I have already pulled the distance in Zhao Kuo. If I want to do it again, it is already difficult. I will leave the meteorite scabbard on one side and walk forward with great strides.
Soon Zhao Feiyu followed my footsteps. He came to me and pretended to be angry and said, Hey! How can you be handsome without calling me!
I took a white look at Fei-Yu Zhao, trying to get him to return to Fei-Yu Zhao, but I already took the dust.
"You should deal with Zhao Kuo well. I think you have seen that this guy has a lot of troops around him, but these are all his own grievances, which means that the more ghosts around you, the weaker this guy’s ability is. What should I do next?" Zhao Feiyu’s appearance that I am superior makes me very unhappy.
"Can you see that there is still a ghost?" I’m too lazy to say so much with Zhao Feiyu, and I’m ready for it.
Fei-yu zhao’s so-called shrugged his shoulders and dusted his arm with a faint smile.
Before Zhao Kuo saw me alone, his anger was at its peak. He pulled out his sword and prepared to fight me in close quarters.
But I absolutely don’t believe a grievance that GREAT GHOST has no skills.
"Please enlighten me." I paid a tribute to Zhao Kuo, which was the ultimate in statecraft.
Zhao Kuo also returned a gift to me. Although he was an opponent, the etiquette of the ancients was very important
After the salute, I saw Zhao Kuo rushing towards me at an extremely fast speed. I could vaguely judge where his foothold would be. With the mentality of trying, I blocked the meteorite in front of me!
"Dang" a Zhao Kuo sword has fallen on my shoulder. Although the meteorite blocked some attacks, I can’t stop Zhao Kuo’s offensive strength!
I struggled to take his sword off my shoulder and looked at the shoulder wound, but I was more combative.
I sneered at the corners of my mouth and jumped desperately. Zhao Kuo and I fought hand to hand. Although I couldn’t hurt him, what I wanted to do was to stimulate him. I waved meteorite with one hand and cursed with the other.
Zhao Kuo jumped from the ground and tried to give me a blow from the sky! I am optimistic about the opportunity, on the one hand, to avoid Zhao Kuo’s attack, on the other hand, I am ready to attack!
Once again, I made nine words of truth! When several swords attack Zhao Kuo, I can feel that there are many ghosts around!
I took a step back behind me, just as Fei-Yu Zhao collided. Fei-Yu Zhao didn’t hesitate to pick up the dust and just hit the ghost around.
Zhao Feiyu can be regarded as a handy stroke to wipe out the whole army, which is to break up most of the ghosts! I turned my attention to Zhao Kuo again and saw that he had become smaller and escaped the sword.
"So stimulate him" Zhao Feiyu saw that the attack was effective and encouraged me to continue to do it.
I looked towards Mu Rongxing and wondered what he had done. He was meditating in the eye position at the moment, and I didn’t know what he wanted to do.
"The distance is not enough," Huang Shibu said slowly.
He dared to be so close to the battle, so it can be said that he had enough information to escape from the battle when the danger came. I really don’t understand whether he came to help or to watch the fun.
After a short rest, Zhao Feiyu and I quickly joined him. Zhao Feiyu looked at him and asked with concern, is it ok?
A casual smile said minor injury is ok.
Huang Shibu seems unwilling to make moves. Mu Rongxing is premeditated, but I really don’t deserve to make this Zhao Kuo.
I rushed over again, but this time I was trying! When I fought in Zhao Kuo again, I felt that his anger had been much less, but his attack was still rapid, and I was a little overwhelmed.
"Wake up … you forget everything. You have to remember that you hate you hate Muronghang …"
I was fighting with Zhao Kuo when this sentence suddenly came out of my head, which startled me! This is the sound of MuRong!
When I return to absolute being, Zhao Kuo’s sword is already falling towards my head! I rolled towards the right, and Zhao Feiyu and Yi supported me at this time!
Zhao Feiyu dusted Zhao Kuo’s sword and a Buddha statue appeared again and hit Zhao Kuo in a circle.
I got away with it again, but that was MuRongXing!
I suddenly feel very sad, as if I have been wrapped in secrets, but I can’t know them, and I can be led by them silently.
"Why do you like being in a trance so much this time!" Zhao Feiyu’s reproachful tone made me not answer my thoughts. Once again, I looked at Mu Rongxing from the corner. I think he did a lot of things without telling me …
Zhao Kuo was annoyed by my harassment these times. After a rest, he just rushed towards the front!
The three of us are ready for the battle, but Zhao Kuo passed through the three of us!
"death!" I didn’t see his goal clearly until Zhao Kuo uttered this word in his throat!
Mu rongxing!
Chapter 10 Husband and Baby Grass
"Wait! Die! "
Zhao Kuo roared more than one, and I consciously ran in the direction of MuRongHang, but Huang Shibu took me by the hand and said with a light smile, Let him go if you add it.
Zhao Kuo has rushed to the front of the law, but Zhao Kuo is slowing down. Muronghang has been sitting still in the law and has not moved.
Zhao Feiyu looked at the law and hesitated. He pulled my clothes and said to me softly, I always feel that you seem to be wrong about him.
"Your dad"
I haven’t answered yet. Zhao Feiyu saw that Zhao Kuo was suddenly repelled by a golden light. Zhao Kuo thought that once again, at this time, Muronghang spit out a string of strange words.
That’s ghost writing. I frown. Although I don’t know ghost writing, I can still understand it.
People talk, ghosts naturally have their own language.
I can’t hear what Mu Rongxing said clearly, but it’s hard for me to hear what Zhao Kuo said.
The general meaning of Zhao Kuo’s speech is that I have spared you. Why do you want to come to Murongxing to answer? It is estimated that Zhao Kuo is crazy, otherwise Zhao Kuo will not say this sentence again.
Although I don’t know what’s hidden in it, my headache is getting higher and higher, as if something I want to know is hidden underground and can’t be found.
Muronghang has walked out of the law, and he and Zhao Kuo still exchanged quotations at each other.
"You don’t shoot?" I looked at Huang Shibu just asked curiously.
"It doesn’t make sense for me to shoot. At this time, you can choose to go in and maybe you will have the answer you want." Huang Shibu pointed to a hole in front and said to me.
I don’t know what medicine Huang Shibu is selling in the gourd, but I have a feeling for that hole inexplicably … as if something has been calling me.
"You let the young monk go with you. When you are emotional, you may be able to help you chant Buddhist scripture and stabilize you." Huang Shibu said it very easily as if he had affirmed something.
I took a look. He smiled and nodded at me. This is also a kind of acquiescence. Mu Rongxing has been at war with Zhao Kuo. Compared with me, he is better at the technique. I can see that his handwriting paper keeps flying, and I don’t know when Mu Rongxing has bitten his finger to prepare the calligraphy in the bottle.
As soon as I took advantage of this gear, I walked towards the mouth of the cave, and the temperature seemed to have reached a low point. I heard a tooth fight before I walked.
I was inexplicably excited, like a beast smelling flesh and blood. I turned to one and said, just wait for me here. I’m afraid it’s colder inside.
After thinking about it, I still chose to promise me that I will continue to walk inside.