue between Yan fanatics and the five monks of "the wind, the flowers, the snow and the moon" frightened a group of monks.
It turns out that the disabled generation is the master of Tianzheng, the uncle of Shaolin, whose position is very high, and the Yan fanatics belong to the same era. Now, the "five monks in arms" are the five eminent monks in the Shaolin Sect who were angry at the time. Now, after decades, they are still watering the flowers in the temple. Many of them have been scared to beat the five monks who look old, deaf, dumb and bossy.
Yan fanatics know that these five old men are serious, and now their legs are inconvenient and their martial arts are halved. You can’t underestimate your enemy, but he has always been competitive and the stronger the enemy is, the stronger he is. Therefore, I said, "I didn’t expect the five of you to be dead. You can’t underestimate the strength of Shaolin Temple."
Hold the residual lazy one laughs "Shaolin more than that? Wudang nine suspects, nine deaths and nine births are not the same! "
Zhuo Feifan almost jumped up with joy and asked, "Is the monk telling the truth?" It turned out that Zhuo’s extraordinary martial arts was directly instructed by the elder brother, who was late in getting started and had a high level of understanding. However, he knew that in addition to Tai Chan, among Wudang ancestors, there were five elders, the Iron Rider and the Silver Bottle, who were dead, but did not expect nine lives, nine deaths and nine suspected "three-nine real people"!
He’s coming because he’s afraid that the Wulin is in danger, and it’s getting harder and harder. Now there are still such high-ranking people alive in the Zhixue Sect, and he can’t help worrying about his head and being ecstatic.
Yan fanatics sneered coldly, "It seems that there are still many masters left by the two factions, and I have come for nothing."
Embrace the remnant saying, "Please, benefactor, please, don’t send it."
Yan fanatic nose heavily hum a return skill a beat to support jump away suddenly listen to xiao colchicine urgent way
Yan fanatics impatiently tunnel "what is it? Let’s talk more about the dog! "
Xiao colchicine way "predecessors can’t go! Don’t let the great king Zhu succeed? "
Yan fanatics also wondered, "What did you succeed?"
Xiao Qiushui said, "My predecessors expected that King Zhu had learned both Shaolin and Wudang. If the two factions don’t study hard, I’m afraid that King Zhu will take advantage of it in the future."
Holding the remnant, he glanced at Xiao Qiushui and asked, "Who is Xiao?"
Yan fanatics sneered, "What is Xiao Qiushui?"
Embrace the five old people and sing "Amitabha" together. All the monks were taken aback. Although Xiao Qiushui rose less than five years ago, his name was very famous. Zhuo Feifan also felt that it was no wonder that this young man was so good at flying. It turned out to be Xiao Qiushui!
Holding the disabled and lazily tunnel, "everyone who hears about Xiao Shaoxia’s martial arts says it’s better to say less about this nonsense."
Xiao colchicine urgent way "master junior said every word is true …"
Embrace the residual immediately interrupted, "There are indeed many traitors from Shaolin and Wudang, and Zhu Dawang learned something from it. That’s no big deal."
Embrace the moon and say with smile, "Even Mr. Yan is fighting with martial arts. If the martial arts of Shaolin and Wudang are not enough, it is rare to stop us old bones, not to mention Zhu Shunshui’s kung fu."
Xiao Qiushui shook his head straight and was about to refute Yan fanatics, but Huo Ran turned around and sneered, "Did the five people forget Hengshan World War I?"