Chen Shaoyuan has always believed in Yuanyuan, and he thinks Yuanyuan is much better than himself. After all, he should study hard when he can follow a character like Teacher Sheng as a student at such a young age.
"Okay, I’ll drink it when I know."
Yuanyuan smiled and let him go to class quickly.
Who knows that Yao Shangjun and Liang Yu found him not ten minutes after he left, not only following Yao Yang, but also a ten-year-old boy Yao Xue.
Today is Sunday, and some unnecessary departments are all holidays. Everyone gathered around to watch the fun when they saw this battle.
Yao Shangjun started to shout before he got home.
"Mom and dad, you are confused, so you gave the house to an outsider. Will he give you a pension and die?"
Zhou Xingyue’s consciousness pulled Yuan Yuan behind him.
Yao Zhizhao picked up a shovel in his hand and went to the door.
Liang Yu didn’t expect this way, but took a step back.
"What are you doing here? Give the old house to whoever you want. If you dare to come over again, I’ll shoot you to death."
Yao Zhizhao said that his hand was still moving.
Yao Shangjun gave a wry smile on his face. "Dad, we are fathers. Why do you make it look like an enemy?" He said, staring at Yao Zhizhao’s shovel in his eyes.
"Who are you with? Ask everyone who wants you like this. It’s bad luck for me to have you like this."
Yao Zhizhao feels that this person is disgusting. Which father wants this?
Aunt Cai was squeezed into the courtyard next to Zhou Xingyue.
Yuanyuan quietly hooked her hand.
The novel has two words.
Aunt Cai oh turned around and left.
"You can’t think of who will tell me that Yao Zhimin came to me with something and said that you want to make rounds. Let me quickly pass the room and don’t fall into your hands. Aren’t you good brothers? Why doesn’t he miss you? "
Yao Zhizhao, anyway, is the so-called let them fight. It is said that their dirty laundry should not be published, but their dirty laundry was known more than ten years ago, and he didn’t want this old face.
Liang Yu pinched a Yao Shangjun behind him. "What’s the matter with you? Is this true?"
Yao Shangjun is really stupid. He doesn’t know. Didn’t Brother promise to tell him in two days that day?
"Dad, you can’t fool people. Is this true?"
Yao Zhizhao didn’t want to give his dad a look at all.
Yuan Yuan Zhou Xingyue reveals his little head behind him.
"It was that day that an uncle came over and I heard grandpa finally throw all his things out in the yard."
Children always tell the truth and don’t lie
The onlookers also heard that Yao Shangmin’s understanding has been refreshed again.
Yao Shangjun looked at Yuanyuan, who was also a suspicious person. This smelly girl didn’t understand what was going on until now. She can listen to what she said.
"But we all saw that Yao Zhimin was smashed."
"Yes, it was at noon."
People around you said more and more, and later it became a testimony to the Yao family.
Yao Shangjun came to doubt that this would be true. So many people can’t lie.
Liang Yu will be so angry that he keeps patting Yao Shangjun on the back.
"It’s all your fault for telling the boss what to say. I knew it was unreliable. As a result, it was too late to say anything." She wrote a novel around Yao Shangjun.
Yao Shangjun didn’t know that he had been figured out. I didn’t expect to take his news to please the old man
Aunt Cai has come with two policemen.
"Mr. Chen and Mr. Lao Zhang are just their teacher Yao’s family. It’s just the right time. These two people come here every now and then to harass people and make a hullabaloo about and leave the children behind. Our neighborhood can hear crying. Isn’t this a net delay in our rest?"
Two policemen are old, too. How many years have they worked here?
"Teacher Yao, let’s put this away first so as not to hurt anyone." Mr. Chen quickly persuaded Yao Zhizhao to come first.
Yao Zhizhao came to scare Yao Shangjun, a coward. What did you think? It’s worth cherishing that he is so good every day.
"Aunt CAI reaction is true? Comrade Yao and Comrade Liang. "
Lao Zhang is over forty, and we are all good neighbors when we don’t wear this dress at ordinary times. It’s still very scary to look at the clothes.
Yao Shangjun alas a "Zhang Shu I this is not to see my dad? Just a little contradiction at home. "
"Didn’t you cut off with Teacher Yao? I returned the newspaper ten years ago. It’s not fake, is it? "Lao Zhang answered.
Enthusiastic citizen Cai Auntie nodded hard next to her and didn’t say that she was a policeman. She just got to the point.
"Yeah, not already cut off? There’s no one in our hutong who doesn’t know what you’re talking about. It’s stupid to be a big guy. "
Yao Shangjun begged around with his fist. "My aunt Cai, can you say a few words?"
Aunt Cai snorted that she was helping her neighbors.
Zhou Xingyue took a step forward.
"When the newspaper was cut off, everyone should know that we had long since lost you. This is harassment, not to mention who gave our house to and who didn’t give it to you."
She said that her voice was not high, but every sentence poked her heart.
Liang Yu knew that the legal principle was not partial to help, so he simply walked with reason and grabbed his daughter and sat down to cry.
"How can I be so pitiful? My mother-in-law would rather give her house to someone with another surname than her own grandchildren," she said, and she began to cry.
Yao Yang and Yao Xue also began to cry.
Lao Zhang and Mr. Chen looked at each other and began to pull one arm by one.
"Well, we’re all literati. We’re all sitting around crying like this. If you have anything to say, feel wronged, just tell me in the club and we’ll discuss it again. You say it’s reasonable. Ignore our people’s eyes, right?"
Liang Yu was dragged up.
Yao Shangjun quickly let the two children get up and follow the past to the door when things got too big.
"We have nothing to say about not going to the institute."
When he heard that he was going to the police station, his legs were weak. For no reason, who wants to go to the police station?
Two people also loosen the Liang Yu arm.
"Well, since you don’t have any dissatisfaction, it’s illegal not to come here to make trouble after you forget it."