Lin Jin is too lazy to take care of his father. Anyway, there are only three bottles of wine at home now. Even if he drinks high, there is no canteen or supermarket in the building for him to buy wine. He just woke up casually because he saw his father’s drinking reflex.
At this time, the pear shrank her feet and brought it with her on the sofa. She put her thighs and shrank, and she was watching quietly.
This younger sister who grew up with Lin Jin has always been a bully, but her personality is a bit too bad. Only when she looks at it will she show that she is a bully. This guy is not only quiet but also temperamental, and she will change from being funny to being literary.
If Yuli University doesn’t have any intimate friends, maybe her disguised literary temperament and appearance are enough for her to become a class flower or flower.
Well, if Lin Jin is a real sister, maybe she is at least a class flower now.
"I still watch it on New Year’s Eve." Lin Jin poked around and peeked at pear thighs. "Why don’t you watch it?"
"The Spring Festival Gala is getting more and more boring." Pear tied a ponytail today and looked neat. She didn’t even bother to look at Lin Jin. "It’s better to look."
"That’s all the same." Lin Jin cocked his legs and took a bite of Liu Shengji’s fried meat with chopsticks, then his eyes flashed fiercely and he put three or four pieces of fried meat in his mouth for chewing.
Ouch! Not bad!
I didn’t expect Liu Shengqi, a big guy, to cook so delicious. !
Eat his scrambled eggs again! Hey! What, his scrambled eggs taste so much better than mine? It seems that he didn’t add any seasoning when he looked in the kitchen just now, did he?
Lin Jin’s eyes are bright, just like a light bulb, chopsticks, brushes and brushes. It takes less than half of two dishes to eat in one minute.
If it weren’t for the scruples that Dad and Liu Shengji would take these dishes as dining tables, Lin Jin would have eaten them unceremoniously.
"Do you have a boyfriend, Yuli?" Dad finished a bottle of wine and turned to look at the pear and asked
"Boyfriend?" Pear was stunned and didn’t know why her father would suddenly ask her such a thing. She thought about her father’s intention but shook her head. "I don’t want to fall in love for the time being."
"What do you think of my Lin Jin?" Dad smiled very kindly. "Although Lin Jin attended a junior college, he earned 5,000 yuan on a part-time job in the first semester of three or four months. He was still a college student and so hardworking."
Lying in the trough? Dad, you finally see my good points!
Pear gawk turned to look at Lin Jin’s face, which is more beautiful than her. Just shake your head without thinking.
"He and I are not suitable."
If you find a boyfriend who is more beautiful than yourself, don’t you have to live in the shadow of inferiority every day? And such a beautiful boyfriend should not only guard against him secretly finding a mistress, but also guard against him suddenly finding a boyfriend to go home one day, okay?
That would be terrible.
"How can it be inappropriate? Didn’t you and Lin Jin agree to grow up and get married when they were young? " Dad walked over and opened another bottle of wine for himself
"When I was a child, I was not sensible and Lin Jin didn’t like me." Pear made an excuse with a light smile and then winked at Lin Jin.
"I think it’s fine." Lin Jin also winked at her and sobbed at her mouth. "I like pear and I was serious when I was a child."
Dad can’t listen to music. "You see Lin Jin said it’s no problem."
Shi Yu pear was stunned by Lin Jin’s words. It’s unbelievable to stare at Lin Jin’s face. That is to say, "Are you kidding me?"
Lin Jin’s tacit understanding with her is quite enough. I read her expression in an instant, and then nodded calmly to show that I really teased her.
Who told you to bring Liu Shengqi here to haunt me every day?
Liu Shengji finally noticed that Lin Jin and Yu Li were secretly fighting, and then listened to what Lin Jin’s father had just said, and he was so anxious.
Lin Jin is with Yuli. What about him? ! Besides, Lin Jin is so beautiful that he should harm a boy like him instead of sister paper, okay? What doesn’t matter about gender, okay?
"Uncle, I think it’s better to ask Yuli’s parents if Lin Jin and Yuli want to be together." Liu Shengqi raised his eyebrows and drank a toast to his father, saying, "Even if they are children, it is easy to break up because of a little contradiction. It is better to fix them up after they all graduate."
"too! Also! " Dad drank a mouthful of wine in a good mood because he was happy with Liu Shengji. Dad’s affection for Liu Sheng Qi exploded and he nodded and agreed with his words. Then he never talked about Pear and Lin Jin again.
This guy Liu Shengqi is up to no good. Obviously, he is going to take care of my father first and then take care of me, right?
Besides, Dad, you are so happy to talk and drink with a man who is chasing your son. Aren’t you afraid that one day your son will really bring him back and say something about marrying him?
Lin Jin took advantage of his father’s turn to look at the Spring Festival Evening gap and glared at Liu Shengji, then drew his palm straight against his neck.
Do you want to die?
Liu Shengqi pretended not to see anything, turned his head and continued to chat with his father. "Uncle really said that the contractor has no profit at all, and my father is not going to be a contractor now. It’s hard to be a Party B."
Dad and Liu Shengqi have been talking about the construction site just now.
"What is your father going to do?"
"I don’t know yet, but it seems that I am going to try to do real estate."
Into real estate?
When Lin Jin’s eyes lit up, I didn’t expect Liu Shengqi to be a rich second generation.
If you have a rich second-generation boyfriend … Ah, bah! You can’t think like this. You can’t have a boyfriend in your life. You can’t have such a thing in your life.
Chatting and chatting, the New Year bell rang, and the annual unforgettable chorus sounded. The firecrackers and fireworks outside the window seemed to be discussed, and the fireworks roared at the same time, which instantly resounded through Lin Jin’s eardrum.
New year is coming
Chapter 223 219 Dad! Can you lock the door when you do such a thing?
New year
Last night, on New Year’s Eve, Pear and Liu Shengqi went home at two o’clock, so Lin Jin washed and took a bath again. Why didn’t she sleep until three o’clock? So she went to sleep for a long time. Lin Jin was still in bed until ten o’clock in the morning.
Until the phone rings.
Lin Jin blankly opened his eyes and stretched out his hand and touched it in the direction of the bell for a long time before he finally shook his hand in the mobile phone, but then the bell suddenly stopped.
"Well …" Jin Lin turned over with his mobile phone, and closed his eyes again with a slightly small mouth.
It was a few seconds before Lin Jin fell into a daze again, but the phone rang again.
Lin Jin, who was slow to respond, paused for five or six seconds before turning on her mobile phone and turned over for herself. Only then did she ask "Who?"
"Brother me!"
Lin Jin fell into confusion again, and after a while, his head was groggy and he hardly knew anything.
"Mom said come back with me tomorrow."