"You pagan, don’t talk nonsense here." The high priest admitted that the vast words seriously insulted the Pope.
The Pope was silent for a long time before he spoke again. "You haven’t said the third form of artifact."
Vast and solemn, "The third form is also the final form. I call it the’ heroic spirit’. This form is often an artifact, and the descendants are very fit. This fit is not only a conceptual fit, but also a personality fit. It seems that the younger generations have seen themselves. Even if the mortal gets the strength of the’ heroic spirit’, it will reproduce the style of the ancestors by leaps and bounds."
"Can anyone in the world do it?"
"yes! You have all seen the future of linen just now. "
The five faces of the holy church are surprised. If you think about it carefully, this theory seems to explain the future strength of linen.
Haomiao went on to say, "If I expected it to be true, Nangong Lun was also fused with a powerful artifact, which is very rare, but when I saw both of them, it may be a sign that the world will have a great change."
"According to what you said, did you merge those two slates?" The Pope’s mind is still on two slates.
"No, they just approved me to show the second form. You won’t imagine what they really are. It takes a caring person to make them show their complete appearance."
With that, he stretched out his hands, and his left hand shone with the stars, and his right hand emerged with nine dark ancient characters.
"This is not its true face, it is far more powerful than you can imagine, and it can no longer be called an artifact to protect human beings."
Five people in the holy church felt a force of calling to heaven in their vast hands, especially the Pope, who clearly felt that his staff was also a minister in his vast hands.
With a cold eye, the Pope looked at the four people around him and said to Haomiao in a low voice, "You illegally participated in the Fengshen Cup. This matter needs our investigation. Please return the reward first."
"Ha, ha, ha, ha. Even if I still give it to you, your hand is an ordinary slate. I’m waiting here to tell you that the real enemy is coming, and I hope you can correctly guide those who believe in you."
"Hum! We know the people, but you shouldn’t be in charge of such a powerful thing. Your floating island has been hiding in the dark. Who knows what you are planning and wants to mislead us with doomsday remarks? "
The Pope finally changed his face and was about to start work, but there was also a sharp face. "I’m afraid you don’t know who I am!" "
The sixth volume World War Chapter three hundred? The champion changed hands
As soon as the voice fell, the Atlantic Ocean surged into the sky like a hidden dragon, with great momentum and huge size.
It didn’t take a moment for the torrent to fly to the clouds. It was a torrent of figures scattered with blue light. They appeared behind them, dressed in uniform style, and both male and female teachers were densely packed.
At a glance, you can see that this group of people are not hundred people, and both men and women have long hair tied in a bun and dressed up like nine ancient people.
However, what shocked the five saints was that more than 100 people flew in unison, and their speed exceeded the speed of sound, but they were 100 A-class extraordinary.
"Meet the island owner!" One hundred people salute the vast potential at the same time.
The five saints have lived for a long time, and naturally they are familiar with the languages of various countries and know that they are nine hidden languages.
Nikolai looked at the vast island immediately and asked in nine whispers, "Are you the owner of the floating island?"
"bold! Are you human? Dare to salute the island owner! " Vast behind the nearest an old man spoke at the rebuke of way
This old man is Dong Mu, the elder of Xingfu Island. He listened to his teachings and respected him very much since he was a child. At that time, the name of the island owner was still called Rain Fall. He had never heard of anyone giving the word "you" to the island owner directly. After all, the island owner is highly respected, and I am afraid there is no one of his contemporaries in this world.
A drink of the winter bath aroused white hair, and the long hair fluctuated like a torrent, reflecting his anger at heart. Only this momentum is by no means something that an A-level extraordinary can have.
Saint teach five people surly, but looking at the vast and extraordinary behind them can also make this complaint boring.
Vast stretched out his hand and motioned for everyone not to be impulsive. He looked at Nicholas as usual and said, "Since Xingfu Island built itself, there has been an island owner, and that is me."
"what! Are you really the owner of Xingfu Island? " Nikolai felt incredible and then asked, "Is that the slate that you took part in the Goddess Cup this time?"
"yes! This slate is more valuable in my hands. I am arguably its owner. It should be Jiuyou. You must have stolen it from Jiuyou and returned it to its original owner. Don’t complain. "
Nicholas’s eyes sank and he knew in his heart that the slate was snatched from the Forbidden Palace in Jiuyou a hundred years ago. "Then what do you mean by calling your islanders? Do you still want to kill us?"
Haomiao listened to the laughter. "It is enough to kill you and me alone. You must call my people."
"You are too crazy!" On the high priest clenched his fist and couldn’t wait to rush to the vast one-on-one immediately.
A bunch of floating island members are very calm. They believe that what the island owner said is true.
The moon’s high priest said slowly, "Xingfu Island is not your enemy. Our common enemy is called Qingzu. This time, I want to tell you that we Xingfu islanders are no longer hiding in the ocean, but please rest assured that we will not interfere with the development of this world. We will secretly investigate the Qingzu. They are very similar to the Muzu of our nine families, but they are by no means wooden. Please pay more attention to it. If you find suspicious circumstances, don’t deal with the threat of Qingzu alone. It is by no means you and I can bear it. You can tell all the major organizations in the world that if Qingzu has really sneaked into our
Say "vast Nicholas reply turned to star floating island all" the duke to listen to! From now on, anyone who arrives in the virtual territory can land and go to all parts of the world to secretly investigate suspicious wooden people. If they find signs of aliens, they should report to me immediately. Remember that this action must not hurt the land. "
"Make it!"
Hundreds of people speak like thunder in the sky, and then hundreds of streamers pull out their long tails in all directions like fireworks in full bloom. Here, there are five people left in the vast holy church.
"Goodbye, Pope Nicola. I hope that when we meet again, your artifact will no longer be in primary form."
The vast figure becomes illusory, like a reflection in the water, making several ripples and disappearing into the night in a flash.
The five people of the Holy Church have never seen such a feat. I don’t know whether it’s a magical skill or a hiding skill, which makes them incomprehensible. Xingfu Island is full of unknowns for the world. Previous contestants have reached a message to the people on land that they will live in the ocean forever. Today, the owner of Xingfu Island announced that they are going to land.
The night returned to calm as if nothing had happened just now. Nicholas’s face was uncertain, and he knew that the world would no longer be calm.